Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday News

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggested implementing a global environmental police force. What I like to call the Green Gestapo.

People in Australia are fighting back against politically correct Christmas BS.

An egged menorah is dubbed a "hate crime".

A new report says that the Bible is among the most shoplifted books in the country. That's a good thing I suppose.

The Charleston Fire Department has taken down a nativity display after receiving a phone call saying it was an endorsement of one religion.

A Cuban official accused Barack Obama of lying at Copenhagen, calling him "an imperial and arrogant liar". I think that's an understatement.

Israeli archeologists have uncovered the first Biblical era house in Nazareth.

A man in Brazil stuck over 30 needles into the body of his 2 year old stepson. This pile of waste needs to be executed nice and slow.

A Pennsylvania town removed a courthouse nativity and menorah after threats of lawsuit from the ACLU.

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