Friday, September 30, 2011

Ray Comfort's 180: A perfect argument against abortion.

To me abortion has always been a no brainer, but to some it is more complicated unfortunately. They make excuses to justify the destruction of unborn life. They view the choice and well being of the mother as top priority over the life of the baby. Ultimately, those who favor abortion are divided into two groups I think. The ignorant who simply do not know the facts (a visible baby is seen as early as 6 weeks, how many unborn children have been murdered since Roe v. Wade, negative post abortion physical and psychological effects on the mother, etc) or choose to ignore them. And the purely coldhearted and evil, who do know the facts and still willingly embrace them despite full knowledge of them. I would like to believe most belong to the first group. Anyway, here is an extremely powerful short documentary on the matter and I highly encourage all to watch! Thanks to my brother at The Narrow Gate for originally posting this.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Liberals' views on Herman Cain and the Black Community

I make it a habit to check the Drudge Report each day like most people.

Today featured this story from CNN: Cain: Black community 'brainwashed' into voting for Dems

"African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view," Godfather's Pizza executive Herman Cain said on CNN's "The Situation Room" in an interview airing Wednesday between 5-7 p.m. ET. "I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative. So it's just brainwashing and people not being open minded, pure and simple."
I agree with his statement, and there is nothing but truth and fact to back it up. Blacks consistently vote for liberal politicians nine times out of ten, nationwide. And why? Liberal Democrats promise minorities freebies. They promote laziness. They "take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not" as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently put it. They chain them down with the all powerful outstretched hand in return for a vote. This is how the Democrat party operates and if you cannot see it I seriously suggest you get your brain checked. Many people, however, have not got their brain checked. I scrolled down to read the CNN reader comments. Just listen to a few of these.

"That's really weird seeing Cain accusing someone of being brainwashed.
Repubs serve the corporations and Dems serve the public – so the question to you Mr. Cain is when you look around that boardroom or that big tea-bagger revival tent – how many African-Americans are standing with or even near you?"
---The RNC (Righteous Neanderthal Circus)

Dems serve the public? By "serve" you mean encourage non productivity and laziness? If the Democrats really served the blacks why is it blacks are seven times more likely to go to prison than whites and consistently lead in the unemployment category? Is this some sort of joke? Something is obviously not working.

"Any non wealthy person with a brain should dump the GOP teabagger party. I think that I shall never see, a republican smarter than a tree."
---No Amnesty for Teabaggers - Impeach Republicans

Good point! I just might vote Democrat now!

"The "Black Community" is not brain-washed into voting for Democrats, they vote in the best interest, since the Republicans do absolutely nothing for this community, minorities in general, and the middle-class at large!!!"
---Moderate Sean

Best Interest= Free stuff from gubmint'! Yay! Gimme! Republicans platform is to lower taxes for the middle class, Democrats consistently raise taxes, yet Republicans do nothing for anyone. That makes a lot of sense.

"That's because they know that the republican/tparty is really nothing more then the party of the old south and all they are interested in is making the country safe for lunacy, hypocrisy, hate, and exploitation. The republican/tparty represents today's modern day equivilent of the planation owners who want to bring back slavery. The republican/tparty screams freedom but the only freedom they are interested in is the freedom to exploit others. Caine, like the rest of the republican/tparty candidates and the idiots who vote from them need to get back in the insane asylum where they belong!"

So I guess the Republicans are the new Dems and the Dems are the new Republicans? If you knew some history you'll know it was the Republicans that freed the slaves and the Democrats who opposed Emancipation, and also the Democrats who consistently supported Jim Crowe. This whole racism spiel is getting old. Again, no grasp of history or fact. If the GOP and Tea Partiers are so racist, why is Cain even a frontrunner? Next.

"Orrrr maybe they realize that the GOP is the party of the Rich, White man? Rich, White men who don't particularly care for them? Brainwashed? No, they just know what's up!"

My favorite! The evil rich white man. Sounds like discrimination to me. Or does it not count as discrimination because he is white, male, and has money? I thought everyone was equal! The rich white man probably doesn't care for me either but do I whine and complain about it because I am not as wealthy? No, I don't care. And I won't vote for liberals just because I am butt hurt about it. I'd rather man up, work hard, and possibly be wealthy some day like them! A person like this commenter would rather sit around on a twelve year old couch with stains, eat cheetos, drink beer, smoke weed, watch Maury and collect benefits from the government while they occasionally log on to the internet (paid for by gubmint' funds) to cry "woe is me" and claim how racist the "Teabaggers" are. Loser!

