Saturday, March 31, 2012

What else can go wrong for Obama that works in his favor?

There are the soaring gas prices. But we haven't heard much from the media about gas hitting 6 bucks a gallon.  Instead we get to hear about racism and birth control and SSG Robert Bales. When we do hear something about the highest gas prices of all time in America, it usually goes something like this...

How High Gas Prices Could Help Obama

(wow, I certainly don't remember George W. Bush getting that kind of treatment when gas prices peaked during his presidency....considerably lower than today.)

Now, when faced with a crushing defeat of Barack Obama's cornerstone piece of legislation, the very thing that defines his entire presidency, in the Supreme Court, the liberal activists within the media just can't help but wish for the best. Take George Steponallofus for example...
Can President Obama Win By Losing at the Supreme Court?

or Frank Rich...
Why the Supreme Court Can Only Help Obama

or Mark Penn...
Could defeat for Obamacare mean victory for Obama?

Am I the only one that finds this nonsense utterly laughable? Looks like the Obama koolaid is a'flowin already in 2012! Get ready for the spinzone all the way to November.

Friday, March 30, 2012

PC ALERT! Woman files complaint over "Albino Rhino" beer.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.

‘Albino Rhino’ beer at Earls Restaurants target of human rights complaint

Ordering the house beer at an Earls restaurant just became a human rights issue.

The popular restaurant chain, with outlets across Western Canada and Ontario, is the target of a complaint over the name of its brew: Albino Rhino.

Ikponwosa (I.K.) Ero of Vancouver has alleged to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal that the name singles out people like her who suffer from albinism, the absence of pigment from the skin, hair and eyes.

In her complaint - which also takes aim at Earls' Albino Wings Wednesdays - Eros alleges the name demeans her and other albinos by deliberately evoking a sense of oddness about the condition, CBC News reports.

It's a medical condition, not a taste treat, Ero argues.

I'm offended that everyone always has to be offended about something. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leonard Pitts explains to us why George Zimmerman is white.

In the U.S., privilege is about the color white

I'm here to explain why George Zimmerman is white.

This seems necessary, given the confusion and anger with which some readers responded to my use of that word last week in this space to describe the man who killed an unarmed black teenager named Trayvon Martin last month in Sanford, Fla. One person wrote: "Mr. Zimmerman was Hispanic not White plez do your homework before writing your column!!!!"

But it is they who are wrong. There are two reasons. The short one is this:

"Hispanic" is not a race, but an ethnicity. As the U.S. Census Bureau puts it in its 2010 Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin, "People who identify their origin as Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish may be any race."

The long reason begins with an understanding that the word in question -- race -- is a term both meaningful and yet profoundly meaningless. It is meaningful in the sense that it provides a tool for tribalism and a means by which to organize our biases, fears, observations, social challenges and sundry cultural products. It is meaningless in the sense that, well ... it has no meaning, that there exists no definition of "black" or "white" that carries any degree of scientific precision.
Read the rest of Pitts's vomit splattered on paper here.

This vomit splattered on paper was actually published in my city's newspaper a few days ago. I don't think I have ever been as motivated to write in to the paper in reply. I was really just venting, but it actually ended up getting published today.

To me, Leonard Pitts highlights the entire left wing in the above article. No matter what the situation, facts, and circumstances, the world will always be looked at through the lens of race. The fact is, it doesn't matter what race George Zimmerman is. If he had been any other color, other than black of course, he would be looked at as a white man. This, while Leonard Pitts, Bobby Rush, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, Hank Johnson, and Barack Obama flat out ignore the epidemic of black on black crime in this country. Oh and black on white crime? That doesn't exist.

This Pitts is the typical race baiter. Just like Jesse and Al, Pitts makes his living off of racial division. Without it, he would be a broken salesman with nothing left to peddle. 

Entire town welcomes home fallen soldier.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 (more) Spectacular Places on Earth that you may not have heard of!

Faroe Islands
Ukok Plateau, Russia/Mongolia

Newfoundland, Canada
Gulfoss Waterfall, Iceland
Galicia Coast, Spain
Gibraltar Rock, Morocco
Twelve Apostles, Australia

Bavarian Alps, Germany
Valley of the Flowers National Park, India
Prokletije Mountains, Montenegro 

Proof to me that there is a God.

Has anyone visited any of these places? Your comments are welcome below.

Bobby Rush wears hoodie in Congress for Trayvon Martin. Says nothing about massacre in his district...

As you might have already known, Bobby Rush is the congressman for Illinois's 1st district. Can you guess where that is? Right....the south side of Chicago.

In his district, 49 people were shot and 10 killed, including a 6 year old girl playing on her front porch, during the St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Six-year-old Aliyah Shell killed in drive-by shooting

"They started shooting but I thought it was fireworks. I heard like five or six gunshots. I thought they were fireworks," said Desiree Valzquez, Aliya's sister. "I ran outside, and my mom was holding my sister. My sister wasn't talking anymore. She wasn't breathing."

A 6 year old girl murdered while playing on her front porch in Bobby Rush's district. But no word from him.

Just in 2012, there have been 94 murders on the south side of Chicago. (this doesn't include an additional 408 non fatal shootings.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MSNBC's Karen Finney: Maybe the most despicable journalist in America today.

Karen Finney is perhaps the most wretched excuse for a journalist in America today. I would put her up there with Andrea Mitchell, Keith Olbermann, and Helen Thomas for the most non-objective reporter to disgrace the business of journalism.

