Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bawbwa Wawter's 10 Most Fascinating People!

Let's see who do we have this year....

- Micheal Jackson's 3 kids Yeah, I'm just sitting on the edge of my seat salivating, waiting to hear how they turn out!

- Kate Gosselin The only thing fascinating is that people actually waste their time watching this woman commercialize her brood of whining children.

- Sarah Palin I like Sarah Palin. I do. But the only thing I find truly fascinating about her is her uncanny ability to inflame the left like scratching poison ivy.

- Adam Lambert What's so fascinating about a homosexual pervert kissing another man in front of millions of people? Are you turning gay on us Barbara?

- Brett Favre I won't let my Chicago Bears bias get in the way here. Favre is an amazing quarterback. But I don't view someone who plays a game for a living fascinating.

- Lady GaGa This woman is a nothing but a glorified whore. Barbara, seriously. If you think Lady GaGa is truly fascinating you have a lot more to worry about than just your speech impediment.

- Tyler Perry If she interviews Madea then I'll ok this one.

- Glenn Beck He has truly given true conservatism a voice. I love Glenn. But sitting in front of a camera or radio mic railing about politics is not fascinating or worthy of true praise in my opinion. While I agree with Beck on politics, I don't drool over him with spinning eyes like libs do about Obama.

- Jenny Sanford So her husband leaves her for another woman and this makes her *GASP* fascinating?! Gimme a break.

The 10th person has yet to be revealed. Any guesses? Britney Spears maybe? Kanye West? Richard Simmons?

This list should be renamed the Top 10 Most Entertaining, not Fascinating. Here are some truly fascinating people:

- Angela Montez, who disarmed a robber by praying for him when a gun was pointed in her face.

- Sean Griffiths, a man who could barely swim who leapt off a bridge to save the life of a suicidal 18 year old in the water below.

- John Amer, who died in Afghanistan while trying to save a friend's life.

- Brian McKeever and Dave Sayers, who rushed into a burning building to save a woman inside.

- Bob Skaggs, who pulled a helpless driver from his mangled truck before it exploded.

These are the kind of people we should admire and be fascinated with. Not rich entertainers. It is a testament to the mentality of our society in 21st century America, driven by pop culture icons, cult figures, and senseless entertainment that most often dulls the mind, whether it be sports, wacky political commentators, or slutty singers. I'm trying not to lump Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in here with Lady GaGa and MJ's kids, but I just think Barbara Walters needs to either change the title of her grandiose list or rethink her priorities. Courage, sacrifice, honor, selflessness, humbleness. People with these qualities are the people that deserve and demand our respect and fascination.

Maybe it's just me.


Unknown said...

Great post! This Barbra crap is symptomatic of how messed up our society has become.

A Political Nightmare said...

what happened to Tiger Woods?

He has become the Ladies Man of the year... LOL

rosey said...

My guess would be the most surprising of all -- Obama! If the man can cause tingles to go up Chris Mathew's leg, imaging where the tingle is for this dried up "hack" (no pun intended here)of irrelevancy!

What Makes Us Right said...

I would ad the unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood who risked their own lives to help the wounded soldiers escape the terrorist attack.

Les Carpenter said...

Great post. Agree with all except the bit about selflessness. The liberals love selflessness because a person without the love of self a person is very malleable.

Pick up "The Virtue of Selfishness" by Ayn Rand. A great book to help one understand the the virtues inherent in the self.

Hack said...

I meant selflessness in the sense of service and sacrifice, unlike economics. That's a very good point though!