Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amazing footage of the Tuscaloosa F4 Tornado

This is a gorgeous wedge tornado, an absolute monster.

And the aftermath...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Persecution in China continues, 36 people arrested for attempting to attend Easter service

Church: Police block Beijing Easter service

The site of a planned outdoor Easter service at one of China's largest independent "house" churches was eerily silent Sunday as police blocked more than 500 worshippers from leaving their homes and detained more than 36 for attempting to attend religious services in Beijing, church officials said.

The gathering place for worshippers was empty as church-like bells sounded in northwest Beijing. Hundreds of uniformed and plain-clothed police officers swarmed the site of Shouwang Church and prevented CNN journalists from accessing the area.

Authorities confiscated credentials from CNN crew members and detained them for half an hour. 
Worshippers spent several months preparing for the Easter service, according to members who spoke with CNN. Police on the scene told CNN they were stationed there for "security reasons." 
Shouwang Church's senior pastor Jin Tianming is currently under house arrest by the authorities.

Unfortunately these types of occurances are all too common in Communist China, though many cases go unnoticed by those of us in the apathetic West. While you're celebrating the holiday don't forget to say a prayer for these people, and thank God for the freedom we have in the United States!

For more information about the persecution of Christians in China click here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

RACE CRIME: Black female nearly beaten to death at McDonalds, onlookers watch

Shocking video of a black girl being pummeled by two unrelenting white girls in a McDonalds has surfaced on the web recently, and it's nothing short of shocking.

In the video, the girl can be seeing curled up in a fetal position on the floor taking blow after blow from her white assailants. The white patrons and McDonalds employees stood by and watched (and filmed of course) and even encouraged the attackers to flee before the police arrived.

A white manager decided to briefly intervene, but did nothing when the beating resumed after a short intermission. Not until an elderly black woman stepped in by herself to end the attack did it end, leaving the girl convulsing and bleeding on the floor, her hair laying 2 feet away from her, ripped clean out of her head.

This will be a hot topic for the major networks. Expect CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and CBS to run this story over and over in the coming days.....right? Wrong. Because everything is flipped around the other way. For every "white" above replace it with "black" and vice versa. That's what really happened.

Ok, now it's my turn to talk. First, this is a hate crime and I want to hear Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, and Whoopi Goldberg say it. Second, the two girls should be charged with attempted murder, and every person inside that McDonalds who stood there should be arrested as well. How can people not intervene, skin color aside? I just don't get it.

I don't care about race and I don't like to even talk about it but our society and culture, and THIS video, forces me to!

If this were a white on black assault it would be a plastered all over the news from the San Francisco Chronicle to MSNBC and it would be absolutely milked dry by the media and gobbled up by our society. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would hoot and holler to no end, the NAACP would issue a public statement "condemning" the horrific act, the clucking chickens on The View would whine and complain about it, and our very own President, as so often is the case, would likely put in his two cents about the issue. Instead, it's a black on white assault, therefore the story will be limited to the conservative reaches of the internet, on Drudge and conservative blogs, buried deep in the back pages of the New York Times, and, if were lucky, CBS might mention it in a ten second one liner at the end of the evening news.

This post isn't intended to voice my hatred for the violent, ghetto black culture whose vile stench was so repugnant in this video. That is a separate issue entirely, and I could write an entire blog on the subject. The issue at hand is the horrible double standard in our society in which a person can do something so innocent as question the actions of a black person and be accused of racism but two black girls can beat a white girl to death while a group of black people watch and not a word will be said.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inside the Patriot Guard Riders. Common ground for liberals and conservatives.

Powerful stuff.

Man sets off smoke bomb in the middle of Adolf Hitler birthday party

It isn't often I read a news article and come away feeling good about it, but every once in a while I'm proven wrong. I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear after reading this...

Adolf Hitler birthday party shut down by mystery man's smoke attack in Illinois

At Saturday's bash in Lyons, Illinois, about 60 people gathered to celebrate the 122nd anniversary of the murderous German leader's birth - flying swastika banners even organizing a cake decorated with the words, "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler", The Chicago Tribune said.

They also set out to celebrate the start of the American Civil War, according to party host Art Jones, of the America First Committee. A second cake marking the war's outbreak on April 12, 1861, had the logo: "The South Was Right. White Men Fight," Mr Jones said.

But the early-evening party at PJ Klem's Restaurant And Banquet Hall came to a swift end when a mystery man walked in, ordered a grilled cheese sandwich then set off a smoke bomb in a restroom, forcing an evacuation and the closure of the hall.

The man, who was carrying a backpack, was being sought by police - but officers admitted the description of him was "very vague".

Nobody was injured and there was no serious damage to the restaurant. A spokesman for the premises said staff were unaware of the party's purpose when the booking was made - although the group has rented the hall in previous years.

Somewhere this guy is sitting in his lazyboy, munching on Doritos and drinking a Budweiser, watching his brilliance unfold on his local news station with a sly grin. Bravo to him. He deserves a medal.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The state overrules the parent in modern day America.