Following the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, Karen Finney went off on an unprecedented eruption of pure feces, blaming the tragedy in part, on Republicans and the GOP presidential candidates.

Now lets look back to 2011, and see what racist Karen Finney has to say about then GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain...

Says the good, tolerant liberal Karen Finney:

"Very seriously, and this is a little harsh, but one of the things about Herman Cain is, I think that he makes that white Republican base of the party feel OK, feel like they are not racist because they can like this guy. I think he is giving that base a free pass and I think they like him because they think he is a black man that knows his place. And I know that's harsh, but that's how it sure seems to me."

Karen Finney is an ignorant, bigoted, slime ball who likes to mask her deep seeded racism for black people by blaming Republicans for her very own racial biases. She just couldn't get around the fact that Herman Cain was actually a front runner in the Republican race, so instead of accepting the fact that maybe Republicans actually don't care about skin color, unlike her, she lets her own racial prejudice manifest itself in the form of her own diarrhea exploding right out of her mouth and splattering the TV rooms of the 13 people nationwide that actually watch MSNBC.

It looks like Andrea Mitchell has some competition. 

2016: Hollywood Obama documentary to be released this summer.

I realize I am a bit late on this one, but I thought I would report on this anyway. Apparently there is a professionally done movie in the works which takes a closer look at Barack Obama's history and ideology. There are some big names involved in this, including long time Steven Spielberg partner Gerald Molen (producer of Schindler's List and Jurassic Park) and Kathleen Kennedy (producer of Hook, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and ET). The film is based off the book The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Souza. Dinesh spoke at CPAC this year, where he previewed this trailer for the film...

Here is a video of Dinesh D'Souza speaking at CPAC 2012 about Obama's anti-colonialist views. He has information for both Democrats and Republicans to hear.

Gerald Molen, 2016's director, is a rare conservative in the liberal bastion of Hollywood. You learn everything you need to know about his feelings towards Obama here. He has a pretty good resume too. In addition to the films mentioned above Molen also produced Twister, Minority Report, and Rainman. Molen is also a Mormon, and a donor to the Romney campaign in 2008. It is likely he is supporting Romney's bid this year, so I expect this movie to be thorough, professional, and a powerful source of ammunition against the Obama machine this year. Kathleen Kennedy, the producer of 2016, on the other hand, has been a big donor to Democrats, including Obama in 2008. I can't but help to wonder why she would get involved in this project, except that maybe she is a traditional Democrat who can see just how different Barack Obama really is now after 3 years. Which is the complete gist of the movie.

Either way, I have high expectations for this and I will be seeing this movie the day it is released.

Official 2016: The Movie website.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Where was Barack Obama when....

I want to start a new game called Where Was Barack Obama When....? Are you ready? Let's play!

Where was Barack Obama when hundreds of black teens rioted after the Wisconsin state fair, targeting and beating any white people they could find?

Where was Barack Obama when a 13 year old white teen in Kansas City was doused in gasoline and set on fire by two black teens yelling, "You get what you deserve white boy."?

Where was Barack Obama when a mob of 70 black youths marched down the streets of Peoria, IL, yelling death threats to white residents, including "kill all the white people."?

Where was Barack Obama when numerous flash mobs of predominantly black teenagers attacked innocent people and ravaged businesses in his home city of Chicago?

Where was Barack Obama this month when 10 people were killed by gunfire, including a 6 year old girl, also in his home city of Chicago?

Where was Barack Obama when Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by guns his administration put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels?

Where was Barack Obama when a black man broke into the home of an 85 year old white woman, raped her, and beat her to death?

Where was Barack Obama when 6 black teens attacked and brutally beat a 65 year old white man, and Vietnam vet, almost to death?

Where was Barack Obama when a black man stalked, raped, and beat a white woman to death with a baseball bat in South Carolina?

Where was Barack Obama when all black gangs began targeting, beating, and mugging all white victims in Baltimore while yelling "F*** you white boy."?

Where was Barack Obama when black students attacked and beat a white man for eating in a diner with another black man?

Where was Barack Obama when a white teen was nearly beaten to death by black teens for walking down the street with his black girlfriend?

Where was Barack Obama when a 16 year old white boy in Seattle was beaten and whipped with his own belt at gunpoint by two black men because of "slavery"?

Where was Barack Obama when 9 black teens beat a young white woman nearly to death on a Baltimore city bus?

Where was Barack Obama when 3 black teens harassed and beat up a 15 year old autistic boy at a bus stop while yelling racial slurs?

Where was Barack Obama when 8 black teens attacked and beat up a white man for listening to rap music?

Where was Barack Obama when 32 black gang members were arrested in Denver for targeted attacks on white males?

Where was Barack Obama when a white man and his family in Akron were attacked by a mob of 20 or more black teens yelling, "This is a black world."?

Where was Barack Obama when a gang of black teens began beating on a single white man at a gas station in Kansas City?

Where was Barack Obama when a white man in New York was viciously beat at a subway station by black men yelling "Shut the f--- up, white boy. We'll beat the s--t out of you, cracker."

Where was Barack Obama when 3 black men attacked a Hispanic restaurant worker while yelling racial slurs?

Where was Barack Obama when a group of black students attacked a group of Asian students at Indiana University?

Where was Barack Obama when 2 black men shot a Hispanic man to death in New York because of his race and sexual orientation?

Where was Barack Obama when a Vietnamese man was nearly beaten to death by black attackers in Georgia because of his race?

