Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: The Year of Failure

2009 is almost over and a full year of Obamanation is almost out of the way! One hurdle cleared. 3 to go! I have a lot of energy left in me!

I'm trying to think in my mind of something positive this administration accomplished for America. I can't think of one thing. Maybe it's my bigoted, inferior, conservative mind. Let me try viewing the first year of the Obama presidency now from a liberal standpoint....


2009 has been one, long, drawn out failure of our government to do anything positive for our country. Nearly everything Obama has tried to do this year has been a failure.

"Stimulus" package- failure. The economy still sucks, unemployment is still through the roof, and on top of that, billions of "stimulus" tax dollars are at this very moment funding pointless Dem pet projects. Failure.

Obama's appointees- failure. Obama has appointed so many duds to his administration, and outright liars and cheats, that I don't think he can be trusted with anything. Not to mention the close to a dozen appointees who were forced to withdraw for varying reasons. Obama's serious lack of judgement is scary. Failure.

Cash for Clunkers- failure. Need I say anything? This failed program just goes to show you how good the government is at running things. Kinda like social security, medicare, and everything else they infect by laying their corrupt and incompetent hands on them. Failure

Obama's outreach to Iran- failure. I knew in 2008 when Obama campaigned on this issue that it would be a failure and it would only expose him for the big eared, naive dope he is. And whaddya know. I was right. Iran is now as bold as ever, spitting in the face of Obama's warm attempts to "reach out". Failure.

The Copenhagen Olympics bid- failure. Not only did Obama's hometown of Chicago not win, they finished dead last in voting. A lot of good that "rock star" star power did! Hell, he even had the Babylonian Whore herself (that's Oprah for those of you who don't know) desperately lobbying faithfully by his side and they still couldn't do it! Now that's sad. Failure.

Afghanistan troop decision- failure. While Obama was lollygagging around in Copenhagen trying to win a prized gem for his hometown (how presidential) our troops were dying and our commander pleaded for reinforcements. Obama put his Afghanistan decision SECOND to his Chicago Olympics wet dream and his "visionary" domestic agenda. He sat around and twittled his thumbs while our troops were getting killed. There's no simpler way to put it. Failure.

Reaching out to the Muslim world- failure. Obama is such an idiot. What drastic measures he has taken to appeal to the poor Muslims. He has bent over backwards to apologize to them and how do they repay us? By doing what they have always done and will continue to do for the next 100+ years. Failure

Global Warming progress- failure. This cannot be solely placed upon Obama. But he sure didn't do anything to make progress at his glorious climate summit in Copenhagen. (must be a Copenhagen thing, hmmm) The entire summit, in fact, was one big argument. Nothing was done. A massive dose of carbon emmisions were leaked into our atmosphere by all the idiots' jets and limos, the great Obama arrived and.....nothing was accomplished. So typical. Failure.

Defending America- failure. I won't pin the Hasan shooting on him, although measures most certainly could have been taken to prevent it. But the Christmas Day bomber is an obvious breach of security. Like everything else Obama has failed at, why should defending America be any different? I think with his precious health care bill in passage right now, homeland security is about the last thing King Barry wants to think about. He just has to act concerned and angry about it or it'll blow his cover. Same thing goes for Afghanistan. Obama is a master at rhetoric and political concealment. Failure.

Winning over the American people- FAILURE. Obama's poll numbers have steadily declined since he was sworn into office. A grassroots opposition movement has now begun. In fact, in a recent poll of potential voters more people identified themselves with the Tea Party movement than either the Republican or Democrat parties. That in itself should scare Obama. That and the fact close to one million people converged on Washington on September 12th in direct and vocal opposition to his failed policies. Failure.

This first year is marked by a pattern of failure but we still see the smug, arrogant Obama day in and day out. Yet he gives himself a B+ rating. And an A if health care would have passed! Ha!

Just looking at his face gives me about the same reaction I would have if I saw a cow take a dump.

I think this guy hits the nail on the head.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What We Can Learn From Israel

After the recent attempted terrorist attack on Delta Flight 253 by yet another Muslim extremist this past week, the media has been flooded with investigative reports about airport screening, failed security, and the use of full body scanners among other things.

This screams to me red herring. I have a simple, quick, cheap, and most importantly EFFECTIVE way of preventing airline terrorist attacks. So simple in fact, that I think Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano's head might explode out of sheer amazement at the awesome simplicity of it.

It's what the Israelis call the Human Factor, and it is why they haven't had a airplane hijacking since 1969.

The Human Factor is the common sense practice and procedure of channeling security assets and searches based upon suspected human characteristics, traits, and appearances. In layman's terms, it is pinpointing and flagging certain individuals if they match the description of a terrorist. Racial or ethnic profiling you could call it. But I think it goes much deeper than just race. In fact, I don't think race is much of an issue at all. Religion is the issue and it isn't hard to recognize it.

Let's take a look at all the names of airline terrorists over the past decade:

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Mohamed Atta al Sayed
Waleed al-Shehri
Wail al-Shehri
Abdulaziz al-Omari
Satam al-Suqami
Marwan al-Shehhi
Fayez Banihammad
Mohand al-Shehri
Hamza al-Ghamdi
Ahmed al-Ghamdi
Hani Hanjour
Khalid al-Mihdhar
Majed Moqed
Nawaf al-Hazmi
Salem al-Hazmi
Ziad Jarrah
Ahmed al-Haznawi
Ahmed al-Nami
Saeed al-Ghamdi
Abdul Raheem
Nazamuddin Mohammidy

Anyone notice a trend here? I don't see any John Smiths, Bill Wilsons, or William Joneses.

