Thursday, December 10, 2009

Banned Christmas Tree Restored at Oregon School

Following controversy, Ashland school restores Christmas tree

The giving tree recently taken down in an Ashland Elementary School will be put back up Wednesday.

Bellview Elementary had the tree removed from its lobby around Thanksgiving. School Principal Michelle Zundel says a family asked to have the tree taken down because it was offensive and uncomfortable for their children. The tree was replaced by two snowmen figures and a table filled with presents. The tree had been decorated with tags with requests from needy families.

Zundel says the decision to put the tree back up came after she received multiple emails and phone calls from concerned parents. The principal made the announcement at the beginning of a community meeting about the issue Tuesday evening.

"The reason I removed the tree, ironically, was to create a better sense of inclusion. This decision had exactly the opposite affect," Zundel said.

The Ashland School District also received hundreds of emails about the controversy from people across the country. The district plans to use Tuesday's comments to create clearer guidelines for teachers and principals in the future. The district plans to form a committee to address the issue.

Just goes to show you what a little organized counter-complaining can do. The War on Christmas begins.

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Clay Barham said...

Two thousand years ago, the Christmas Revolution began with the birth of Jesus. It was a revolution against Old World government. It started a brutal counter revolution against Christians and their ideals that continues today. Christians teach sovereignty of the individual with interests and aspirations unique to each. They stand outside the rule of elite few. It was a new world order in itself. It finally took root 1620 years after it began in the Middle East with a small band of Pilgrims settling in Massachusetts. It spread across North America. It proved itself successful. The individual interests and freedom to pursue life, liberty and prosperity proved harmonious in American communities. A free and prosperous people ruled themselves. That rejected the power of the few elite in whose arrogance thought they could do better. Christianity is targeted for defeat by those who believe community interests are more important than are individual interests. It is ridiculed and prohibited in many areas of America today, as it says individual freedom is the best answer to the problems facing the world. Prosperity and freedom are not found in the dictatorships of elite still infecting the rest of the world, the modern American Democrat Party and their allies on the left. The New World, founded on the Christmas Revolution, proved freedom and prosperity. The Old World, on the other hand, has proven slavery and chains their trade mark.