"BRAINWASHED?!?!? No, we are not brainwashed. Republican elected officials consistently legislate against minorities....CONSISTENTLY.

They were against the Civil Rights act
They were against the Dream Act
They were against equal pay for women
They were against the abolition of Don't Ask Don't Tell

We simply see, hear and feel the effects of Republican legislation.

YOU, Herman Cain, have been brainwashed into believing that the GOtP accept you as an equal.
You are a token. You are a pawn. You are a tool. You are a cover for the racist agenda for the Republican party."

Being against the Civil Rights Act does not constitute racism. It says the government has no business telling private citizen business owners who they can and cannot hire. The Dream Act is a push to legalize illegal immigrant criminals who slapped all legal immigrants in the face when they broke the law. Why is supporting this a good thing? Equal pay for women...again...why is it the government's place to dictate business practice in the private sector? Thomas Jefferson would be rolling over in his grave. Abolition of Don't Ask Don't Tell? Oh don't even get me started. If you want my entire response to that little ray of sunshine, here you go. Token, pawn, tool? Wanna throw Uncle Tom in there too? Why can a black man not be conservative and for limited government? Because this is how the liberal mind works....if you are black, you automatically must be programmed to need help from the government, therefore you are a Democrat. If you are black, and are a conservative, you are a misprogrammed traitor working for the white man, and not a "real" African American. That is the very definition of racism and this commenter, and the liberals in general, demonstrate it with amazing clarity!

I could go on and on with this idiocy. There were plenty of other comments I could have posted, but after cleaning up the vomit off of my laptop, I figured it wasn't worth it.

Just with these few comments you can see the mindset of the Obama voter and the progressive movement. They favor government power, because government is the solution to everything. They are wrong. Their hollow words of reply actually backed up everything Herman Cain said. I can't help but laugh.

Monday, September 26, 2011

FACEBOOK: Is it worth it and when do you draw the line?

If you are reading this, chances are you currently have a Facebook account. Perhaps you have it open right now, tabbed on another page. Many of you probably came here directly from your Facebook. Most of you have spent at least two hours on Facebook today.

My intent of this post is to weigh the pros and cons of Facebook and maybe ultimately answer the questions in the title. Memoirs of the Attention Deficit already stole my thunder in regards to this issue. She recently put up an excellent post on quitting Facebook which is wildly entertaining and juicy.

This blog will be in informal rant form, so here we go.

To put it mildly, I am sick of it. I am sick of the statuses. Sick of the apps. Sick of the chain posts that tell me if I do not repost some little girl with cancer will die in 7 days. Sick of the creeping. Sick of the stalking. Sick of the incessant profanity. Sick of the hideous pictures people post of themselves, and more than anything else, sick of the whining, complaining, and attention begging from its users.

I have been a Facebook user since late 2007. Back then, it was a pretty decent tool for college age friends to keep in touch, with a simple layout, messaging system, and limited advertisements cluttering the page. Now, it is an online portal into a virtual world where some spend more time than reality. Facebook has transcended mere social networking into an avenue for total control. Look at any given company and their advertisements. "Like us on Facebook" they say. Or sports teams. "Join our Facebook group". Even politicians take advantage of the goldmine of potential in Facebook. Barack Obama harnessed the gullible Facebook youth with remarkable results. We all know how that turned out. The fact of the matter is Facebook is becoming too big, and too controlling.

People spend hours upon hours of wasted time in cyber limbo land, strolling around the streets of the fictional town Facebook with a cigarette in their ear kicking a can with their hands in their pockets. "Liking" statuses. "Liking" products, in effect making yourself totally free advertising for that company. "Liking" causes but not ever actually doing anything about it. "Well I 'liked' it on Facebook, that should be good enough." Don't make me vomit any further. "Adding" "friends" who you don't know or know nothing about. Posting pictures of yourself drunk and passed out, peeing on a building, or posing in front of a bathroom mirror with no shirt on and a pair of cheap sunglasses while flashing a made up gang symbol. Talk about cool! I know people who post literally 15+ statuses a day. They sit around on Facebook all day long doing absolutely nothing but posting pointless information they think people want to see.