In fact, if you look at every plane hijacking, or attempted hijacking since the year 2000 Muslims make up nearly 80% of them worldwide. And if you look at overall terrorist activity, airline plots included, that number soars much much higher.

This is what the Israelis are smart enough to figure out and bold enough to turn into action.

From Wikipedia...

As part of its focus on this so-called "human factor," Israeli security officers interrogate travelers using racial profiling, singling out those who appear to be Arab based on name or physical appearance. Additionally, all passengers, even those who do not appear to be of Arab descent, are questioned as to why they are traveling to Israel, followed by several general questions about the trip in order to search for inconsistencies. Although numerous civil rights groups have demanded an end to the profiling, Israel maintains that it is both effective and unavoidable. As stated by Ariel Merari, an Israeli terrorism expert, "it would be foolish not to use profiling when everyone knows that most terrorists come from certain ethnic groups. They are likely to be Muslim and young, and the potential threat justifies inconveniencing a certain ethnic group."

So one begs to ask the question. Why are we not doing this? Ethnicity aside. Just look at the name of the person! If it is a Muslim name, PULL HIM/HER ASIDE, QUESTION THEM, AND THOROUGHLY SEARCH THEM. PERIOD. The Israelis do it and it works. Unlike cute, tolerant, diverse America (Obama's America) Israel has balls. And this shouldn't just apply to airports, but everywhere! I would say ban all Muslims from entering the United States but I think that might be going too far.

Racial/Religious/Name profiling, however, is not going too far. If the person is found not to be a threat after extensive search, then they can be on their way. It is that simple.

And why does the media keep regurgitating this nonsense about the need for full body scanners. At $170,000 a pop, I think the previously stated alternative is much more logical.

On a side note, I think Janet Napolitano is a disgrace and more of a threat to America than any one Islamic terrorist. And I mean that wholeheartedly.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

White House Christmas Ornaments: Mao, Transvestite, Obama on Mt. Rushmore....

So I was laying in, bed dozing off, nonchalantly browsing the news via my ipod touch, when a story on Fox News Mobil caught my eye. My jaw dropped as I read and I was so taken aback I nearly uttered some choice language loud enough to wake the next door neighbors.

White House Christmas Decor Featuring Mao Zedong Comes Under Fire

No bother the fact I was already cozy under my covers. This story jarred me awake so much I just had to get up and post this.

Here are just a few of the lovely holiday ornaments that can be found on the Obamas' Christmas tree, decorated by Michelle's lovely arms themselves...

Mao of course!

A transvestite. Now that's diversity during the holiday season!

Obama on Mt. Rushmore! Talk about being subtle!

And our boy king himself with those beautiful arms he married standing proudly in front of their "holiday tree". (shhhh, can't offend anybody.)

Does it surprise me that our sickening president would have such filth adorn his tree? Not in the least! I'm sure there's one of Karl Marx in there somewhere too. Maybe one of Lenin, Stalin, Bill Ayers, and Yasser Arafat too.

I seriously want to know why anyone in their right mind, whether it was a White House staffer or Michelle Obama herself would actually decorate a CHRISTMAS TREE with decorations of a murderous Communist dictator, a shemale, and a photo of Barack Obama, 44% approval rating and all, on the face of Mt. Rushmore? Can I get a big loud WTF??? What's next? A commemorative Hitler bulb complete with swastika? And while we're on the subject of LGBT diversity with the innocent transvestite, why don't we put a nice bulb on the tree with two lesbians making out? That's diversity isn't it?

I say again, can I get a big, loud, booming WTF from coast to coast? This is insanity folks. This president is an abomination is every way imaginable.

And if this isn't enough, one need not look any further than the very page this story is on and you will see this headline with subtext:


California officials pull stars and other religious emblems after atheist calls them 'extremely offensive' and part of 'cult'

Would someone please tell me what is going on in this God forsaken country? Why is it that progressive pissers and moaners get all the leeway when it comes to issues like this, and traditional, God fearing, patriotic Americans get the boot? I am to the point where I almost wish a long, violent, bloody civil war would raze this nation to the ground while cleansing the land of all America hating, Communist sympathizing, progressives, leaving traditional conservatives who love America and respect American culture and traditions to rebuild this country from the ground up, just like the Founders did after the Revolutionary War. Peaceful protest only goes so far. Just as Thomas Jefferson said: "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants." I fear that time is nearing. God has cursed this country. America is so twisted and f'd up anymore that I don't blame Him one bit.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Away With The Manger

Below is a link to an op/ed by the one and only deity Chuck Norris. Chuck hits the nail on the head when comparing Obama to presidents past.

Away With The Manger

And here's a beautiful politically incorrect Christmas address from President Ronald Reagan...

Monday News

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggested implementing a global environmental police force. What I like to call the Green Gestapo.

People in Australia are fighting back against politically correct Christmas BS.

An egged menorah is dubbed a "hate crime".

A new report says that the Bible is among the most shoplifted books in the country. That's a good thing I suppose.

The Charleston Fire Department has taken down a nativity display after receiving a phone call saying it was an endorsement of one religion.

A Cuban official accused Barack Obama of lying at Copenhagen, calling him "an imperial and arrogant liar". I think that's an understatement.

Israeli archeologists have uncovered the first Biblical era house in Nazareth.

A man in Brazil stuck over 30 needles into the body of his 2 year old stepson. This pile of waste needs to be executed nice and slow.

A Pennsylvania town removed a courthouse nativity and menorah after threats of lawsuit from the ACLU.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My thoughts on the movie Avatar.