Where was Barack Obama when a white girl was viciously beaten by black women on a Portland, Oregon train?

Where was Barack Obama when blacks targeted and brutally beat a Pakistani woman in Niagra Falls while yelling racial slurs?

Where was Barack Obama when a video surfaced of young black girls targeting and beating a white girl so badly in a Maryland McDonalds, that she went into convulsions and nearly died?

Where was Barack Obama just days ago when a white student at Mississippi State was gunned down and killed by three black males?

Where, oh where...

Star Parker: Fiery speech in support of religious freedom aganst Obamacare

I think I am in love with this woman! What a strong voice for the right side.

H/T Adrienne's Catholic Corner

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The public lynching of George Zimmerman. Is he even guilty?

I am appalled at the nationwide witch hunt against George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot a 17 year old boy in self defense.

Are we guilty until proven innocent in this country? Or innocent until proven guilty? 

We have nationwide mob protests in this country calling for this man's head. Has anyone even bothered to look at the evidence yet?

Did you know a witness who saw the whole thing just stepped forward and said Martin was the one on top of Zimmerman, and Zimmerman was the one crying for help? Did you know Zimmerman had grass stains on the BACK of his shirt? Did you know George Zimmerman had a broken nose and bloody head? Did he beat himself up before or after he shot Martin? Or did Martin bust his nose and head after he had already been fatally shot in the chest? I find this an odd scenario. Did you know George Zimmerman couldn't stop crying after the shooting?   Did you know his neighbors describe him more like a gentle giant than anything? Hateful racist?

Of course none of this matters, because George Zimmerman is a filthy racist who enjoys murdering young black kids for fun, who---uh, just happens to be Hispanic, with-uh, black friends who defend him...

Now President race-bait Obama himself has joined the ruckus, saying that if he had a son, "he would look like Trayvon".  Way to exploit a young man's death for politics Mr. President.

I don't recall much of a reaction from you earlier this month when a 13 year old boy in Kansas City was doused in gasoline and set on fire by two black teens saying, "You get what you deserve white boy." Come to think of it, I don't recall much of a reaction from the mainstream media either. Hmm, funny..

(Bear in mind this is the same President who injected himself into another petty race squabble in Massachusetts involving a police officer...)

Whether Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin or not, I don't really care. If he murdered him, I hope he gets the worst possible punishment: the death penalty. Race is irrelevant. I am disgusted by the collective mob in this country, wielding their torches and pitchforks screaming for a law abiding citizen's death. How dare you.

Now, George Zimmerman and his wife are in hiding. The Black Panthers have put a bounty on him. Louis Farrakhan has called for violent retaliation.  Spike Lee has tweeted his home address. People are calling for him to be tortured, raped, and murdered. Black leaders, with the help of the media, are stirring up mass anger in an election year and Barack Obama wants to harness it and convert it into votes. If this isn't insane enough, now, the Obama activists in the mainstream media are blaming the GOP candidates for having some kind of role in the tragedy. They are blaming Jeb Bush. They are blaming the NRA.

And Trayvon Martin? As new details emerge, it appears he may not be the baby faced, halo donning, innocent child that Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, Diane Sawyer and the rest of them have led us to believe. Recently we learn that Martin was actually suspended from his school 3 times in Miami. He was found with marijuana, women's jewelry, and a burglary tool in his backpack. He got caught writing graffiti in his school.  He swung on a bus driver.  He was 6"3". Does any of this matter? Maybe. Maybe not. But it is worth considering.

It is appalling and disgusting how the Democrats and the Democrat media are exploiting this awful and regrettable death for political gain. But such is the Democrat way.

Derek Hunter has an excellent article on this madness. The Death of Trayvon Martin: Is There Nothing Progressives Won’t Exploit?

Mark my words. This is going to come back and bite the race baiting liberals who have fanned the flames of this fire. If George Zimmerman is found to be innocent, the fools on the left will be exposed for the mob rulers they are.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

In light of the most recent story of Occupy Wall Street protesters dumping a tub of urine and feces in an ATM lobby, I thought it necessary to put both political movements in perspective.

By the numbers 

Reported arrests
Occupy Wall Street: 6,815
Tea Party: 0

Public defecation
Occupy Wall Street: Too many to count.
Tea Party: None.

Injured police officers
Occupy Wall Street: At least 6
Tea Party: None.

Sexual assaults
Occupy Wall Street: Count for yourself.
Tea Party: None.

Occupy Wall Street: 11
Tea Party: None


Tea Party...


Tea Party...


Tea Party...


Tea Party...

Occupy Wall Street: Before and After

Tea Party: Before and After

Wait, there's more? Yes.

and more...
and more...

Of course the Occupiers and liberals reading this will say this is only because of "illegal" police raids on their camps. To which I will respond, you shouldn't have camped out in the first place. Stop stealing perfectly nice public parks from other citizens and turning them into your own shantytowns. 300,000 Tea Partiers marched on Washington on September 12, 2009, peacefully made their voices heard in one day and left the area relatively clean, and not one of them was arrested.

Media coverage
Occupy Wall Street...ABC MSNBC CBS CNN


Could you imagine for one second if even one Tea Partier took a dump on a police car? Or vandalized and danced on a war memorial? Or raped a 14 year old girl? Or stripped down naked in public? Or damaged local businesses? Or mugged and assaulted a lesbian woman? Or masturbated in front of children? Or dumped a pot of feces and urine in an ATM  lobby?