In essence, Facebook has brought out the inner whore in a whole lot of people, and it is too easy to go along with it. People post anything and everything about themselves. Nowadays, popularity is measured by how many Facebook friends you have and how many "likes" you get on your statuses. And speaking of statuses, let's just talk about that for one second shall we. If I could delete my entire newsfeed I would. Some people post some of the most idiotic, pointless, mindnumbing, teeth clenching, vomit inducing, blood pressure raising, completely asinine crap I have ever seen. Some examples of Facebook statuses I have read in the past.


"FML. I can't take it anymore."

"drunkkr then sh-------t..."

"waht the f--k is wrng wit dat moterf--king nigga.."


"I seriously can't take it anymore."

"OMG Justin Bieber is like, the most amazng singer evah!!!!"

Oh and my personal favorite:


I have since deleted over half of my friends list, and blocked the rest from my newsfeed. Call this blog post you are reading now a culmination of my Facebook frustration, brought about primarily by the last straw, Facebook's latest revamp a few days ago that lets you see an all new real time Twitter like feed showing EVERY single like, comment, status, and any other post every single "friend" is doing as soon as it happens.

Newsflash: I didn't sign up for Facebook so I could know EVERY single detail about EVERY person! And vice versa. Facebook needs to realize this, but Facebook addict users need to realize it more. They are the ones perpetuating this madness. Get something through your are not meant to be an open book. To these people, you are only friends if friends on Facebook. Likewise, you are only dating if it is "Facebook Official". God help us.

Facebook is like alcohol. It is alright in moderate doses. Some people get drunk and hungover on Facebook daily.

I have temporarily quelled the waves and limited the crap by making the changes I did and slashing/blocking people as well as barely logging on entirely, but I have a feeling it won't last long. Recently Facebook has announced plans to usher in a new chapter in the history of social networking by doing away with the classic 'Profile' altogether and replacing it with a 'Timeline'. A timeline, in effect, documents your entire life in the cyber world for all to see. Thanks but no thanks. The Facebook addicts will be thrilled and go a'whoring some more times ten.

Constantly weighing the pros and cons of Facebook? You aren't alone. As much as I hate Facebook, it does have many things to offer, just enough to keep me sticking around. Being deployed, it is an excellent tool for staying in touch with family and friends back home, as well as sharing pictures from the Middle East with them. Facebook has allowed me to stay in touch with some long lost friends I never see anymore, mostly old Army buddies. In many cases, Facebook has actually enabled me to grow in friendship with many of my good friends, some of whom were only acquaintances before. Families can share family photos on Facebook with relative ease. Facebook is a free tool for communication with anyone, and I don't view that as a bad thing at all. But like I said, it must be consumed in moderation.

And so, I go back to my original two questions.

Is Facebook worth it and where do you draw the line? In order to answer those questions you need to answer a few others first. Do I spend more than four hours a day on Facebook? If you answer yes, then it is not worth it. Do I find myself posting statuses just for attention? If yes, not worth it. Do I post racy pictures of myself just to attract the opposite sex? Do I play Farmville at work? Do I offer myself as free advertising to companies by "liking" hundreds of products for no apparent reason other than to inform your "friends" you like it? Do I constantly have the daily urge to post a Facebook status about my day to day experiences? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Facebook is not worth it and that is where you draw the line.

Good luck and happy Facebooking. LOL

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Re-Reassessment of the GOP Candidates and thoughts on the FoxNews/Google GOP Debate

I watched this debate in its entirety on Youtube a short while ago. I am jotting this post down in 'Notepad' because Blogger seems to think I am a spammer. By the time you read this post Hack Wilson will be up and running again, and I apologize for the absence.

What a doozie this debate turned out to be. It is only fitting that the most watched primary debate thus far turned out to be the most revealing for the candidates.

