Friday, January 30, 2015

Is religion the cause of all the world's violence?

Oh, I'm sure you've heard it, because I know I have more times than I care to count.

"Religion is the cause of all the world's violence!" 

This Pavlovian claim is parroted daily on social media and elsewhere. Though, there's usually nothing else to back it up. And interestingly enough, I find that the people screaming this assertion from the hilltops are really trying to say "Christianity is the cause of all the world's violence!" Or "those evil, mean, Christians have oppressed everyone, for, like, forever!" Or something like that.

I say this because, like clockwork, most of these people will blatantly refuse to accept the role religious ideology plays in the epidemic of Islamic terror around the world today, but will jump at the chance to use Westboro Baptist Church as a fine, example of the quintessential modern day Christian.

Which brings up a good point. Yes, religion does play a role in some of the world's violence throughout the ages. To argue that would be absurd. The Crusades, the Inquisition, and the 30 Years War, tend to be the most popular instances of exclusively religious violence scourging mankind. I would like to add the Islamic conquests of the Saudi peninsula, all of North Africa, Spain, southern France, and the entire Middle east to the list. But the fact that the religion of Islam was born and cultivated out of violence is unpopular in our politically correct, sensitive, and "tolerant" Western society.

So I'll just get to it. According to the Encyclopedia of Wars by Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod, less than 7% of all documented wars in the history of the human race were religious in nature. That's 123 religious conflicts out of a total of 1,763 total conflicts throughout history. When Islamic wars are cut out of the equation, the total percentage of religious wars dips to a paltry 3.23%. This doesn't bode well for the "religion is the cause of all the violence in the world!" crowd.

On the flip side, let's consider the astronomical body count from the last century. The casualties from the godless, Communist regimes of the 1900s aren't even in the same ballpark as other human tragedies throughout history. An estimated 70 million lives were lost under the regimes of just Stalin and Mao Tse Tung. And this doesn't even include those lost under Lenin and Pol Pot. These atrocities stemmed from a strictly atheistic system of government. In fact, the idea of state sponsored atheism was one of the core pillars of Communist societies. Karl Marx himself had much to say about that. Joseph Stalin made it a priority. And an estimated 12-20 million Christians alone were killed in the Soviet Union because of it. Why does no one blame secularism for "being the cause of all the world's violence"? Because if we are thinking in terms of simple body count, the non religious Communists take the cake, by far. (by comparison an estimated 3000-5000 people were killed during the Inquisition, over a span of 350 years.)

The demolition of Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow in 1931. Between 1927 and 1940 the number of churches in Russia fell from over 29,000 to less than 500. Millions of religious citizens were killed, while the government actively promoted atheism to the masses through a variety of propaganda techniques.

If we are really going to get to the source of all the violence in the world, why does no one mention the violence perpetrated by the state? Were the 37 million people killed as a result of WW1 killed by members of some unknown religious organization? What about the 60 million killed during WW2? Or the 620,000 dead during the American Civil War? What of the 40-70 million slaughtered during the brutal conquests of the Mongol Empire? Or the 6 million dead from the Napoleonic Wars? I'm curious as to the religious banners these armies fought under.

These are all instances of states/empires warring against other states/empires for reasons not involving religion. Territorial expansion, fights over resources, intricate and delicate alliances, and a general lust for the expanding power of the state have all played parts in the vast majority of the world's wars and violence. Yet no one makes the claim that "governments are the cause of all the world's violence!" Interestingly enough, those same enlightened, intellectuals who tend to be the ones blaming religion for all the world's violence (You know, the ones who call Islam a religion of peace) also tend to be the biggest advocates for big government.

When you take a step back out of la la land, and back into reality, it isn't hard to put things into perspective. But I realize that's a difficult task for some, when their worldview is so convoluted that Rush Limbaugh is the biggest villain they can think of at any given time.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alex Jones: American Sniper "brainwashes the public into accepting war".

The success of American Sniper has brought out the scumbag in lots of people. It's not surprising to see it from the likes of Micheal "snipers are cowards" Moore. It's equally not surprising from the scumsucking master of manipulation Alex Jones. This is a guy who will use literally any tragedy to his advantage. He is proof that there are idiots on the far right, just as there are the far left. And of course, he has to the defend the honor of his main expert in all things Jesse Ventura. Sometimes I wonder about those two.

Alex Jones took to Facebook Sunday to "expose" American Sniper for being a big long military recruiting ad to brainwash people to support war and get people to join the military. He also called it "Bush era war propaganda" and "war porn for the sheep".

Because nothing says "lets have more wars!" and "Join the army!" like seeing how the horrors of war can tear a man up inside.

I'm guessing Alex and his military hating friends didn't see the movie. If they did, they'd see that it's actually the opposite. It shows that war is hell, and something that can break even the strongest of men. American Sniper is about as much of a war propaganda film as An Inconvenient Truth is a film showing the benefits of coal production.

Why Obama is the most Unpresidential "President" we've ever had.

So President Obama apparently has more time to sit down and be "interviewed" by a Youtube comedian named Glozell, but no time to attend the historic anti terror rally in Paris last week. And no time to meet with the leader of our supposed greatest ally in the Middle East. Yes, no time for Dear Leader to do presidential things, but plenty of time to sit down with someone who dangles condoms from her nostrils, and bathes in bathtubs full of milk and fruit loops.