I finally caved in and went to see the movie Avatar the other night. What I was met with was a strange balance of both utter astonishment and nagging disdain for the political subtleties that infest the plot.

That is why I find myself in a bit of a conundrum here.

Avatar was, without a doubt, the most entertaining movie I have ever seen in the theater. It is astonishing to even hear myself say that. You are met with a blast of bright, vivid color, music, sound and action that deserves and demands your constant attention. The actual running time of close to three hours felt more like thirty minutes. This movie seriously made the Lord of the Rings trilogy look like child's play in terms of special effects and action. Can't complain there.

Unfortunately though, film is not all about action sequences and explosions, unless you are a sixteen year old pothead.

Avatar is visually stunning, but lacks where it counts in terms of story, acting, writing and everything in between. It's a typical intelligence insulting product of Hollywood, replete with corny one liners, hideous acting, shallow characters, and a plot full of "subtle" political agendas.

Here's what really bothered me:

1) The big blue humanoid inhabitants of Pandora were nothing but smurf-like American Indians. They behaved, spoke, and lived like a tribe of Iroquois would. Talk about originality. In reality, this was just an effort to paint American expansion in a bad light.

2) The portrayal of the United States Marines was appalling. Bloodthirsty, killing machines with no soul, that's all they are. Unless they become "liberated" by the pureness of nature or science.

3) Here's what I like to call the "girl power element". Films love to cater to the feminist movement by inserting female characters into plots that act like Rambo. In this particular movie we have a female Marine pilot named Trudy Chacon, played by Michelle Rodriguez, who courageously rebels when the war begins. This would be fine by me if the character could talk and act like a normal human being, instead of trying to act like a robot on steroids, unable to speak a word of dialogue without trying to act like a hardass. No thanks. You can have your "girl power".

4) Anti Americanism in general. This plot tries to be subtle but anyone with half a brain could easily pick this out. Cameron lays out a condemning portrayal of American history, driven by expansion, industrialization, and violence. Ultimately, it is an indictment of Capitalism and greed. Sorry to burst your bubble Cameron, but American Capitalism is making you rich off of this movie you twit.

I read an interesting take from someone on about the extreme irony of the film. I cannot remember the exact wording, but he pointed out how Cameron tries to paint a picture of the pureness of nature and it's splendor being corrupted by human technology, yet he used human technology and CGI to create the entire movie, including the "perfect" untouched world of Pandora. I think he hit the nail on the head.

If you watch this you will most likely be blown away by the world of Pandora, despite the fact the rest of the movie is hollow and meaningless. You could really care less for the characters. And if you can get past the politics of it and get over the fact it is basically one big liberal wet dream, you may just like it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Crap Heap of a Story

A thank you to Donald Borsch Jr. for sending this lovely little article my way.

Blacks urge more efforts to improve census count

Black groups on Wednesday urged the government to improve the count of African-Americans in next year's high-stakes census, saying they won't be satisfied with a tally that has historically overlooked millions in their community.

The National Urban League, the NAACP, Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson met with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to voice their concerns the Census Bureau might not be doing enough to ensure an accurate tally. Roughly 3 million blacks were missed in 2000, while many whites were overcounted.

"The undercount of blacks in the last count and the overcount of whites by 1 percent is not just a Washington statistic," Sharpton said at a news briefing after the meeting. "It manifests itself in goods and services that cost us."

"We want what is ours," he said.

The groups called for the Census Bureau, an agency of the Commerce Department, to expand its paid advertising to cities such as Newark, N.J.; Oakland, Calif.; parts of Mississippi and other areas that have high percentages of hard-to-count blacks, many of whom are distrustful of government workers.

They also are pushing for more census funding specifically targeted at black communities. About $23 million, or roughly 17 percent of the $133 million allocated for media buys, is currently earmarked for black communities to promote the census.

The black leaders said they wanted to see a change in how the government tallies prisoners, so they are counted as residents of the cities in which they previously lived, not in the places where a prison is located.

Anywhere the National Urban League, the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are all in one sentence you know what follows is going to be bad. But to this census crap I say, who gives a damn? Seriously. These so called black leaders have an obsession with one thing and one thing only. Blacks. They are so focused on the black community that they seem to have no regard for America as a country. Black this. Black that. I'm sick of it.

"We want what is ours."

What the hell does that even mean? I want what is mine too. I want my hard earned money for ME. I don't want our welfare president taking it from me and giving it to a single black mother on the south side of Chicago who decided to get knocked up by seven different guys, smokes crack, doesn't work, and now expects the government to take care of her. How's that for the black community in America?

Rampant sexual promiscuity, drug use, violent crime, skyrocketing teen pregnancy rates, and pitiful academic achievement. Maybe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should focus on issues like these instead of bitching about the damn census.

The census takers probably avoided counting 3 million of "your people" because they were too afraid they would get shot.


Now that I have that out of my system, and pardon me for the mild profanity, I'd like to finish up with an appropriate video I watched over at The Conservative Mama.

Below is a video of an ignorant, airhead, Obamabot boy getting plowed by a well educated, patriotic, and principled black man:

This is the type of man the black community should listen to. Not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Government issues rubber band recall. Cites child safety hazard...

Just kidding. But in all seriousness, this recall of blinds by the government is a bit over the top if you ask me.

The deaths of children are prompting the recall of some 50 million window blinds.

The recall involves two kinds of popular window coverings: Roman-style shades and roll-up blinds.

They are blamed for the deaths of eight children since 2001.. and the near strangulation of 16 others.

One whole death a year!

