Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some thoughts on the GOP Debate.

Some of my fellows troops and I caught a good portion of the GOP debate last night via live streaming on the web. Before delving into my take on what I heard I will tell you all of us are completely and 100% on the side of the conservatives. There is no question, 90+% of the soldiers (and civilian contractors) I have talked to here are sick and tired of the current administration, massive expansion of government, over regulation, and on a personal note, disdain and neglect of our military. That said, here is my take on what I heard from the Republican contenders.

In short...Rick Perry is the man, for now.

What I saw in Rick Perry was a strong, unwavering, articulate, and prepared debater, and a serious threat to Barack Obama.

The entire debate was a sham, aimed at pitting Perry against Romney with a dash of Bachmann, Gingrich, Paul, and Cain to fill in the spaces in between. I witnessed for a long time a pack of wild dogs snapping at Rick Perry with tenacity. Was this supposed to be an all out assault on Perry or an honest debate on the issues? Good grief. He handled himself professionally, calmly, but most importantly boldly.

His remarks on capital punishment were perfect (a few of us even clapped) and his line "we need provocative language in this country" was bold and I think exactly the kind of talk Americans want to hear.

Romney? YAWN.

Ron Paul? Where to begin. A fence on the border with the drug cartel run state of Mexico would keep Americans IN? Why does everyone rave about how smart and "honest" Ron Paul is? His comments are stupid and he sounds like a whiny child every time he talks. Put simply, he is annoying. And his isolationist philosophy is dangerous. I don't trust him to protect our country. People who support Ron Paul are deniers of the threat Islam poses to our nation.

Michele Bachmann? I'm sorry, but she simply does not belong there, nor is she presidential material.

Herman Cain? Showed more substance than anyone else and told the viewers what exactly he would do, instead of dodging each question with mushmouth talk like Bachmann and the rest. I loved what Cain had to say and he has quickly become my second favorite after Perry.

Gingrich? Past his prime.

Santorum? Virtually no chance.

Hunstman? Seems to be more interested in evolution and global warming than anything else. He also needs to quit tanning and get rid of that ridiculous haircut. He looks like a career politician, and is.

I will take a Perry/Cain ticket after what I saw tonight! But more important to note than the candidates is the fact MSNBC tried to rig this entire debate to get the Republicans to fight amongst each other, as well as throwing them stupid questions that don't reflect the GOP platform. How about the fact they brought out a Hispanic to address a question about illegal immigration??? And Brian Williams or his liberal partner in crime couldn't ask that? Further proof it is the leftists who harbor the real racism deep down. The entire debate was a sham, but Perry and Cain were bright spots!


Mista Anonymous said...

Obama and his minion describes us republicans as the party of "no." He accused us Republicans of making decision just to oppose him on the stimulus bill, on Obamacare, on the debt ceiling, etc. Instead of doing what was right for the country. He charges us repeatedly with racism and playing politics.

But I have news for him, sometimes saying "No" is what's right for this country!
What he has been doing has just been wrong for the country ... being a leader is more than being chummy with a Union bully..

sue said...

Hack - How about adding my name to your list.


The Conservative Lady said...

I agree. MSNBC targeted Perry for a take down since he is the leader right now. I haven't chosen a favorite candidate yet, but my choices are narrowing. I agree that Ron Paul is dangerous when it comes to national security. I don't like Huntsman either.
Best wishes to you and your fellow troops. Stay safe and thank you for your service.