My former favorite Texas Governor Rick Perry has turned out to be exactly what I had expected, too good to be true. Rick Perry was simply awful. If this guy can't go toe to toe with Rick Santorum, how in the world is he going to go toe to toe with Barack Obama? His answers were slow and his speech was slurred. I actually thought he was slightly intoxicated for a second. When Rick Perry talks, it is like hearing a senior citizen tell an old story. You sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the punch line, but the words just do not come, as if there is some kind of mental roadblock. His attempted rebuttal aimed at Romney ("Which Mitt Romney is, is, is this? Is it the, the, the Mitt Romney that.........") which lasted around forty seconds and resulted in the bumbling, stuttering Perry only looking stupider made me cringe.I was previously unaware of his bright idea to give illegal immigrants free tuition to Texas universities, and that, along with his inability to debate has seriously made me reconsider my views on Perry.

Mitt Romney's performance was outstanding. Does that make me like him any better? No. But I can't help but imagine what an Obama vs. Romney debate might look like. Romney made Perry look like a fool. Romney speaks with confidence, is articulate, and is interesting to listen to. That is about the only good thing I can say about Mitt Romney. He acted and sounded presidential. He's a great liar, and that might be the perfect thing to get him to the White House. My views haven't changed on Mitt. He will only get my vote if Obama is the only alternative.

Here's a guy that I really liked watching...Rick Santorum. Of all the current candidates, I think I can identify with Rick Santorum the most politically. He is a PRO DEFENSE libertarian who isn't afraid to say the words "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same sentence. Santorum badgered Perry all night long. He is clear, concise, and one of the top three debaters within the GOP field. I hadn't given Rick Santorum much thought before. He has moved up in my list now and I would be thrilled to see him get nominated. Don't count him out.

Let's talk about Michele Bachmann. She is probably at the very bottom of my list. She may sqeeze by that fidgety Jack Russell terrier Gary Johnson but not by much. Michele Bachmann is not convincing at all. Her remarks on religious freedom were downright stupid. I was unaware people were not allowed to practice their religion anymore in this country. She digs too many holes for herself with stupid comments. My test for each candidate as you may know is picturing them in a presidential debate with Barack Obama. I would hate to think of the results of this one. She is with Mitt. Only if Obama is the only other choice.

Now to Ron Paul. You might have read my earlier blog post about my disgust for Ron Paul due to his foreign policy views and anti-American comments. I look and listen to Ron Paul and it just drives me crazy. His answers on EVERY issue but defense are exactly what I want to hear. He is different from all the other candidates. He says what he believes (He always has.) and doesn't try to be someone he isn't. He isn't your average politician. Splice Ron Paul with Rick Santorum and you would have a monster candidate. As long as Ron Paul continues to criticize America, rag on Israel, and preach defeat he will not get the votes. Pro defense libertarians and Republicans like me desparately want to support Ron Paul, but we never will because of the obvious. The only word I can best describe it is disappointment.

How about former Speaker Newt Gingrich? He has always been the most entertaining to listen to by far with his sharp, witty answers and dry humor. He's the grumpy old man who just doesn't care anymore. I can always count on him to attack Obama in the debates, as well as insult the debate moderators, which brings me great joy. I imagine a Newt vs. Barack debate in 2012 and can see some heated exchanges and wildly entertaining jabs. I love seeing ticked off Newt. Gingrich definitely has the experience, is well spoken, and could give Obama a run for his money if nominated.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is just plain boring and cliche. He reeks of politician. Huntsman looks like a 55 year old Ken barbie doll. Good approaches to limited government and the economy but, like Paul, he is all in for cut and run in Afghanistan. "We have been there ten years", he says. People like him put a time limit on the task of defending America, regardless of outcome. That's the wrong approach.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is an interesting character. He favors the total abolishment of the Department of Education, wants to lower taxes, reduce the size of government, and cut off foreign aid to other countries. Outstanding. He also proclaims he will cut military spending by a whopping 43 percent. I am sure Al Qaida is salivating at that remark.

I save the best for last. That man is Herman Cain. Wow. It is no wonder Cain won the straw poll in Florida. He dominated this debate. Herman Cain seems to be the only candidate who consistently states specifics (999 plan) and he does so with confidence, passion, and a dash of humor thrown in. Herman Cain reminds me of a modern day Patrick Henry. Picture Herman Cain against Barack Obama in a head to head debate. Delicious. Cain is not a career politician. He is a successful businessman who knows money. That is exactly the kind of person this country needs. And let me just say, and I hate to do it, the fact Herman Cain is a black conservative could throw the left for a total loop. He could absolutely crush the opposition's bogus claims of racism on the right, and I suspect bring out the worst in them as they try to attack him, revealing themselves to be the true racists, as is the case. Keep an eye on Herman Cain. He is moving into the top tier. I am very excited about his prospects.