In other news, the government has also recalled or outlawed:

tacks, pennies, crayons, lead pencils, dish soap, forks, outlets, paint, stoves, electrical wiring, hot water heaters, staircases, slippery wood floors, fireplaces, and pizza slicers.

Get my drift?


Google, LL Zamenhof, and the Global Agenda

Today (or last night rather) when I opened up Google, I noticed a strange image over top of the Google logo. You might have already noticed this.

My first thought was that it was something resembling Islam, as it looked somewhat like the Islamic crescent and star. Being the racist, bible-thumping, Islamophobic conservative I am my interest was piqued right off the bat.

Upon dragging the mouse over the image, the text "150th Birthday of LL Zamenhof" appeared.

LL Zamenhof. The name didn't ring any bells. So I looked him up.

In a nutshell LL Zamenhof was the creator of the universal language Esperanto, a language designed for global communication. He adhered to a religious philosophy that focused on the principles of humanitarianism and humanism called Homaranismo:

1) I am a human being, and I believe that there are only human ideals and ideals linked to the country of origin; every ideal which brings hatred among peoples and entails the power of one ethnicity over another I believe it to be human egoism, which sooner or later must disappear and to which disappearance I must contribute according to my possibilities.

2) I believe that every peoples are equally part of humankind, and I value every person only according to his personal values and actions, and not according to his/her origin. Every offense or persecutions of people because they belong to a different ethnicity, with a different language or religion, I regard it as a barbarity.

3) I believe that every country does not belong to a particular group of people, but equally to every people who live in it, regardless of their language or religion; the mixing of the country’s interests with those of one or another group of people, language or religion I regard it as reminiscence of barbarian times, when there was only the right of fist and sword.

4) I believe that in his/her own family life each person has the natural and indisputable right to speak whatever language or dialect he/she wants and to confess whatever religion he/she wants; nevertheless, when communicating with people from other origins he/she must, when it is possible, aim to use a neutral language and to live according to neutral religious principles. Every attempt of a person to impose his/her language or religion to other people when it is not absolutely necessary, I regard it as a barbarity.

Basically, Zamenhof was a globalist and used his "universal language" to try and bring the world into one global, utopian society.

So where does Google fit in to all of this? Well, I find it funny that Google would honor this obscure man on December 15th, when they had any of these events to choose from:

1791- The Bill of Rights is ratified.
1891- Basketball invented by James Naismith.
1916- The French win the largest and most decisive battle of World War I over the Germans. (Battle of Verdun)
1939- One of the most successful films of all time, Gone With the Wind, premieres in Atlanta.
1964- Canada adopts its current maple leaf flag.

Those are just a few from a long list of important events in today's history. But they chose to advertise a little known globalist. It's working too. "LL Zamenhof" appears as the 6th most popular search of today at Google Trends.

I am convinced that Google, while they may not even know it, will be the driving force behind the New World Order that will unite society under one world government one day. Google has grown from a simple search engine to a virtual online portal to anything and everything, including detailed satellite images of any location on earth and personalized searches based on your individual search history. Whether you'd like to believe it or not, if you have used Google in your lifetime, and I'm pretty sure you have, they know more about you than you can imagine.

The New World Order will not come to be with a bang and a violent takeover. It will come in innocent form. About as innocent as Google, and fuzzy wuzzy "world peace".

Look out.

A Pictoral Walk Through the Obama Cult of 2008

I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the onslaught of Obama themed products we were subjected to late last year and early this year. It's a bit humorous to see how the Obama "hopium" buzz has worn off so quickly. It's quite gratifying after those horrid weeks of flipping through the channels and seeing Obama plates and coins being peddled by desperate companies trying to make a quick buck off of stupid people. But regardless, let's take a look at some of these bogus products and have a good laugh...

Remember, if you are unable to open something, take a deep breath, count to ten, and tell the can of green beans, "Yes We Can"..... (no pun intended)

"Yes Pecan". Clever.

The traditional HOPE t-shirt. Just don't wear one anywhere south of Kentucky.

"So you can be hope-notized through the night!"

The easiest way to store your change.

Obama trading cards. Complete with Obama Japanese Emperor Bow and Saudi Bow. National debt and government spending stats included on back.


A common sight at any given office in Berkeley.

Obama hot sauce. It's just getting weird now.

The Change Bar. I laughed when I saw some of these on sale at the Sears Tower in Chicago. I bought one as a joke and when the clerk tried to give me my 24 cents back I said "keep the change"! Well, I thought it was funny.

Just don't step in dog crap, or the Messiah will strike you down.

Looks eerily Communist to me! Why am I not surprised.

Ummmmm. No thank you. Adam Lambert have at it.

The classic Obama coin being sold on TV 24/7. Small enough to fit all of our president's accomplishments on it.

If I buy any Obama themed product, it will be this...

Monday, December 14, 2009

What Grade Would You Give Obama?

Obama gives himself B+ for first months in office

In a recent interview with Obama's chief propaganda minister, Oprah, our president lightly awarded himself a B+ grade for his first year in office. Maybe I have low standards because I was far from being one of the best students during my schooldays, but B+ is pretty darn good. Here are a few things I have remembered from Obama's tenure thus far:

January 22- Obama orders the closure of Gitmo and forbids the use of all harsh interrogation methods, including waterboarding.

January 23- Obama ends the funding ban on the Mexico City Policy, which would allow the federal government to fund overseas abortions with American taxpayer dollars.

January 26- Obama gives his first formal interview as President of the United States not to ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox News or any other American news outlet, but to Al Arabiya in the Middle East. Shortly before the interview, Tim Geithner, a self admitted tax cheat, is sworn in as Treasury Secretary.