Have a nice laugh at that one. It's okay though. They support Barack Obama. And he supports them.

Now lets finish with a little game. Can you point out the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street in these pictures?

Well, how did you do?

Leftists are despicable.

No civility in this post. I am sick and tired of liberals and their disgusting, truth twisting nature. These people are helpless. They are born liars and deceitful, sly bastards who are willing to lie, con, and manipulate from here to Maoist China for political gain.

Their latest tactic is the "Republican War on Women." Of course, we all know this is only a political move used to target women for votes, in essence using women as political pawns. Just as they use minorities as political pawns. Such is the Democrat way. Promise "free stuff" in exchange for a vote, while turning around and accusing the other side of oppression for not promising free stuff. Well if that isn't, by definition, an insult to women, I don't know what is. Democrats don't see individual people. They see collective subgroups of potential voters. They see Latinos. They see African Americans. They see women. They see homosexuals. Conservatives see individual Americans.

Ask yourself this. Why, only now in 2012 are we having a debate over, of all things, birth control? I don't remember this being an issue in 2008. Or 2004. Or 2000. Or 1996. Or 1992, etc. Only now, during election year 2012 is birth control being talked about. Why? Well, to a person with a thought processing brain and any sense of memory, this issue arose out of the Obama administration's proposed mandate that the Catholic church be required to provide access to contraceptives in their health insurance plans, against their religious beliefs. Of course, in such a religious nation, the Obama administration, as is the case with virtually every single issue, is on the wrong side. So to shift the focus from their war on the Catholic church, they deceptively turned it into a "Republican War on Women", with the timely comments by Rush Limbaugh only adding more fuel to the fire which the Democrats lit.

This is called "setting the narrative" as Andrew Breitbart called it. The liberals are masters of this. Truth twisting. Deception. Now, there are some misinformed women in this country who have actually fallen for these lies. They actually believe that Republicans want to keep all women from having access to birth control. It is sad what the Democrat War on Women has actually done. They have deliberately lied to women in order to use them for votes in an election year. And the liberal pundits further this false narrative.

Here's a headline from the Daily Kos: Romney to Women: You Want Birth Control? Vote for the "Other Guy!"

This headline is a complete fallacy and deliberately misleading to continue this false agenda. The article talks about Mitt Romney's response to a female college student who stated during a question and answer session that she wants "free birth control". I just happened to personally witness this exchange. It took place at Bradley University in Peoria, IL on March 19th. Romney responded to her with, "If you're looking for free stuff, vote for the other guy." He wasn't specifically addressing women, and he wasn't specifically talking about birth control. He was talking about this asinine entitlement mindset that the ignorant female questioner espoused as she harped straight from the Democrat Book of Philosophy. Instead, the lying liberals at the Daily Kos deliberately twist it, making it out to be an insult to women, saying they shouldn't have birth control at all. See, this is what liberals do. Lies and deceit. Deceit and lies. Well, I can say, there were more women in the crowd who went absolutely crazy over Romney's jab back, than the 3 or 4 who squealed with "gimme" glee at the idiotic question that girl asked. She made a fool out of herself and the Democrat party. I feel sorry for her in a way. She couldn't have been more than 20 years old, completely manipulated and used by the Democrats for political gain. In 30 years she will look back and regret how naive she was. She will also probably be a Republican.

It is only going to get worse as the election cycle progresses this year. These liberals will twist, turn, and contort every single issue to fit their failing agenda. They have to in order to win in a predominately conservative nation.

On another personal note, over the past few weeks, liberals have had a personal vendetta against me, falsely impersonating me all across the internet, posting ridiculous comments on liberal blogs and websites under my email address and my blog URL, and falsely subscribing my email address to literally hundreds of pro-Obama, left wing organizations and petitions. Why do they do this? It is the liberal way. Despicable, deceptive behavior from complete losers of society. Losers. People that believe everything should be given to them, people who believe in suppression of free speech, people who regard minorities and women as mere political pawns, and people who devalue life itself. I have no room for civility with liars and cheats. None. If you want to discuss the issues as adults, I am all for civility. If you want to deliberately lie for political gain, I am more than willing to go out to the parking lot. 

Terrorist who gunned down Jewish school children: Muslim of course.

Was there ever any doubt?

I knew as soon as this story broke that Jewish children had been murdered in France that the person responsible was a Muslim. Isn't that sad? Maybe, but it is reality.

France killings suspect holds out against police siege

Hundreds of police officers laid siege to an apartment in the south of France where a serial killing suspect was holed up Wednesday, but the man described by authorities as an al Qaeda-trained jihadist refused to surrender as the standoff dragged on.
The suspect, named by authorities as Mohammed Merah, 23, opened fire on police as they tried to ram down his apartment door about 3:30 a.m., wounding two officers, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said.

In other news, water is wet and Peyton Manning is an NFL quarterback. 

Mitt Romney moves closer to the nomination.

Like predicted, Mitt Romney won in my state, liberal la-la land, Illinois. Adding another 43 delegates to his tally and inching closer towards the nomination. As of right now, Romney holds 562 total delegates, and needs 582 more to reach the 1,144 mark to get the official nod. Santorum holds 249 total delegates, and needs an additional 895.

Let's take a look at the rest of the states that have yet to vote, and make educated guesses as to who will win.
(A comprehensive list can be found here, along with delegate totals.)