Mass. mom who withheld son's meds gets 8-10 years

A woman who withheld potentially life-saving medications from her autistic, cancer-stricken son was sentenced Friday to eight to 10 years in prison by a judge who said her actions "really do chill one's soul."

Kristen LaBrie was convicted of attempted murder Tuesday for withholding at least five months of at-home chemotherapy treatments for her son, Jeremy Fraser. The boy died at age 9 in 2009.

LaBrie, 38, wept and apologized before Judge Richard Welch handed down her punishment in Lawrence Superior Court.


His oncologist testified that she told LaBrie that her son's cancer had a cure rate of about 85 percent to 90 percent under an intensive, two-year treatment plan that included doses of chemotherapy to be given during hospital stays and clinic visits as well as at-home medications LaBrie was supposed to administer at home.

LaBrie testified that she largely followed doctor's orders during the first four phases of his treatment. But she acknowledged that she stopped giving him the at-home medications during the final phase of treatment because she could not bear to see how much pain and suffering the side effects of the medication caused him.

The boy's doctor said she discovered in February 2008 that LaBrie had not filled five months of prescriptions and that Jeremy's cancer had returned as leukemia.

LaBrie testified in her own defense, saying she did not give her son at least five months of chemotherapy medications because the side effects made him so sick she was afraid the treatments would kill him. LaBrie called her son "very, very fragile" and said she didn't think he could withstand any more chemotherapy.

You know what's even more chilling to me? That the state can send someone away to prison for deciding how to care for their child! Who is the real criminal here? How dare they. Put that judge in ONE DAY of her shoes and I guarantee you he'd be singing a different tune. Attempted murder? Honestly, does the judge and jury legitimately believe this mother was purposefully trying to murder her son? She has already suffered enough with her child's death, and these robots decide to send her to prison for ten years.

Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall acknowledged that LaBrie had a difficult time caring for Jeremy alone and watching him suffer horrible side effects from chemotherapy. But she said the jury found that whatever her difficult circumstances were, she "made a decision to harm Jeremy. ... She intended to kill him."
"At the end of the day this was just child abuse ... she withheld from this child intentionally his chance for a cure," MacDougall said.

Who are they to speculate such things? Because they know ALL about what she was going through!

LaBrie's older son, Matthew, 18, wrote a letter to the judge asking for leniency.
"My mother was nothing but unbelievably kind, caring and completely devoted to Jeremy in every aspect of her life," he wrote.

He described his mother sitting by Jeremy's bedside while he was treated for cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"Something like that takes a toll on a person and after all that, could anybody so easily sit by and watch while a cure is making a child feel worse?"
Here's what I think. I think that judge and every single person on the jury who voted 'guilty' should be sent away to prison for LIFE. Yes, that is real justice here. This is appalling to me. She made a mistake. This is a mother making a decision that SHE believes is in the best interest of her child, NOT the state! Who are they to judge? These fools in their ivory tower of self thought moral superiority are the criminals in this case. We live in a cruel, cruel society to allow this to happen.

I hope the judge and jury sleep well at night knowing they sent an already grieving mother to prison for ten years of her life.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Greetings from Iraq

It's been a long journey but I'm finally here in Baghdad and loving every minute of it (that's what I tell myself). Things are shutting down at an amazing rate here, and units are already preparing for departure as troops are scheduled to be in country no later than December 31. 2011. I am partaking in a very interesting and somewhat secretive mission. It is a gratifying one, and one that reinforces my belief in American EXCEPTIONALISM. We are a force for good. I see it first hand. And no red faced, bedwetting liberal will be able to convince me otherwise!

It's a different world here. I've had the opportunity to work with some awesome people, Americans, Iraqis, Kuwaitees, Nigerians, and Ugandans, and all have given us nothing short of a warm reception. I've talked to Iraqi translators who suffered horribly under the rule of Saddam Hussein. They believe in this mission, because they know the enormous amount of good we have done. I am proud to be here and regret nothing, including my support for this war since we dropped the first bomb in 2003.

Contrary to popular belief, things are still happening here. The media and general public may have forgotten but attacks still happen daily. Soldiers are still dying. And Iraqi civilians are still subjected to horrific attacks by terrorists here. The Pentagon may have changed the name from OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) to OND (Operation New Dawn) but it's the same war, same players, and same violence. A name change means nothing. Know this, whether CNN or Fox News or MSNBC decides to report on progress here or not, it makes no difference. We still have soldiers dying here.

I haven't been keeping up on the news much but I see our Dear Leader is still making a mess of things. I had to laugh when my buddy, a fellow soldier with me here, showed me this photo:

Like I've said in the past, the armed forces are overwhelmingly anti-Barry. He is the antithesis of everything we are. It will be a great day when Paul Ryan snatches the golden scepter from this maniac in charge.

Things are going well here and I'm going to try to blog again here shortly.

Keep the faith,