February 3- Obama nominates tax cheats Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer to top White House positions. Both withdraw due to tax evasion. Judd Gregg is nominated for Commerce Secretary, but also withdraws due to differing opinions on the economy.

February 17- Obama signs the largest spending bill in history into law. The 900 billion dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is passed and billions of dollars of taxpayer money is seized and redistributed for government projects and the advancement of liberal agendas. Over 9,000 earmarks are included in the bill.

March 2- 900 million dollars pledged for humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

March 5- Sanjay Gupta is nominated by Obama as Surgeon General. He withdraws due to personal reasons.

March 9- Obama cancels Defense Department funding for a new long range bomber and aerial refueling tankers.

March 13- Detainees at Guantanamo Bay are no longer referred to as "enemy combatants" according to the Justice Department.

April 21- The Edward M. Kennedy Serve Act is signed into law with Obama's approval. The bill increases federal funding towards volunteer groups aimed at young people. All groups are focused on serving the government.

May 17- Obama gives commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame, amid widespread protest due to his abortion policy.

May 19- Obama vows to lower emissions by 2016 through new federally mandated fuel standards for automobiles, forcing car companies to make cars that get no less than 35 miles per gallon.

June 4- Obama gives a speech to the Arab world from Cairo, Egypt in an attempt to repair America's image among Muslims. Obama apologizes for America's wrongdoings.

June 26- Obama signs the infamous Cash for Clunkers bill into law. It fails miserably.

June 28- Obama hosts a reception in the White House commemorating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender month.

July 22- Obama comments on the recent arrest of Henry Louis Gates by a Cambridge, MA police officer, calling the police action "stupid". A media firestorm ensues.

September 9- Obama gives a Congressional speech to address his plan to overhaul healthcare.

October 2- Obama travels to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to become the site of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Chicago comes in last in voting. America's top commander in Afghanistan still waits on a decision from the president on a troop increase to help the deteriorating situation there.

October 5- Obama invites hundreds of doctors to the White House for a propaganda session to further his health care plan.

October 9- President Barack Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

November 10- Obama refuses to acknowledge the terrorist attack on US troops at Fort Hood.

November 13- Obama bows down to Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

December 1- Obama finally unveils his long awaited Afghanistan war strategy. He pledges 30,000 more troops to the war zone.

And a few facts for you:

-Obama's approval rating has sunk from 65% in January to 44% today.

-The national unemployment rate is still above 10%, far from Obama's promise that he could get it below 8% by summer.

-After promising a "new era of transparency", Obama has appointed countless lobbyists and tax cheats to high government positions.

-A new trend of appointing "czars" has emerged in the Obama White House. The number of current czars is 38, more than any other president in history.

-Obama makes more entertainment appearances on television than any other president in history, going on the Jay Leno show, David Letterman show, and even making an appearance on ESPN to make his NCAA basketball picks.

-In Obama's first 50 days alone he spent 2.29 TRILLION dollars. That's 45.8 billion dollars a day.

I could go on and on. The Obama presidency up to this point can be summarized as follows:

-Massive increases in government spending
-Increases in federal debt
-Increases in national unemployment
-Growing government opposition movement among conservatives and independents
-Institution of failed policies
-Appointing of unqualified and questionable candidates for top government positions
-Deterioration of the War in Afghanistan and the delay of action regarding that war
-Continual lack of presidential behavior
-Unnecessary attention grabbing media blitzes
-Apologetic behavior towards the rest of the world

My grade? D-

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sheik Tells Children the Story of Palestinian Female Suicide Bomber Wafa Idris

Following are excerpts from a TV children’s show, in which children learn about Palestinian suicide bomber Wafa Idris. The show aired on Al-Quds TV on December 1, 2009.

Video can be seen here.

TV Host: There used to be a girl, who was a student at medical school. She lived in a refugee camp called Al-Am’ari. the Al-Am’ari camp, my dear children, is located near the city of Ramallah in occupied Palestine.


[Wafa Idris] went to the commander of the resistance, and asked to carry out a martyrdom operation. What, a girl carrying out a martyrdom operation?! She said: I want to carry out a martyrdom operation, just like any young man in the resistance. Obviously, the commander hesitated at first, because this was the first time such a thing happened. Since the beginning of the Intifada, no Palestinian girl had carried out a martyrdom operation. But Wafa insisted, until she managed to convince the commander that the Zionists would not pay attention to a girl. Usually, they only inspect the young men. So the commander agreed. In light of her determination, courage, and persistence – he agreed.


So he set out. The moment she set foot on the road, she remembered something. What was it? Not a family member or a relative. She remembered that she had not fed the doves on the roof. Quickly, she climbed to the roof. As soon as the doves saw her, they began flapping their wings. From among the doves, Wafa took a white dove in her hands. Its wing was broken two days earlier. Wafa stroked it gently and said to it: Don’t worry, white dove, peace dove. Tomorrow, you will be able to fly again. You will return to your nest in the Old city of Jerusalem. Tomorrow, the skies will open up before your wings, and you will fly over the Galilee, Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, and Hebron.

Wafa went to her work as usual, but obviously, she took a day off, and left. Why? Because the time for the heroic operation had come.

Boy: Where was the operation?

TV Host: In Jerusalem. On her way to West Jerusalem, everything she saw encouraged her to commit martyrdom.


Second boy: Wasn’t Wafa afraid among the occupiers? Didn’t she hesitate?

