Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Re-Reassessment of the GOP Candidates and thoughts on the FoxNews/Google GOP Debate

I watched this debate in its entirety on Youtube a short while ago. I am jotting this post down in 'Notepad' because Blogger seems to think I am a spammer. By the time you read this post Hack Wilson will be up and running again, and I apologize for the absence.

What a doozie this debate turned out to be. It is only fitting that the most watched primary debate thus far turned out to be the most revealing for the candidates.

My former favorite Texas Governor Rick Perry has turned out to be exactly what I had expected, too good to be true. Rick Perry was simply awful. If this guy can't go toe to toe with Rick Santorum, how in the world is he going to go toe to toe with Barack Obama? His answers were slow and his speech was slurred. I actually thought he was slightly intoxicated for a second. When Rick Perry talks, it is like hearing a senior citizen tell an old story. You sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the punch line, but the words just do not come, as if there is some kind of mental roadblock. His attempted rebuttal aimed at Romney ("Which Mitt Romney is, is, is this? Is it the, the, the Mitt Romney that.........") which lasted around forty seconds and resulted in the bumbling, stuttering Perry only looking stupider made me cringe.I was previously unaware of his bright idea to give illegal immigrants free tuition to Texas universities, and that, along with his inability to debate has seriously made me reconsider my views on Perry.

Mitt Romney's performance was outstanding. Does that make me like him any better? No. But I can't help but imagine what an Obama vs. Romney debate might look like. Romney made Perry look like a fool. Romney speaks with confidence, is articulate, and is interesting to listen to. That is about the only good thing I can say about Mitt Romney. He acted and sounded presidential. He's a great liar, and that might be the perfect thing to get him to the White House. My views haven't changed on Mitt. He will only get my vote if Obama is the only alternative.

Here's a guy that I really liked watching...Rick Santorum. Of all the current candidates, I think I can identify with Rick Santorum the most politically. He is a PRO DEFENSE libertarian who isn't afraid to say the words "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same sentence. Santorum badgered Perry all night long. He is clear, concise, and one of the top three debaters within the GOP field. I hadn't given Rick Santorum much thought before. He has moved up in my list now and I would be thrilled to see him get nominated. Don't count him out.

Let's talk about Michele Bachmann. She is probably at the very bottom of my list. She may sqeeze by that fidgety Jack Russell terrier Gary Johnson but not by much. Michele Bachmann is not convincing at all. Her remarks on religious freedom were downright stupid. I was unaware people were not allowed to practice their religion anymore in this country. She digs too many holes for herself with stupid comments. My test for each candidate as you may know is picturing them in a presidential debate with Barack Obama. I would hate to think of the results of this one. She is with Mitt. Only if Obama is the only other choice.

Now to Ron Paul. You might have read my earlier blog post about my disgust for Ron Paul due to his foreign policy views and anti-American comments. I look and listen to Ron Paul and it just drives me crazy. His answers on EVERY issue but defense are exactly what I want to hear. He is different from all the other candidates. He says what he believes (He always has.) and doesn't try to be someone he isn't. He isn't your average politician. Splice Ron Paul with Rick Santorum and you would have a monster candidate. As long as Ron Paul continues to criticize America, rag on Israel, and preach defeat he will not get the votes. Pro defense libertarians and Republicans like me desparately want to support Ron Paul, but we never will because of the obvious. The only word I can best describe it is disappointment.

How about former Speaker Newt Gingrich? He has always been the most entertaining to listen to by far with his sharp, witty answers and dry humor. He's the grumpy old man who just doesn't care anymore. I can always count on him to attack Obama in the debates, as well as insult the debate moderators, which brings me great joy. I imagine a Newt vs. Barack debate in 2012 and can see some heated exchanges and wildly entertaining jabs. I love seeing ticked off Newt. Gingrich definitely has the experience, is well spoken, and could give Obama a run for his money if nominated.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is just plain boring and cliche. He reeks of politician. Huntsman looks like a 55 year old Ken barbie doll. Good approaches to limited government and the economy but, like Paul, he is all in for cut and run in Afghanistan. "We have been there ten years", he says. People like him put a time limit on the task of defending America, regardless of outcome. That's the wrong approach.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is an interesting character. He favors the total abolishment of the Department of Education, wants to lower taxes, reduce the size of government, and cut off foreign aid to other countries. Outstanding. He also proclaims he will cut military spending by a whopping 43 percent. I am sure Al Qaida is salivating at that remark.

I save the best for last. That man is Herman Cain. Wow. It is no wonder Cain won the straw poll in Florida. He dominated this debate. Herman Cain seems to be the only candidate who consistently states specifics (999 plan) and he does so with confidence, passion, and a dash of humor thrown in. Herman Cain reminds me of a modern day Patrick Henry. Picture Herman Cain against Barack Obama in a head to head debate. Delicious. Cain is not a career politician. He is a successful businessman who knows money. That is exactly the kind of person this country needs. And let me just say, and I hate to do it, the fact Herman Cain is a black conservative could throw the left for a total loop. He could absolutely crush the opposition's bogus claims of racism on the right, and I suspect bring out the worst in them as they try to attack him, revealing themselves to be the true racists, as is the case. Keep an eye on Herman Cain. He is moving into the top tier. I am very excited about his prospects.

Updated favorite ticket: Cain/Santorum

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Adrienne said...

Small correction. Illegals in Texas get in-state tuition rates, not free tuition. Which is really just as bad...

Michelle Bachmann should just get out now before she makes too many more mis-steps.

I, too, was cringing when Perry did his "which Mittens is standing up here" schtick. It was awful.

And you're right about Herman Cain. He keeps getting better.

If Palin and Christie jump in it will be free-for-all.

Glad to see you're better...

Winghunter said...

We have to get behind a candidate who is going to represent our parties views, and not a Nut-Case like Ron Paul. Lets face the facts, if Ron Paul is nominated and he won’t be, but if he were to be the nomination, be prepared for another 4 years of Barack Hussein Obama.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've been so disgusted by the American people (and politics in general), that I haven't really been following things as closely as I should. I still like Ron Paul, but he's unelectable. Santorum - I need to learn more about. However, it WOULD interest me to see how the left would fight a CONSERVATIVE black candidate, so Cain might be a good choice, since he might pull in some of those in the mindless middle that wouldn't vote for a white conservative.

Dean L said...

Great analysis, pretty spot on. For the record, I never fully bought in to the Perry phenomenon. I was prepared to give him a chance but I never thought he was as good as promised.

Cain may be the new top tier candidate but it may also lead to an entry by Christie or Palin. Perry's weakness changes the dynamic of this race considerably. He had his chance to correct his course and failed to do so a few times.