Is this shocking lack of presidential dignity from the tyrant boy king any surprise? It shouldn't be.

Remember, this is the same president who thought it pertinent to offer his two cents on Officer Crowley of Cambridge, MA"acting stupidly". Can someone tell me why the President of the United States of America should be commenting on something this petty?

Same president saying "if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon".

Same president who got knee deep in the shooting of a known criminal who attacked a police officer. Obama sent more senior White House officials to the funeral of Mike Brown, than he did for Margaret Thatcher, for Chris Kyle, or James Foley. I guess a dead criminal is more worthy of a presidential envoy.

Same president who took a "selfie" at the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Same president who outraged the Chinese by chomping on gum during a meeting with world leaders in Beijing. Same president who sent the Queen of England an ipod with a playlist full of his own speeches. Same president who butchers a military salute by indifferently raising his latte. Same president who went to party with Beyonce and Jay-Z in New York while the Middle East burned. Same president who comments on every sports story from not letting his fictional son play in the NFL, to Ernie Banks dying, to Michael Sam and Jason Collins coming out of the closet. Speaking of, Jason Collins gets a personal phone call from the president. Not a peep about Chris Kyle. Priorities, priorities.

Same president who thinks it's important to publicly reveal his March Madness bracket every year on ESPN while things such as Russians invading Ukraine happen. What a wonderful perception of presidential authority. Same president who has racked up more late night talk show appearances than any other president before him. That's his natural domain. Same president who decided to call his opponent a "bullshitter" in an interview with Rolling Stone. Classy. Same president who on September 11, 2012 decided to do a radio interview with a Miami DJ named "The Pimp with the Limp" to talk about the Dolphins and pop music. Same president who tried to insult Mitt Romney with the term "Romnesia". Same president who went to a Las Vegas fundraiser the day after an American ambassador and three others were killed in a terrorist attack.

Oh, and remember the aforementioned absence from the massive anti terror rally in Paris a few weeks ago? This president sends John Kerry to make things all better. John Kerry with James Taylor to do a heartwarming rendition of "You've Got a Friend." I'm sure the terrorists are shaking in their boots.

"Dear terrorists: Please accept this lovely windchime fashioned from our testicles. -Western Civilization" - David Burge

 Perhaps more important than anything, this is a president who draws red lines and issues ultimatums that he eventually doesn't back up. This may seem trivial to some, but this damages the credibility of the United States in the world. If the President won't back up what he says, why should anyone listen to him?

This is a president who claims he hears about virtually everything on the news. Who has out-golfed Tiger Woods. Who takes more selfies than a teenage girl. Who bows submissively to foreign leaders. Who does nonsensical interviews with celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Zach Galifianakis. Who seems to feel more threatened by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh than Vladimir Putin. Speaking of Putin, I think it's safe to say this president doesn't feel as comfortable around him as he does Jimmy Fallon.

So really, is it that surprising to see that this president decided to sit down with "Glozell". It shouldn't be.

Friday, January 23, 2015

No Liberal Should Say "Je Suis Charlie".

Je suis Charlie? More like "Je ne suis pas Charlie".

After the religion of peace decided to prove they were a religion of peace by killing the French cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, people everywhere have stood in solidarity with the French satire magazine by adopting the phrase "I am Charlie." Everyone here in the West is all of a sudden Charlie. Except we're not. And especially not those on the left.

The cartoons of Mohammad that Charlie Hebdo published that inspired the attack wouldn't fly here. And they certainly wouldn't fly in liberal circles. They'd instantly be branded "Islamophobic", "insensitive", and "intolerant". They'd be shouted down and shut down. The creators would be ostracized and banished from the public arena and demonized by the so called tolerant left for being a bigot, a racist, or whatever whimsical, derogatory word of the day it is the liberals feel like using. They wouldn't pull the trigger on a rifle aimed at their head. But they'd certainly pull the trigger on a public shaming meant to destroy their careers.

Liberals all of a sudden want to stand for free speech and feign outrage over these terror attacks. All without a leg to stand on. Because it is they who attack free speech the most. And they would be the first to try and destroy Charlie Hebdo for "Islamophobia" if they could. This is a byproduct of the progressive thought police that has created special, protected groups of people in society who are virtually untouchable. Uttering anything less than full praise is signing your own death warrant.

Modern day liberals trying to say "Je suis Charlie" is a laughable concept. Their intolerance towards opposing views is unmatched. In fact, it's closely aligned with the extreme brand of Islam that carried out the attack itself. Extremism routinely defended by modern liberals. "Je ne suis pas Charlie" is more like it.

I am going to start blogging again.

Hello readers.

I logged into this blogger account tonight for the first time in two years. Boy was I surprised! 632 comments pending and about 600,000 additional page views. Ok, ok, most of the comments pending were spam but I'll take what I can get! I'm going to try and polish this blog up a bit and get back into the swing of things. There's just so much utter tomfoolery these days, I can't keep quiet anymore. Until next time. (which I promise won't be in another 2 years).