TV Host: Of course not. She wasn’t afraid, and she did not hesitate, because she placed Allah between her eyes and in her heart. She would always remember Allah and would crush her fear. If fear wanted to come near her calm and peaceful heart, she would get ready to enter Paradise, knowing that she would be among the living, who are sustained [by God]. Who are they? The martyrs.


Today, Wafa will not treat the wounded in Ramallah. Why? She will go to Jerusalem, and there will be many dead and wounded there, but not from among the Palestinians. They will be from among the Zionist soldiers.


Wafa fulfilled her wish by successfully carrying out her martyrdom operation. The result was that she killed an Israeli soldier and wounded about a hundred. Why was Wafa martyred? So that the flower of the homeland would not wither.


Third boy: When was she martyred?

TV Host: Wafa Idris was martyred on Sunday, January 27, 2002. She has become a role model for any Palestinian girl who harbors the spirit of self-sacrifice, national sentiment, and love of death for the sake of Allah and in defense of the homeland.

Young girl: I want to become a doctor like Wafa, so that I can help the wounded.

TV Host: Allah willing, we will all become like Wafa Idris. We will treat the wounded, and Allah will grant us martyrdom.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Race Card Retardation

Yesterday I posted a link about a license plate in Wisconsin being revoked because some paranoid woman thought it was racist.

The plate read: DYNGR

Not only did it take me a while to actually get it (I think?), but only a person constantly focused on race would even notice such a connotation.

Here is another "racist" encounter from Minneapolis:

Woman with daughter kicked off Minneapolis bus blames racism

Last week when Michelle Jordan and her 3-year-old daughter boarded a Jefferson Lines bus in Minneapolis, the driver asked them to move to the back of the bus because he said Jordan's daughter was distracting him by singing to her doll. But Jordan says that as the only black person on a bus of six passengers, she felt singled out because of her race.

In response, Jordan refused to retreat to the back and instead sat in the sixth row of the bus. The driver responded by kicking the pair out of the bus outside a convenience store in Abbotsford, Wisconsin.

1) This is 2009 Minneapolis, not 1960 Birmingham
2) Everyone is not out to get you because you are black.

Said another passenger:

Rebecca Mink, a passenger who boarded in Eau Claire, Wis., said the girl ran in the aisle while her mother talked on a cell phone. "If you want my opinion, it was not a racist issue, it was a safety issue."

Case closed. Gimme a break.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Banned Christmas Tree Restored at Oregon School

Following controversy, Ashland school restores Christmas tree

The giving tree recently taken down in an Ashland Elementary School will be put back up Wednesday.

Bellview Elementary had the tree removed from its lobby around Thanksgiving. School Principal Michelle Zundel says a family asked to have the tree taken down because it was offensive and uncomfortable for their children. The tree was replaced by two snowmen figures and a table filled with presents. The tree had been decorated with tags with requests from needy families.

Zundel says the decision to put the tree back up came after she received multiple emails and phone calls from concerned parents. The principal made the announcement at the beginning of a community meeting about the issue Tuesday evening.

"The reason I removed the tree, ironically, was to create a better sense of inclusion. This decision had exactly the opposite affect," Zundel said.

The Ashland School District also received hundreds of emails about the controversy from people across the country. The district plans to use Tuesday's comments to create clearer guidelines for teachers and principals in the future. The district plans to form a committee to address the issue.

Just goes to show you what a little organized counter-complaining can do. The War on Christmas begins.

One of the Best Videos on Youtube

I'd like to take a much needed break from politics and show you an amazing video I stumbled upon on Youtube the other day.

Nature is amazing.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bawbwa Wawter's 10 Most Fascinating People!- UPDATE

And the most fascinating person of the year IS......

Michelle Obama

And why may you ask? Could skin color have anything to do with it? Barack won last year. Barbara knew she couldn't pick him again so I guess she figured she'd pick the next best thing. You think Cindy McCain would have won had John McCain won the election?

Hold on let me clean up the milk that just came out my nose.

I used to like Barbara Walters. Her inability to pronounce R's did bother me some, but she seemed like a nice, common sense woman. But now, after seeing some of her vulture like tactics against conservatives on The View and now this slobbering over the Obamas, she seems like nothing more than another typical liberal talking head who has infiltrated the media.

In this video where Bawbwa went on the O'Reilly Factor, she viciously defends Adam Lambert's sexually explicit on stage acts, despite the fact they were seen by millions of children and teens, punctually dismissing them saying, "He was expressing himself."

When confronted about her choice of Lady Gaga, Walters said, "she has a new album that's just terrific", and that she is "fantaaaaaaaastic looking", among other praise. Really Barbara?

"Let's have some fun, this beat it sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick."

Barbara is a dirty woman for thinking lyrics like these are something to praise.

In fact, I think Barbara is no better than the prostitute, Lady Gaga. By condoning and glorifying her sexually charged behavior and promiscuity aimed at teen girls, her biggest audience, she has stooped to that very level of dirtiness. Thank you for increasing the teen pregnancy rate Barbara.

Anyway, enough of this crusty old hag. Let's get back to the original story.

Said Michelle of her new honor...

"It has been a whirlwind. But it's been amazing," she told Walters. "I mean, if you think about this year, I had to get these two beautiful girls settled into a new city, into a new home, into a new school. We got a dog. I visited eight countries with my husband. I planted a garden. I've started a mentoring program. It has been everything. And now, here we are at our first Christmas in the White House."

Aside from following her hubby around to eight countries, no thanks to her mind you, I don't see one thing here that makes her the most fascinating person in the world. I could find a 45 year old plumber from North Dakota with more credentials.