States likely to go to Romney- District of Columbia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah.
Total possible delegates:  570

States likely to go to Santorum- Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas, Montana, South Dakota
Total possible delegates: 575

Bear in mind, these are very conservative estimates in favor of Santorum.

Verdict? Unless Romney suffers an unprecedented collapse, or suddenly dies, he is going to get the nomination. Santorum is going to have to display some magic if he is going to win. That means he's going to have to sweep Texas, North Carolina, and the rest of the conservative states above, and also tack on at least 4 liberal ones. I think now, only an act of God can save the Santorum campaign.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Romney is going to be the nominee. So we all better get used to it. The only question now is, who should be his running mate? Ron Paul? Marco Rubio? Paul Ryan? 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

VIDEO: Romney thrashes ignorant college heckler over "free birth control"

I was present for this great response from Romney. Like him or not, you gotta like his reply. This was the first time I think I have ever seen Romney break character and actually look and sound angry.

After the reply, the college age conservative women attending went crazy, particularly a whole row of them sitting behind me, and I think my ears were ringing afterwards. The stupid Sandra Fluke wannbe left the rally right after. 

Thomas Sowell: The greatest voice for conservatism in America today

I love this guy. Possibly the most intelligent, articulate, and likable voice for conservatism we have in America. Thomas Sowell represents the voice of reason in America, and his message should captivate all people across the political spectrum. Here are a few of my favorite moments:

This guy is sheer brilliance. Too bad he isn't running for president.

Recap of Romney and Santorum events.

Like some of you already know, I had the privilege of attending campaign rallies held by both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney here in Illinois last night. It was a fun experience and a new one for me. In the rare instances that presidential candidates have stopped here in Peoria in the past I was either A) not interested enough to go or B) working. This year is different. Let's just say, if a potato was running for president against Barack Obama and made a campaign stop here, I would go. At any rate, it was a fun night. So let's begin.

Romney was set to start at 5pm at the Bradley University campus in Peoria. When we arrived at around 4, there were still chairs available and we snagged 3, just a few rows back from the front. Just in time too. The place filled up in a hurry right after that, and by 4:30, all the seats were taken and people had begun to congregate behind, and around the sides.
Approaching the area at 4pm.

Many of the early birds were Bradley students.

More and more began to show up.

By the time 5pm rolled around, it was packed. I had already begun to notice a few liberal protesters. Two of them stood in the back, proudly holding up Planned Parenthood signs.

After brief remarks by the Bradley University president and our Congressman here, Aaron Schock, Romney took the stage.

The crowd was far larger and far more enthusiastic than I had expected and I was pleasantly surprised by Mitt's remarks. He gave his usual "private sector" pitch, hammering Obama the entire way. I am still undecided whether to vote for him, Santorum, or Gingrich, but it was nice to be there for the experience either way. The real fireworks, though, didn't start until the end, when Romney fielded questions from the audience. The first question was from an arrogant, ignorant, college female. I would guess she was no more than 20 years of age, and her question went something like this...
*in bitchy tone*
"So, you're all for like-yay freedom and like-yay pursuit of happiness. You know what would make me happy? Free birth control."

There were a few feminazis in the crowd who responded with bitchly squeals of glee. And there were a lot of boos too. Mitt looked and sounded unusually ticked when he replied to her..."If you're looking to get free stuff that you don't want to pay for, you better vote for the other guy." If there was one moment I did clap during this rally, it was then. Here is a short version of that exchange:

After Mitt's reply, there were screams of approval from a ton of conservative women in the crowd, particularly college women. And it made me think..."WHAT Republican war on women?" Romney sent her packing. Literally. After getting the backhand pimpslap from Romney, she left the rally through the back.

You can watch all the highlights in this clip...

Birth control question comes at 4:00

A few other questions were answered before it was time to close shop, and the rally wrapped up around 6pm. Overall, I liked what Mitt had to say. I think the guy is a winner, a leader, and highly intelligent. A lot of people scattered to their vehicles to head across the river to East Peoria, where Rick Santorum would be arriving in a little over an hour. I would later recognize a lot of people at the Santorum event whom I had just seen at the Romney event. I thought that was interesting. We talked to a few and it all seemed to be the same sentiment. Anyone but Obama.

As we walked back to the car, I noticed a contingent of Ron Paul supporters. They would make the trek across the river to protest Santorum too. Too bad their guy didn't come to town.

We headed across the river to East Peoria, arriving at the location for Santorum's rally, Davis Brothers Pizza. He was set to arrive at 7:30. When we got there a little after 6, there was a small crowd of a few hundred mingling around, some enjoying slices of pizza.

Then Santorum's bus arrived....

Much like the Romney rally, people arrived quickly, and the place filled up like lightning. There were no chairs at this one, and by the time Santorum actually did come on stage, we were packed shoulder to shoulder like sardines. It was not comfortable at all. But I will say this. The atmosphere at the Santorum event was completely different. It was energetic, enthusiastic, and boisterous. There is a sense of camaraderie among his supporters, as they are all tightly knit through common religious and social beliefs. Country music was the genre of choice. Excitement was in the air.

Just as Santorum was set to camera battery died. Yes, yes I know. I am sure you realize photography is not my forte by now. So I have stolen a few pictures from around the internet.

 Adding even more uniqueness to the experience, the Pledge of Allegiance was said before the speech, as well as a prayer from a Catholic priest. Now I can truly understand why liberals despise him so much! Oh, and Ron Paul supporters too. The same ones that trolled the Romney event were here too, occasionally yelling, "Ron Paul!" in the middle of Santorum's remarks. I distinctly remember this guy...
And there was also another multicolored hippie sign from the Paul squad that read, "Make Peace Not War." Still have yet to find a picture of that one.