Updated favorite ticket: Cain/Santorum

Your thoughts are welcome and encouraged in the comment section below.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An analysis of Don't Ask Don't Tell, its repeal, and homosexuals in the military

Where to begin.

First off, I have absolutely no problem with homosexuals as people. Now let's get to the nitty gritty.

Homosexuality. It is wrong, unnatural, disgusting behavior. Not by my definition. By God's definition and the natural world. Homosexuality is a danger not only to society, but to the very people engaging is such acts, which results in extremely higher rates of STD's and drastic reductions in life expectancy. I won't waste my breath trying to convince you homosexuality is wrong. If you can't see that then you have a problem.

Don't Ask Don't Tell was the perfect policy to address homosexuals in the military. It allowed them to serve and protected them at the same time. Don't fall for the leftist trap that gays and lesbians were prohibited from serving. They had the same freedom to serve as heterosexuals. What is the difference? The gays feel a need to openly advertise their sexuality to the rest of the ranks. Why? Did previous homosexual soldiers really have such a hard time doing their duty for their country because they could not let all their fellow soldiers, and friends know how they prefer to have sexual intercourse? Tell me, who is really wrong here?

I am in the Army, and since the repeal of DADT I know quite a few soldiers who are now openly flamboyant to the point of arrogance. I am disgusted. There are two types of homosexuals. Those who make their sexuality their defining character and those who don't. These gays put their character in this order:

1) Gay
2) Soldier

On the contrary, do I put my defining characteristics as:

1) Straight
2) Soldier


Of course not, and neither do the rest of the straight military members. In fact, I wouldn't even put my sexuality on the top five on that list. But the gays do. They are gay above all else, and that is WRONG.

Now let's discuss the effects of gays in the military. For those past and present servicemembers, you know the importance of unit cohesion and the close proximity in which we live, deployed or not. We sleep, eat, shower, goof off, train, and fight together. If you seriously think an openly gay soldier does not make any difference here you are dead wrong. Homophobia? Hardly. Human nature. You liberal "intellectuals" need to come out of the fantasy bubble you live in. Get a clue.

Now that repeal is done, the Stars and Stripes military newspaper here in country is going gaga with "gay stories". They feel the need to highlight the gayness of gay troops from page A1 to D12, relegating the stories of combat in Afghanistan to the back pages. What a joke.

If you want to be gay, I have no problem with it. But quit making being gay who you are! Barack Obama and the liberal whackjobs who thought repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell was a good idea, especially in wartime, are naive idiots who wouldn't know the first thing about putting on a uniform.

I can get along with a gay person just fine, and have in the past, on one condition...don't make your sexuality who you are as a person. If you feel the need to do that, I will not get along with you, I will not respect you, and either way, I will never accept or respect your disgusting behavior.

Repeal of DADT was a big mistake and the evidence will come to light in the coming years.

Oh yeah, and if you think I am a bigot go ahead and kiss my behind. Your intolerance is worse than anyone's.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

RON PAUL: Does he actually think he can win?

Who does this guy think he is? I can honestly say, this uneducated American "sheep" has had it up to here with the good doctor.

This may come as offensive to some of my fellow libertarian friends and libertarian bloggers but I simply cannot stand Ron Paul anymore. And please, if you are a Ron Paul supporter, spare me the "You don't know the truth" crap. I am sick and tired of hearing someone who is running for President blame all the world's problems on the United States. You know those little quote mix up games that feature quotes from Obama, Hillary, Hitler, and Mao which you cannot tell apart? I could just as easily put together a nice little list of Ron Paul and Osama bin Laden quotes, mix them all up in a hat, pull one out and not have the slightest clue who said it.

Ron Paul says September 11th was the result of the United States "relentlessly bombing" the Middle East in the ten years before. Oh really? Do tell dear sir. Newsflash: It is not the 1700s anymore. We live in a global interconnected world where intervention is necessary to protect our country. Not cowardice isolation. Ron Paul says a fence on the border of Mexico to keep the droves of illegals out would do the opposite and "keep Americans in." What kind of lunacy is this? Ron Paul says he would not have taken out Osama bin Laden if he had the chance. Do people really take this guy seriously? Ron Paul says the Palestinians do not get a fair trial. You mean before or after the fifty rockets launched into Israel that day? Seriously, whose side is this guy on?

