Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Linkathon

SF Bay schools Phase Out Gay Curriculum

Stimulus Money Going Towards Researching Rat Mating, Argentina Fossils, and the "Hookup Behavior" of College Coeds

War Over Christmas Comes to Congress

Dutch Students Defy Political Correctness

Fast-growing Christian Churches Crushed in China

Poll: 44% of Americans Would Prefer Bush Over Obama

Poll: Half of French Think Islam Fits With French Society

Hate Crime? Anti Muslim Flyers Surface in St. Cloud

UN Commissioner for Human Rights Tells World to Embrace Diversity

Personalized License Plate Revoked in Wisconsin Due to Racial Slur Complaint

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

On the license plate: This is what we've come to in America. Racism is whatever a member of the special aggrieved class says it is.

Feel your head swirling? It's your country being flushed down the toilet.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


Great reading material for this weekend. It's like an early Christmas present! Awww, shucks!

When I used to live in Northern VA, personalized license plates were everywhere. My fave was one I read while locked-in traffic on I95 that read "URAPENS". I so believed it was saying "Europeans" and then my buddy told me what it really said.

I felt so violated I cried myself to sleep that night on my huge pillow. Ha!

Have a great weekend, Hack-man. I shall be venturing to a nursing home to listen to Christmas Carols with my father-in-law and family. (I wonder how many women named Carol are really going to be singing?)

Long Live the Republic!

Fredd said...

How bout dem Bearsz? An da Bullsz, too. An da Cubbeez.

Well, at least the Blackhawks are smokin' this year.

But I have something most Chicagoans don't: my alma mater playing in the ROSE BOWL! Go Ducks.