The Santorum crowd was very, hmm...Pleasantville-ish. Homely. Definitely rural. But they were all extremely friendly and sociable. Like I mentioned earlier, many, like us, had just come from the Romney event. We actually spotted the couple that sat in front of us an hour before at Bradley within minutes of arriving at the pizza place.

Santorum gave a pretty good speech, but you could tell he was a bit tired, as this was his last campaign stop of the day, which included stops in Dixon, Moline, and Galesburg as well. The crowd loved him, and after attending this event, I would put Santorum supporters up there with Ron Paul supporters for the loyalty crown any day.

To sum it up, I enjoyed both rallies and I only hope, whoever is the nominee stops here again in the fall! I like Romney and I like Santorum. Still not sure who is going to get my vote tomorrow, but I will decide that in the voting booth, much in the same way I procrastinated my way through school. I hope all have enjoyed this report.

Hack out.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pacific Educational Group: Critical Race Theory Promoted in Public Schools


There is one thing contradicting this so called "data". ASIANS.

They have brown skin too. Why do they get left out? Doesn't white culture hinder their educational performance too?

By the way...notice the Che Guevara poster 12 seconds in?

More laughs provided by the left.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Foreigners just love Obama...right?

Decide for yourself.

H/T Proof Positive

Besides Obama being a cocky, condescending bastard, this brings up another point. Does anyone actually believe Barack Obama is a "brilliant" speaker? I know, this "compliment" was written by one of Obama's airhead speechwriters. That isn't the point. Just look at Obama. I am going to cast aside my political bias. This guy is as bad, if not worse, than Bush was at articulating a point. It's as if he thinks we should all sit at the edge of our seats slobbering all over ourselves while he stares at the floor and says, "ehhuuuuhh...", waiting for some heavenly, God like wisdom to follow. Except, that 10 second wait while he ponders his next thought ends in a completely anti climactic statement, and the listener is left thinking, "THAT is what he took so long to say?" But you get the feeling, with that usual smirk and "cool" demeanor, despite the number of "uhs" it took to finally convey the message, that Obama always thinks he just said something great or historic, and that the audience loves him. It's painful to listen to. We see this every day. "Uhh, eh-eh-eh, uhhh, uhh, eh.." Give me a break! I've seen high school kids getting interviewed on the local news get their point across more articulately and efficiently!

Going to see Santorum and Romney tomorrow

Both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum will be in my neck of the woods tomorrow, a day before voting begins here in the Land of Linc--Obama. Sheesh...forgive us! Blame Cook and Kane counties. (you fellow Illinoisans know what I speak of).

Santorum to visit Davis Brothers Pizza in East Peoria
Bradley University to Host Mitt Romney

It looks like Romney will be starting at 5 and Santorum across the river at 7:30. Ample time to attend both, take some pictures, and possibly shake hands. Keeping my fingers crossed!

On a personal note, I still have not decided who to vote for on Tuesday. I find likable and detestable qualities in both, but like I have said before and will say again until I am out of breath....ANYONE but Obama. If Paul and Gingrich were going to be here I would do my best to see them too.

This should be a fun experience and I will have a full report with pictures tomorrow night.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ron Paul fanatics plan to vote for Obama

Like I have said before, most of them are one in the same. Many are former 2008 Obama voters flocking to the latest cult figure to salivate over, Ron Paul, and now after Ron Paul's utter failure, they plan to go back and vote for Obama. And some are just plain sore losers. Does this surprise anyone?

DailyPaul: Voting for Obama out of spite!

If Ron Paul is not on the ticket, I am voting for Obama out of spite. I would like to see a movement like this. Maybe a website, or face page, letting the "Establishment" know, two can play dirty! All we need are a few percent of passionate Ron Paul supporters to gain the attention of the media, and let the Establishment know if they keep suppressing individual freedom, they are coming down with us!!!!!!! I want Liberty!!!! This is WAR!

If anyone has taken Ron Paul and his cult following seriously before, they certainly aren't going to now! Good riddance. Maybe next time they will learn that spamming, online voting, and Youtube thumbs ups don't win elections, actual votes do. And Ron Paul, it is time to drop out of the race. C'mon.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liberals have an infatuation with me.

You know they say, "impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery." Indeed!

This week I have received a mountain of new traffic from liberal blogs by someone (or perhaps more than one person) posting comments under the name "Hack Wilson" with linkage back to my blog. Here and here, to name a few.

Here is the latest thing "I" wrote:

"I can’t hate the presidnet because he’s black and I can’t call a tramp a tramp because she dates a Jewish guy? Rush scares you liberals so much, it is high-larious.
Just wait until Bill Maher calls Palin a c word, then you can laugh as hard as we do now. Idiots. "

These comments are most likely coming from "A White Man in Alaska" (you know who you are), who I have traced back to this site where you say...

"i have made some comments as "Anonymous" my post start off with Wow -

I want them to flip out. Invasion of the Progressives Aahhhh"

I actually really appreciate this. Never did I think my lonely blog would rise to such heights and inspire so many people who disagree with me. Nor did I think I would be admired (or hated) so much by liberals that they feel the need to impersonate me. Hack Wilson has hit its high point!

