Thursday, September 22, 2011

RON PAUL: Does he actually think he can win?

Who does this guy think he is? I can honestly say, this uneducated American "sheep" has had it up to here with the good doctor.

This may come as offensive to some of my fellow libertarian friends and libertarian bloggers but I simply cannot stand Ron Paul anymore. And please, if you are a Ron Paul supporter, spare me the "You don't know the truth" crap. I am sick and tired of hearing someone who is running for President blame all the world's problems on the United States. You know those little quote mix up games that feature quotes from Obama, Hillary, Hitler, and Mao which you cannot tell apart? I could just as easily put together a nice little list of Ron Paul and Osama bin Laden quotes, mix them all up in a hat, pull one out and not have the slightest clue who said it.

Ron Paul says September 11th was the result of the United States "relentlessly bombing" the Middle East in the ten years before. Oh really? Do tell dear sir. Newsflash: It is not the 1700s anymore. We live in a global interconnected world where intervention is necessary to protect our country. Not cowardice isolation. Ron Paul says a fence on the border of Mexico to keep the droves of illegals out would do the opposite and "keep Americans in." What kind of lunacy is this? Ron Paul says he would not have taken out Osama bin Laden if he had the chance. Do people really take this guy seriously? Ron Paul says the Palestinians do not get a fair trial. You mean before or after the fifty rockets launched into Israel that day? Seriously, whose side is this guy on?

Don't get me wrong, Ron Paul has some great views on limited government and the economy. His foreign policy is worse than Barack Obama's.

I will say it again, this naive isolationist "blowback" mentality is misguided and wrong. Get a grip. And study some history. Our country has been at war with the Muslims for decades. Ron Paul is so quick to blame America. He is worse than Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John Kerry. Ron Paul supporters are the same. "The truth hurts" they say. "It needs to be said". Well how about this Islamic extremist movement that is present worldwide and hellbent on jihad against America, Israel, and Great Britain. This is not simply blowback from American foreign policy. It is deeply rooted in the Muslim world, their ideology, and their way of life. Look at the number of Muslim terrorist attacks worldwide. It is staggering. Ron Paul would have us lift our foot up and all the while the Islamic deathdealers would have free reign to plot and plan to their hearts content from Pakistan to Yemen. If I was a Taliban fighter or Al Qaida operative, I would jump for joy if Ron Paul got elected. I would be emboldened. But Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters conveniently brush aside these truths.

Let us pretend for one minute that the threats of Islamic terrorism were not real. Then I would be 100% in full support of Ron Paul's "humble foreign policy". But this is not the case. We live in a world where it is real. There is a religion out there that is at war with our nation. And we cannot simply ignore it!

I can honestly say, based upon the many speeches, debates, and writings I have heard from Ron Paul, I have heard more critical words directed at America and Israel than the Islamic terrorists.

Even worse than Ron Paul are Ron Paul supporters. I base this opinion on personal contacts and interactions, internet activity, and their public activism. I have never seen such a bungled group of conflicting negative ideologies in all my life. They are a mob of anarchists who hate any form of authority, anti-Semites who decry the "Zionist occupation" of the world, general idiot college and high school kids who want pot legalized, paranoid conspiracy theorists, spineless non defense libertarians, and general people who hate America.

I am sick of being talked down to by these people because I have not come to the light. Maybe you should know this, I am a former Ron Paul supporter and for a time I confess, a 9/11 Truther. Then I began to watch and read the news. Particularly the 'World' section (those Zionist Jews controlling the media can't make up every terrorist attack!). Give that a try. I did come to the light.  Now it is your turn.

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Mike aka Proof said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with you on Paul. He's dangerously naive when it comes to foreign policy.

And as far as our allies go, it would be "under the bus" in a Paulian presidency.

The real danger is not that Paul would become president. That ain't gonna happen. The danger might be in him and his supporters going third party and splitting the anti-Obama vote, or sitting on their hands on election day and allowing Obama to get re-elected.

Apparently then, when things get even worse than they are today, they can sit around and smugly say, "See? You should have voted for Paul, like I did!"

I have had Paulbots tell me condescendingly, that voting for any candidate other than Paul, would be choosing the "lesser of two evils". So, I take it that Paulbots consider conservative Republicans to be "evil".

Or perhaps, it's just not voting for "Dr. Paul" that's "evil"?