Friday, January 23, 2015

No Liberal Should Say "Je Suis Charlie".

Je suis Charlie? More like "Je ne suis pas Charlie".

After the religion of peace decided to prove they were a religion of peace by killing the French cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, people everywhere have stood in solidarity with the French satire magazine by adopting the phrase "I am Charlie." Everyone here in the West is all of a sudden Charlie. Except we're not. And especially not those on the left.

The cartoons of Mohammad that Charlie Hebdo published that inspired the attack wouldn't fly here. And they certainly wouldn't fly in liberal circles. They'd instantly be branded "Islamophobic", "insensitive", and "intolerant". They'd be shouted down and shut down. The creators would be ostracized and banished from the public arena and demonized by the so called tolerant left for being a bigot, a racist, or whatever whimsical, derogatory word of the day it is the liberals feel like using. They wouldn't pull the trigger on a rifle aimed at their head. But they'd certainly pull the trigger on a public shaming meant to destroy their careers.

Liberals all of a sudden want to stand for free speech and feign outrage over these terror attacks. All without a leg to stand on. Because it is they who attack free speech the most. And they would be the first to try and destroy Charlie Hebdo for "Islamophobia" if they could. This is a byproduct of the progressive thought police that has created special, protected groups of people in society who are virtually untouchable. Uttering anything less than full praise is signing your own death warrant.

Modern day liberals trying to say "Je suis Charlie" is a laughable concept. Their intolerance towards opposing views is unmatched. In fact, it's closely aligned with the extreme brand of Islam that carried out the attack itself. Extremism routinely defended by modern liberals. "Je ne suis pas Charlie" is more like it.

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Pumice said...

Good point. Welcome back and keep making them.

Grace and peace.