I encourage more liberals like "White Man in Alaska" to do the same. Keep spreading links to my blog around the liberal blogosphere. I welcome all differing opinions and left wing trolls of all sorts. Makes things interesting!

Because you know what else they say. "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."

VIDEO: Former Soviet citizen confronts Occupy leftists.

These are extremely entertaining.

This guy went on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano a while back. Here is his Youtube channel for more videos.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Response: An open letter to ‘Hack Wilson’ and White America

This is my response to a recent article written over at the liberal blog, challenging my views on Derrick Bell and racism in America.

Here is a short excerpt:
Dear Hack Wilson and White America:

I respectfully write to you today to discuss Derrick Bell and a post on In this letter, I will not shove my liberal opinions down your throat, nor will I demand answers. I will not plug in my own self-interest to undermine your argument, nor will I block out what you have to say in response.

I want to start a discussion. I want to listen to your responses and I want to learn from a democratic talk. If you’re open to doing the same, please read on…

In your blog, you write:

Professor Derrick Bell, the man young Barack Hussein Obama told us to “open up our hearts and minds” to so many years ago is not the bombshell. Nor is the above clip, though certainly inflammatory. …
Read the rest here.

I always appreciate civil discourse so I will say mutual respect is shared, though our political views differ. Thank you.

Now I will get right to it. I will word this in the most eloquent, civil, and informative way my uneducated conservative brain possibly can so any liberal readers understand where I, and millions of other Americans stand.

To start off, your entire letter is a complete critique of my views towards Critical Race Theory. This we can establish. We can also establish that you yourself support the doctrines of Critical Race Theory, even those regarding white supremacy, as you yourself pointed out. This makes things much easier, and I am glad you admitted that Critical Race Theory does in fact revolve around the premise of established white supremacy in society over blacks, instead of beating around the bush like the talking heads at CNN and editors at Wikipedia.

Let's start with your mention of the Civil Rights Movement. Derrick Bell and yourself hold the belief that the Civil Rights Movement, in essence, failed to eliminate racism. I agree, to an extent. But I also believe that, contrary to the words of Professor Bell, the Civil Rights Movement did a whole lot of good for black people. Not only did they achieve equality through law, but the terrible injustices towards them were brought to the forefront, forcing many people in America who might not have known about such things in the past, to understand the dire need for racial equality.

You mention a few things that are supposedly indicative of racism:

The assassination of MLK- Absolutely.
Redistricting in Texas- Perhaps.
NYPD frisking blacks and latinos 85% of the time in NYC- Hardly. Did you know blacks and latinos constitute almost 60% of the entire population in New York anyway? We will get to crime statistics in a minute.
Newt Gingrich calling Barack Obama the food stamp president- Absolutely not. Simple fact. It has nothing to do with race, unless of course you are assuming all black people require food stamps?

You see, here's my view in simplest of terms. And I would like to think this is the view of many on the conservative side of things. I believe that no specific races should be given special treatment in this country. I believe that skin color is irrelevant. I believe that forcing a race into submission through government dependency is the ultimate manifestation of racism in this country today.

I wouldn't expect a liberal to understand. But what the Democratic party has done to minorities is appalling to me. Under the guise of a helping hand, the Democrats have destroyed the black community in America. It is rule number one in the Democrat playbook. Much in the same way the Democrat party favored slavery and opposed civil rights laws in the 60s. They are still oppressing minorities today through government dependency and never more so than now, under the Obama administration.

I am against specific races getting special treatment. Why can't we all be equal? I don't understand why we can't all look past skin color. This is the ultimate irony.

NAACP. BET. United Negro College Fund. Black Caucus. The Grio. The African American History Museum. African Americans for Obama. Black History Month.

Of course, not racist.

How about this one: La Raza. Not racist?

Ok how about this: White History Month. Racist, of course.

By their very nature, everything listed above is racist. They are all putting a specific race above others. They are advocating one race's superiority. I don't know how I can explain this any further.

You say, "Is it possible that white supremacy is the order of the day?" You support this claim first by giving statistics concerning higher rates of imprisonment by blacks compared to other minorities.

I would just like to say, have you ever visited a ghetto? Detroit? South Chicago? Philadelphia? This is where you, and Derrick Bell, are completely off your rocker. Any sane person understands this. The statistics you gave were right. But they aren't the product of an inherently racist society that is out to get black people. Look at the ghetto culture. Look at the rates of fatherless children in the black community. We are both adults here, so let's discuss it how it is. The black community in this country is failing. Not because evil, racist, white men everywhere are out to get them. No. By their own doing.

You say: "Is it possible that this is a direct result of white supremacy? An institution (prisons) in which freedom is absent, in which surveillance is constant, and in which whites largely rule minorities? This isn’t slavery, but this is America’s version of rehabilitation?"


You say: "Can Black Americans achieve liberty in the U.S.? Sure, some can. The President of the United States, a black man, has achieved it, right? Then why do we still hear racist slurs all the time? Why are negative stereotypes so prevalent?"

Yes, why do we hear racist slurs all the time? Like whitey, cracka, and honky? Why oh why? Racist slurs come from every single race in this country. It isn't confined to one race or directed at one race. Racism, is, has, and will always exist. That's a fact of life. I say again. Go to a ghetto. And listen to people talk. Also, all stereotypes are born out of at least some reality. I think stereotypes are funny, especially when directed at white people. Try watching The Boondocks sometime. I think you will enjoy it!

