Friday, March 26, 2010

Paul Ryan for President

As the Obamacare socialist takeover of America rages on, I have set my sights upon 2012 and who we need to begin supporting NOW for a Presidential run to unseat the demon who now occupies the White House.

I have been scouting out potential candidates for sometime, but in light of the recent events taking place I have sense of urgency and anticipation I haven't had before.

Over the past 12 months I have considered Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, and yes, even Sarah Palin.

Well, theres a new cowboy in town and his name is Paul Ryan. Yes, this Paul Ryan:

This guy knows his stuff. He's a true conservative and the perfect candidate I see to challenge the Boy King. Over the course of this entire healthcare bill debacle, Representative Paul Ryan valiantly stood up to Obama more than any other Congressional Republican, aside from maybe John Boehner.

He believes in limited government, reduced taxes, fiscal conservatism (TRUE fiscal conservatism), tough laws on illegal immigration (no amnesty to illegals), and a firm stance in support of the War on Terrorism.

Paul Ryan destroying Barney Frank- Video
Paul Ryan taking Pelosi to the woodshed- Video
Paul Ryan calling out Congress for overspending- Video
Paul Ryan absolutely mopping the floor with a liberal MSNBC reporter- Video
Paul Ryan on drilling for oil now- Video
Paul Ryan directly telling Obama he is not listening to the American people!- Video

This man has my vote!

As far as other candidates go, I'd like to address a few things. I like Ron Paul and I like Mitt Romney. But Paul is too libertarian and apologetic, and Romney is entirely too liberal.

Now to Sarah Palin. I know many of my readers are avid Sarah fans. And I respect that 100%. I like Sarah too just as much as the next person. Sarah Palin is dead on when it comes to policy, just like Paul Ryan. But Sarah Palin is not presidential material in my opinion. In fact, I know that if Sarah Palin wins the GOP nomination in 2012, Obama will be given a second term in office. Why? Because as wildly popular as Sarah Palin is among conservatives, and conservative women particularly, she will not win over the moderates and libertarians and she most certainly will not win over any Democrats. Too many people already have a negative opinion of Palin. This is exactly the type of candidate the Democrats want to run. Could you imagine Palin vs. Obama in the debates? I don't even want to think about how that would turn out. Please, if you support Sarah Palin for president, I urge you to consider some other candidates, such as Paul Ryan. This guy has a legitimate shot at unseating the most anti-American, ultra liberal President in history, and minimizing the damage he can do to our country.


Q said...

Fantastic!!! I couldn't agree more!! John Boehner or Paul Ryan... or maybe together?! WOAH That would be a team!!!

Hack said...

Yes it would!

Jim McKee said...

I'm still pulling for Allen West.

Opus #6 said...

I have a secret crush on Paul Ryan. He was masterful at Obama's silly summit. Obama got pwned!

John Smithson said...

Romney is damaged goods because of his universal health care failure in Massachusetts; Newt had some nasty things to say about the right wing curing NY23; Palin ? If we elected a black guy because he was black (the first black president), why not elect the naton's first true Babe; Tim Pawlenty - good looking, conservative, and new consevative blood. Paul Ryan? Another young blood, conservative, and a key figure in the ForcedObamaCare (FOC) resistance. He would destroy Obama in a debate and wear well on the American polictical scene. Good choice - actually A"great choice" jds

Anonymous said...

Paul would have my vote

Nate said...

Ryan and Boehner, 2012!!!