Don't get me wrong, Ron Paul has some great views on limited government and the economy. His foreign policy is worse than Barack Obama's.

I will say it again, this naive isolationist "blowback" mentality is misguided and wrong. Get a grip. And study some history. Our country has been at war with the Muslims for decades. Ron Paul is so quick to blame America. He is worse than Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John Kerry. Ron Paul supporters are the same. "The truth hurts" they say. "It needs to be said". Well how about this Islamic extremist movement that is present worldwide and hellbent on jihad against America, Israel, and Great Britain. This is not simply blowback from American foreign policy. It is deeply rooted in the Muslim world, their ideology, and their way of life. Look at the number of Muslim terrorist attacks worldwide. It is staggering. Ron Paul would have us lift our foot up and all the while the Islamic deathdealers would have free reign to plot and plan to their hearts content from Pakistan to Yemen. If I was a Taliban fighter or Al Qaida operative, I would jump for joy if Ron Paul got elected. I would be emboldened. But Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters conveniently brush aside these truths.

Let us pretend for one minute that the threats of Islamic terrorism were not real. Then I would be 100% in full support of Ron Paul's "humble foreign policy". But this is not the case. We live in a world where it is real. There is a religion out there that is at war with our nation. And we cannot simply ignore it!

I can honestly say, based upon the many speeches, debates, and writings I have heard from Ron Paul, I have heard more critical words directed at America and Israel than the Islamic terrorists.

Even worse than Ron Paul are Ron Paul supporters. I base this opinion on personal contacts and interactions, internet activity, and their public activism. I have never seen such a bungled group of conflicting negative ideologies in all my life. They are a mob of anarchists who hate any form of authority, anti-Semites who decry the "Zionist occupation" of the world, general idiot college and high school kids who want pot legalized, paranoid conspiracy theorists, spineless non defense libertarians, and general people who hate America.

I am sick of being talked down to by these people because I have not come to the light. Maybe you should know this, I am a former Ron Paul supporter and for a time I confess, a 9/11 Truther. Then I began to watch and read the news. Particularly the 'World' section (those Zionist Jews controlling the media can't make up every terrorist attack!). Give that a try. I did come to the light.  Now it is your turn.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

National Geographic Documentary "Restrepo"

I recently watched a documentary made by National Geographic called 'Restrepo', which documents the ravages of warfare that a US Army platoon must endure while staying at a remote outpost in Afghanistan. The entire film covers a wide range of emotions as it tells the story of the men who live and die there while fighting the Taliban. The combat footage is real, there is no acting. What struck me the most is the intense realism. There is no fakeness here. There are no Hollywood actors or everyday actors. The hell these men endure strips away all but who they really are. It is something I think every American should see. One part was strikingly powerful, when one of the sergeants is shot, laying there lifeless and bloodied, the reactions of his fellow troops. Grown men, hardened by months of constant combat, crying and wailing like little children. I cannot express here the deep sick feeling I got when watching that. And while it was hard to watch, I am so glad that I did.

This documentary is completely apolitical. There is no agenda other than telling the story of these soldiers as they endure the hell of combat in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. Or so I thought. Alas, the left wing in America proves me wrong yet again. After watching, I decided to check out Restrepo on IMDB to see what others had to say about it. Not only had leftists run rampant on the message boards decrying the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they had vile and insulting words for the very troops (even the deceased) who were shown in the film!

It makes me sick and angry to think there are actually people out there in the United States who legitimately hate our country so much, that they hate our dead soldiers. I have no words.

After spending a good twenty minutes reading the posts from coward, pot smoking, hippie boys hiding behind their keyboards and computer screens I noticed a couple of trends in their thinking.

1) All the troops are brainwashed pawns who enjoy killing
2) America is an imperialist nation and the cause of all the world's woes

Both of these accusations are only subconscious attempts to mask their own cowardice and lack of manhood. Idiots who say such things are ignorant people in denial. They have no merit. I ask you, if you are one of these scum maggots, why are you so quick to accuse American troops of barbarity but you never acknowledge the heinous crimes of the Taliban? Does our military hang eight year old boys and elderly women? Does our military stone women if they are raped by a man? Does our military sever the heads of captured enemy combatants with dull blades?