Moving on the The Space Traders. (this won't take long)

You say: "Did you read “The Space Traders?” I did. And I don’t see it being so far out of left field." Then you say: "A radical, extreme notion for a piece of fiction? Or, for, say, history itself?"

I find it shockingly, and humorously ironic how you and your side constantly criticizes myself and my side for living in the past and for "taking America back to the Dark Ages", etc., when you are doing it right now. Stop dwelling on the past. No one disputes that slavery existed, that it was terrible, that we brutally massacred the Indians, that many instances of white Europeans conquering and dominating brown-skinned cultures and civilizations can be found in the pages of history. (while we are talking about history...) We are past that. At least I think so. You and Derrick Bell, however, continue to churn this race war to a pulp, as if slavery still existed in America. Around every corner you see racism. (only when it comes from Caucasians anyway) You dismiss institutions such as the Black Caucus and NAACP as noble and just and in the same breath would condemn a hypothetical NAAWP or White Caucus. THAT is racism, my friend.

You say: "I will consider the possibility that there is controversy in harassing white people and, for a black president, that could be problematic. But, can you consider the possibility that white people may need to be harassed? Maybe we need to be reminded that our socially constructed legal system could be racist. Maybe we need to be pushed out of our white comfort zone. Maybe we need to recognize that the Civil Rights Movement did stall after legislation passed in 1964."

No, I will not consider that possibility. Why do I need to be harassed? Because good "tolerant" and guilty liberals like yourself and angry black men like Derrick Bell think I need to be? I don't think so. Because your man Derrick Bell and Critical Race Theory call for "reparations"? No, no I don't think so at all. In fact, I think your defense and justification of such a statement is appalling and a testament to the warped worldview of those on the left. And it all swings back to the ridiculous, elephant in the room irony. You think I should be harassed simply because I am white. Again THAT is racist.

Finally, you say this:  "Let me ask you this: How many black people have you associated with this week? What was the gist of those associations? What do your personal relationships with black people look like? Do you love any black people? Are you really good friends with any black people? Do you teach black students? Do you have black colleagues, or subordinates?

Let’s compare our relationships with black people to our relationships with white people. Are they different? How? If they are different, why?"

Much in the same way Soledad O'Brien and her goon on CNN assumed Joel Pollack was a bigot (with a, um, black wife...) here you do the same by crafting pre-conceived notions that because I am white, conservative, and against Derrick Bell and others making a career out of attacking my race, that somehow that makes me a racist. Like Pollack said, it doesn't even deserve a response, but I will anyway. I think you would be surprised to know that this evil, white racist knows, converses, and is friends with many black people. And Asian people. And some hispanic people (including one whom I love dearly). My time in the Army has brought me in contact with people of all races and I have made life long friendships with many of them. You and your good, tolerant, white liberal friends love to point the finger. I think you have no clue. You mentioned stereotypes. Why do you have stereotypes of the Bible thumping, gun toting, sheltered, conservative bigot? I hear the same descriptions, stereotypes, insults on the daily basis from your side. Well I believe the Bible, I shoot some guns, I am white, and I also love people of every color. That likely isn't what you expected to hear.

You obviously support Derrick Bell and his teaching that whites run the world and will always oppress blacks when they get the chance. Well, all I can say is I fundamentally disagree. Blacks have the freedom to work, earn money, and live a respectable life just like the rest of us. Just ask some of these people...

Thomas Sowell. Allen West. Herman Cain. Charles Lollar. Kevin Jackson. Tim Scott. Clarence Thomas. Condoleezza Rice. Alan Keyes. just to name a few.

All victims of a white run society? Heck, during the course of my Army career I've been under the command of a black guy more often than a white guy! Were these guys victims of a white run society? Or are they all just token Negros? Oh wait, I forgot. I should have used the liberal favorite..."Uncle Tom". And speaking of Herman Cain, I wonder why the racist, white Americans of the Republican party embraced him as a front runner for so long? Hardly the sign of a racist society.

Could you look any of these black leaders in the eye and tell them they are victims in a society run by white people and they will never truly achieve equality because whites will always oppress them? Could you look my black Army commanders in the eye and tell them that? No, you couldn't. Nor could Derrick Bell. Because you both would get a strong dose of reality.

I will sum this matter up as succinctly as I can. You, and Professor Bell, believe that white people in general are naturally inclined to racism. I am not offended easily, but when it comes to this, I am. And I find the words of Bell appalling, disgusting, and even degrading. Black people should be ashamed of him. And they are. To imply that blacks will never succeed, never get anywhere in life. What does that make you? You call ME the racist? Those words are nothing but ideological chains. No one is stopping any black people from graduating high school, getting a job, working hard, earning money, and making a life for themselves. There isn't some grand pale conspiracy to prevent this from happening.

Can't you see? I revert back to my original statement. It's not about skin color. It's about equal responsibility and equal opportunity. No one race is more "special" than the other. No one "needs help" from "gubmint" to move them along in life. You only need that willingness to succeed. Work ethic. Honor. Determination to make a better life for yourself. And above all, personal responsibility. That's all it comes down to.

In summary:

Me- Against Derrick Bell implying all whites are racist. Against government giving certain races special treatment. Believe all people have equal opportunity and responsibility.

You- Believe all whites are racist. For government giving certain races special treatment. Believe black people require help from government to succeed, and then never will anyway.

And you call ME the racist?

I hope this response has given you some insight into my views and why we on the right do indeed believe Derrick Bell is a racist radical. Once again, thank you for the time.