Tuesday, March 2, 2010

University of Arkansas "steps" into racial dog doo doo

U of A Steps Into Racial Controversy

Questions were raised when a white sorority from the University of Arkansas won a share of the title in a national stepping competition, something typically associated with historically black universities and colleges.


Law student Fern Carty said “If it's open to all people, whoever goes in and wins the title deserves it. I'm really proud of this university to be the first one to take this step.”

But some have said the Zeta's victory at the national competition was a slap in the face to black sororities nationwide that pioneered the activity of stepping.

In fact, Coca Cola, which put on the contest, went back and said there was a scoring error during the competition. They made the sorority share the title with a second team.

Coca-cola said Thursday the Alpha Kappa Alpha team from Indiana University, whose members are black, would share first place and would also receive the same $100,000 dollars in scholarships that the Zeta Tau Alphas won.

White team wins. Blacks mess themselves, need diaper change. Black team allowed a share of 1st place. Anyone else see the absolute idiocy here? "Scoring error" my butt.

This is yet another example of where true intolerance lies. I'll give you a hint. It's not on the white right.

Here's the video of the Zeta Tau Alpha team being announced as the winner, and receiving a chorus of boos from the African American crowd.
(the announcement comes at roughly 3 minutes into the video.)

If you think this reaction is solely because of an undeserving performance, try again.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I have no idea what 'stepping' is but find the one comment towards the end by an audience member telling; "Betta get dem judges outta ere fast"

Hack said...

Yeah I heard that too! If you ask me, "stepping", is a ridiculous spectacle. Looks like some primitive tribal dance. Retarded.

Endo said...

I still don't know what the hell stepping is.

Anonymous said...

Call me a coward, but I believe that if certain groups want to rope off certain things as their exclusive domain, especially something this ridiculous, who cares?

Let them have their silly reindeer games. It's not even work arguing over.

I caught a tv in the gym with Cornell West on it so I know some kind of race hustle was up. Thanks for informing us!

Kid said...

The blacks ARE keeping racism alive. SOME of them, but certainly and notably the Reverends are doing it. They're doing it because it is a crutch and a tool for profit depending on which end you happen to be on as a black person.

Really disgusting. I swear racism was about dead in the late 70's.