This moves us to point number two. If America is such an imperialist nation, why have we not completely seized every oil field in Iraq and poppy field in Afghanistan for our benefit and why have we not enslaved their people? Imperialist nations don't spend their very own money rebuilding the nations they "occupy". They take the resources there. Imperialist nations don't construct schools in the lands they conquer. Imperialist nations don't help set up democratic elections for the countries they invade. Why are Iraq and Afghanistan not annexed territories of the US? Left wing scum like these people have absolutely no grasp of history. A history lesson is in order. Egypt, Rome, Greece, Persia, Ottoman Turkey, Spain/Portugal, Napoleonic France, and Nazi Germany were imperialist empires. Difference between America and said empires: they annexed the territory and enslaved the people they conquered. The United States has not even come close to either of these actions. The next time one of you hippies says the United States being in Iraq or Afghanistan is an "imperialist occupation" you deserve a slap in the face with a history textbook. I thought the left were the intellectually enlightened!

The next time I am confronted by an anti-American liberal who presents either of the above arguments I will swiftly bury both inane statements in a matter of seconds. Why? I can personally attest to the exceptional qualities of the American military and its relationship to its enemies. I am a medic. Myself and my fellow soldiers have been tasked out by the US Army specifically to treat captured enemy prisoners here in Iraq. We treat Al Qaida detainees to the same standard we would treat a wounded American soldier. Hardly the actions of a bloodthirsty military and an imperialist occupation. I speak from personal experience and I will trump ANYONE who says otherwise!

And to those who openly mock the actions of dead soldiers, where is your humanity?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some thoughts on the GOP Debate.

Some of my fellows troops and I caught a good portion of the GOP debate last night via live streaming on the web. Before delving into my take on what I heard I will tell you all of us are completely and 100% on the side of the conservatives. There is no question, 90+% of the soldiers (and civilian contractors) I have talked to here are sick and tired of the current administration, massive expansion of government, over regulation, and on a personal note, disdain and neglect of our military. That said, here is my take on what I heard from the Republican contenders.

In short...Rick Perry is the man, for now.

What I saw in Rick Perry was a strong, unwavering, articulate, and prepared debater, and a serious threat to Barack Obama.

The entire debate was a sham, aimed at pitting Perry against Romney with a dash of Bachmann, Gingrich, Paul, and Cain to fill in the spaces in between. I witnessed for a long time a pack of wild dogs snapping at Rick Perry with tenacity. Was this supposed to be an all out assault on Perry or an honest debate on the issues? Good grief. He handled himself professionally, calmly, but most importantly boldly.

His remarks on capital punishment were perfect (a few of us even clapped) and his line "we need provocative language in this country" was bold and I think exactly the kind of talk Americans want to hear.

Romney? YAWN.

Ron Paul? Where to begin. A fence on the border with the drug cartel run state of Mexico would keep Americans IN? Why does everyone rave about how smart and "honest" Ron Paul is? His comments are stupid and he sounds like a whiny child every time he talks. Put simply, he is annoying. And his isolationist philosophy is dangerous. I don't trust him to protect our country. People who support Ron Paul are deniers of the threat Islam poses to our nation.

Michele Bachmann? I'm sorry, but she simply does not belong there, nor is she presidential material.

Herman Cain? Showed more substance than anyone else and told the viewers what exactly he would do, instead of dodging each question with mushmouth talk like Bachmann and the rest. I loved what Cain had to say and he has quickly become my second favorite after Perry.

Gingrich? Past his prime.

Santorum? Virtually no chance.

Hunstman? Seems to be more interested in evolution and global warming than anything else. He also needs to quit tanning and get rid of that ridiculous haircut. He looks like a career politician, and is.

I will take a Perry/Cain ticket after what I saw tonight! But more important to note than the candidates is the fact MSNBC tried to rig this entire debate to get the Republicans to fight amongst each other, as well as throwing them stupid questions that don't reflect the GOP platform. How about the fact they brought out a Hispanic to address a question about illegal immigration??? And Brian Williams or his liberal partner in crime couldn't ask that? Further proof it is the leftists who harbor the real racism deep down. The entire debate was a sham, but Perry and Cain were bright spots!