Let's see what Big Bird and friends had to say to Michelle while she was planting her cutsie garden on Sesame Street:

I never did like Sesame Street.....until now.

Mysterious Spiral Over Norway

Spiral UFO Puts Norway in a Spin

This is either a black hole sucking in all of the measly dollars our government is spending or it is a sign of Obama's upcoming trip to Norway to accept his fraudulent Nobel Peace Prize.

"The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of
Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders."

-2nd Thessalonians 2:9

You never know.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Political Correctness Gone Mad in the UK and a Look at Relativism

Labour MP: ban shops from selling ‘sexist’ pink toys to little girls

Not even the color pink can withstand the unrelenting onslaught of political correctness.

The Pinkstinks pressure group claims that young girls are being led up “pink alleys” by stores which target them with presents such as pink fairy wings and princess dresses.

It is organising a boycott of shops including the Early Learning Centre, which the group claims are leading the “pinkification” of girls' toys which end up crushing their ambitions later in life.

Bridget Prentice, the Justice Minister, said that she was supporting the campaign because she was concerned that shops were creating Christmas gifts which were aimed particularly at either girls or boys.

She went on: “It’s about not funnelling girls into pretty, pretty jobs, but giving them aspirations and challenging them to fulfil their potential.
“We want to say to organisations like the Early Learning Centre that we rely on them to be progressive about encouraging girls to think of themselves as equal, and not to reinforce the old stereotypes.”

Emma Moore, a mother of two girls who founded the Pinkstinks group with her twin sister Abi, who has two boys, lives in Mrs Prentice’s Lewisham constituency.
She told the News Shopper local newspaper: “Ask yourself what we want girls and boys to learn from an early age.

“Is it that pink, passive and pretty is for girls and that blue, bold and challenging is for boys?

“Since the early 1990s manufacturers and retailers of children’s products have fabricated restrictive boundaries of what it is to be a girl in today's society.
“As a result body image obsession begins younger and younger and beauty is valued over brains.”

Pinkstinks has 2,000 supporters on the social networking website Facebook.

This just takes the cake for me. It hurts my brain just to think about this. I've been thinking about this a lot and I can narrow this down to one word: Relativism. These people have a delusion in that they think everything is relative, nothing is true, everything is gray, and there is no black and white.

Moral relativism: there is no right and wrong, just a set of binding rules religion and humanity places on us. Do what you want, when you want. If you feel it is right, then it is right. These are the types that over analyze serial killers and crime. These are the types that view the death penalty as being equivalent to the murder of an innocent person. These are the same types that forged the liberal movement of the 60's (If it feels good, do it!).

We have spiritual relativism. If you feel this is the right way to earn salvation, then it is! Oprah Winfrey is a perfect example. Her views that there are infinite paths to heaven relative to the individual is enough for me. Her new world order cult of unitarian sheep is driven my spiritual relativism. No rules. Do what you feel is right, because YOU are God. Think I'm making this up? Watch and learn.

Let's see, there is also relativism when it comes to marriage. People that want to include homosexuality in the definition of marriage are doing nothing but diluting the very institution. They are breaking the very boundaries and principles that the idea is made of, and that is a man and a woman coming together for procreation. Alan Keyes makes a tremendous case for this in this dynamite video.

There is what I like to call American relativism. This is the secular progressive idea that America is no longer defined by its original principles the Founding Fathers abided by. They believe America is an evolving society enduring constant change, no longer subject to the religious, racial, and cultural characteristics it once was known for. These are the types that favor the eventual abolishment of the Constitution. They are the types that will thrust America and the world into a global society where sovereignty and national, cultural, and ethnic traits no longer apply.

And then here, we have gender relativism. Male and female are simply defined by anatomical features. I don't need to elaborate. Females are just as qualified to do any job as males, and vice versa. If you are a female, and you want to be like a male, then you are right! If you are a male, and you want to be a female, then you are right! Don't conform to the constraints of society. Blue can be female. Pink can be male. These are the types that think a woman could carry a 30 pound M240B machine gun through a combat zone just as good as a man. Feminism is a big factor in this. Pink has always been a girl thing. It is a trait of femininity. And femininity is what defines the female gender. There is no grand conspiracy to subject little girls' brains to "crush their ambitions" by using the color pink! If you think the only thing needed to prevent a female from succeeding is the color pink, then you are more delusional that I thought!

It reminds me of the classic movie, It's Pat. In fact, I think this movie sums up this post perfectly.

The fact of the matter is this. There are definitions of things. There are characteristics SPECIFIC to things. There are boundaries. There are traits. Humanity recognizes things in terms of concepts, definitions and PRINCIPLES, as Alan Keyes said. And we behave, reason, make laws, establish institutions, and build civilizations in accordance with such principles.

I am a firm believer that the new world order, and the antichrist, will harness this politically correct falsehood, and use it as a base to establish a one world government and humanist society for the sake of "world peace". People will eat it up. It will make the cult of Obama we saw in 2008 look like child's play.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama's Safe Schools Czar: Promoting Pornography in Schools

I was lead to this disgusting story via Donald Borsch Jr. and later directed to the full report at Gateway Pundit.

A warning, the content is quite graphic, but something all should be aware of. Let the tar and feathering of this pervert begin!

From Gateway Pundit...

Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings was the founder, and for many years, Executive Director of an organization called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). GLSEN started essentially as Jennings’ personal project and grew to become the culmination of his life’s work. And he was chosen by President Obama to be the nation’s Safe Schools Czar primarily because he had founded and led GLSEN (scroll for bio).

GLSEN’s stated mission is to empower gay youth in the schools and to stop harassment by other students. It encourages the formation of Gay Student Alliances and condemns the use of hateful words. GLSEN also strives to influence the educational curriculum to include materials which the group believes will increase tolerance of gay students and decrease bullying. To that end, GLSEN maintains a recommended reading list of books that it claims “furthers our mission to ensure safe schools for all students.” In other words, these are the books that GLSEN’s directors think all kids should be reading: gay kids should read them to raise their self-esteem, and straight kids should read them in order to become more aware and tolerant and stop bullying gay kids. Through GLSEN’s online ordering system, called “GLSEN BookLink,” featured prominently on their Web site, teachers can buy the books to use as required classroom assignments, or students can buy them to read on their own.

According to GLSEN’s own press releases from the period during which its recommended reading list was developed, the organization’s three areas of focus were creating “educational resources, public policy agenda, [and] student organizing programs”; in other words, the reading list (chief among its “educational resources”) was of prime importance in GLSEN’s efforts to influence the American educational system.

The list is divided into three main categories: books recommended for grades K-6; books recommended for grades 7-12; and books for teachers. (The books on the list span all genres: fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, even poetry.)

Out of curiosity to see exactly what kind of books Kevin Jennings and his organization think American students should be reading in school, our team chose a handful at random from the over 100 titles on GLSEN’s grades 7-12 list, and began reading through.

What we discovered shocked us. We were flabbergasted. Rendered speechless.

We were unprepared for what we encountered. Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air. One memoir even praised becoming a prostitute as a way to increase one’s self-esteem. Above all, the books seemed to have less to do with promoting tolerance than with an unabashed attempt to indoctrinate students into a hyper-sexualized worldview.

We knew that unless we carefully documented what we were reading, the public would have a hard time accepting it. Mere descriptions on our part could not convey the emotional gut reaction one gets when seeing what Kevin Jennings wants kids to read as school assignments. So we began scanning pages from each of the books, and then made exact transcriptions of the relevant passages on each page.

Below you will find dozens of excerpts taken from books on the GLSEN “Booklink” recommended reading list for grades 7-12 (i.e. for children between the ages of 12 and 17). To prove that these books are indeed recommended by GLSEN for children, click on each book’s title to see its individual listing on the GLSEN Web site. And to prove that each excerpt is transcribed exactly as it appears in each book, click on the page numbers or the small images along the left to see scans taken directly of the book pages in question. (Ellipses ["..."] indicate unrelated passages not included in some of the transcriptions; click on the full-page scans to see the complete extended quotes.) Each passage is preceded by a brief summary, given in italics.

You decide for yourself if you think these are appropriate for kids as young as 12 years old to read. And then decide if you think the man who headed the organization responsible for recommending these books to children should be in charge of school safety in this country.

Content Warning:

Keep in mind that, although the material below has been deemed by Kevin Jennings and GLSEN to be appropriate for children, some of the excerpts contain explicit language and pornographic descriptions, so if you don’t want to see such things, stop reading now.

I won't copy the disgusting filth on here. To see just what these books are about click here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bawbwa Wawter's 10 Most Fascinating People!

Let's see who do we have this year....

- Micheal Jackson's 3 kids Yeah, I'm just sitting on the edge of my seat salivating, waiting to hear how they turn out!

- Kate Gosselin The only thing fascinating is that people actually waste their time watching this woman commercialize her brood of whining children.

- Sarah Palin I like Sarah Palin. I do. But the only thing I find truly fascinating about her is her uncanny ability to inflame the left like scratching poison ivy.

- Adam Lambert What's so fascinating about a homosexual pervert kissing another man in front of millions of people? Are you turning gay on us Barbara?

- Brett Favre I won't let my Chicago Bears bias get in the way here. Favre is an amazing quarterback. But I don't view someone who plays a game for a living fascinating.

- Lady GaGa This woman is a nothing but a glorified whore. Barbara, seriously. If you think Lady GaGa is truly fascinating you have a lot more to worry about than just your speech impediment.

- Tyler Perry If she interviews Madea then I'll ok this one.

- Glenn Beck He has truly given true conservatism a voice. I love Glenn. But sitting in front of a camera or radio mic railing about politics is not fascinating or worthy of true praise in my opinion. While I agree with Beck on politics, I don't drool over him with spinning eyes like libs do about Obama.

- Jenny Sanford So her husband leaves her for another woman and this makes her *GASP* fascinating?! Gimme a break.

The 10th person has yet to be revealed. Any guesses? Britney Spears maybe? Kanye West? Richard Simmons?

This list should be renamed the Top 10 Most Entertaining, not Fascinating. Here are some truly fascinating people:

- Angela Montez, who disarmed a robber by praying for him when a gun was pointed in her face.

- Sean Griffiths, a man who could barely swim who leapt off a bridge to save the life of a suicidal 18 year old in the water below.

- John Amer, who died in Afghanistan while trying to save a friend's life.

- Brian McKeever and Dave Sayers, who rushed into a burning building to save a woman inside.

- Bob Skaggs, who pulled a helpless driver from his mangled truck before it exploded.

These are the kind of people we should admire and be fascinated with. Not rich entertainers. It is a testament to the mentality of our society in 21st century America, driven by pop culture icons, cult figures, and senseless entertainment that most often dulls the mind, whether it be sports, wacky political commentators, or slutty singers. I'm trying not to lump Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in here with Lady GaGa and MJ's kids, but I just think Barbara Walters needs to either change the title of her grandiose list or rethink her priorities. Courage, sacrifice, honor, selflessness, humbleness. People with these qualities are the people that deserve and demand our respect and fascination.

Maybe it's just me.