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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obama leads his futile attempt to recharge the Democratic Party

Yesterday President Obama went a'whoring into the University of Wisconsin Madison campus, met by a throng of Obama youths reminiscent of the 2008 campaign in a hugely futile attempt at reinvigorating and re-inspiring the base for the Democrat Party.

Good luck!

Said President Obama, "I am promising you Wisconsin, change is going to come. You got to stick with me. You can't lose hope."

Geez, how patient are these people supposed to be Mr. President? Change and hope in the same line, but still non existent two years later.

According to UW-Madison Police, more than 26,500 people showed up for the rally, making it Obama's largest since the campaign. Most packed into the mall on what turned into a crisp fall night, standing shoulder-to-shoulder from Memorial Library to Park Street, while others spilled up Bascom Hill. 
They held signs that read "Moving America Forward," while every so often someone would yell out, "Obama, we love you." 
Emily Lawless, a UW-Madison junior from Lakeville, Minn., waited in line five and a half hours for the chance to see the president live.

It is still evident obvious pockets of scattered Obamabotism exist in America. But what is the one universal thing we know about Obamabots, my friends?

They are stupid.

Obamabots like these college students voted for Obama because they wanted to make history and they hated Bush. Period. They had no idea what he stood for. And if they didn't know what he stood for, they obviously have absolutely no inkling about anything even related to the 2010 Congressional elections. Youth brigade enthusiasm will not translate into votes for Democratic candidates.

To put it into perspective, even I would be excited to go see President Obama if he came to my town or campus. Why? Because I respect the office, as should all Americans.

Needless to say, The Incredible Mr. Obama blathered and babbled for 40 minutes about how everything is going to plan. My absolute favorite line though was this...

"The hole we are climbing out of is a deep one. Now is not the time to give up."

I don't know whether to burst out into uncontrollable laughter or wince and cringe in disgust at the sheer hypocrisy and backwardsness of that entire statement.

Obama is such a sorry, sorry character.

I'm afraid to say it Mr. President, but you could hold a kumbya rally like this one every day in every state from now until election day and it still wouldn't put a dent in the awesome losses your party will endure.

In fact, I would prefer Obama go back into campaign mode like he did yesterday. Everything the man touches fails, including every Democratic candidate he has campaigned for since he became President.

Here are a few pictures from the day's events...

Used with collectors edition Obama youth kiddie chalk. Available at a DNC office near you!

There's the guy! 

God showing the boy king who is boss. Or is that a massive cloud of debt??

"Anyone who wants to be an idiot and vote for me a second time, line up right here...."

"Bwaaaga, blahggesa, Oba-aaa-ama, goobala, blawaga, Obaaaama, freeee health care, waar over, goooga, booga Bama..........."

It was a productive day for the President.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Packers safety Nick Collins alleges racial slur yelled by fan

Packers’ Collins confronts fan after loss to Bears

NFL officials are investigating a confrontation between Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins(notes) and a fan after Monday night’s loss to the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Spokesman Greg Aiello tells The Associated Press the league is “in the process of reviewing all the facts.”

Milwaukee’s WITI-TV aired video footage in which Collins is seen yelling at a fan as he left the field. Collins then appears to throw his mouthpiece into the stands. According to the station’s report, Collins said the fan spit on him and used a racial slur. WITI says Collins apologized for “losing his cool.”

Sounds strangely similar to the "Spittle-gate" allegations against the Tea Party!

Obama's War on Fox News

It is no surprise that we continue to see immature and unpresidential behavior emanating from Hussein. It could be in the form of an inferior bow to a foreign leader, an appearance on an irrelevant platform such as 'The View', a mispronunciation of the word 'corpseman', an inability to throw a baseball correctly, and in many cases an attack on an American media entity.

Yes, PRESIDENT Obama is still a crying about little old Fox News. This time, he is saying Fox News is "destructive to America."

In a more than 8,000-word interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Obama compared the cable news channel to papers owned by William Randolph Hearst at the turn of the 20th century that unabashedly pushed the media titan's own political views.
Let's take a trip down irony lane, shall we? If I recall, the 2008 presidential campaign was one filled with complete, unabashed bias in favor of the boy king's campaign. There was an absolute disappearance of objective reporting. Everyone knows this. Sometimes, it appeared as if reporters from such networks as MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC actually worked for the Obama campaign. Let's look at the numbers Mr. Obama:

From's findings...

Take a look at another study from the Center for Media and Public Affairs from George Mason University. They went through 585 network stories between August 23rd and September 30th, 2008 and found Obama had 65% favorable coverage compared to a dismal 36% for McCain. They called it, "Obama-mania".

For CBS, 73% of comments were favorable towards Obama. 31% towards McCain. NBC was 56% for Obama and 16% for McCain. ABC 57% for Obama and 42% for McCain.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism found that MSNBC was almost entirely for Obama (surprise, surprise!). 73% of their coverage of the election was negative towards the McCain campaign while just 14% was negative towards Obama.

And what did they say about Fox News? 40% were negative towards McCain, and 40% negative towards Obama. How about that?

Let's not even get into the treatment of Sarah Palin.

The irony here is amazing. This current President owes the media his current position. They handed it to him a silver platter. The American media was the gasoline that kept the Obama campaign running, and they were proud of it. Yet, our president has the audacity to attack a news outlet for media bias. Why? Because they have the guts to question his anti Capitalist, quasi-Marxist policies for America. How dare they?

Yes, we all know Fox News is biased. They lean right because the country leans right. Which is why they kill in the ratings. It's good business. And it is obviously getting under the boy king's skin. He's like the immature, newly crowned Ceasar in the film Gladiator, crying about criticism.

He'll have a lot more to cry about in a month.

Bears Packers rivalry lives up to its legacy yet again.

The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers is perhaps the greatest rivalry in American pro sports in my opinion. The two winningest teams in pro football and also two of the oldest, most hallowed franchises in the NFL deserve and demand the respect of any football fan.

Last night we saw yet another barnburner between the two enemies, as always is, and I'm proud to say my underdog Monsters of the Midway emerged victorious. There is really no other purpose for this post other than to say....


(Oh, and I won $50 after everyone told me they had no chance.)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Night Football.....In Spanish!

Don't know if any of you greedy, lazy, arrogant, Capitalist, American football fans watched the Sunday night feature between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets last night but if you did, I'm sure you noticed the little "change" in the wording on the screen. "Futbol Americano"? "Jets de Nueva York"? "Dolphins de Miami?" Commercials in Spanish?

Apparently this month is Hispanic Heritage Month.

If that's the case, I encourage NBC to broadcast the rest of their games this month in Spanish, with Spanish speaking commentators and pinata shows at halftime. Then, we'll see how their ratings go.

Hack Wilson turns 1 today

Exactly one year ago today I launched this blog, merely as a way to vent my political frustrations regarding the current administration and state of world affairs. Never did I imagine it would grow as it has. Hack Wilson has been viewed over 31,000 times in over 108 countries. I'm very grateful to you the reader as well as several of my fellow bloggers who have helped me along the way. I look forward to more blogging in the future!

A shout out to...

Left Coast Rebel
Conservative Perspective
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Fredd Spews
Western Hero
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Midknight Review
Conservative Unclogged Blog
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By the time Hack Wilson turns two, I fully expect a conservative supermajority in Congress, and the repeal of Obamacare completely. Too much to ask?

Friday, September 24, 2010

PURE TYRANNY in England. Muslims now own Britain.

Listen up Brits! You better get a hold of your country and fast.

Great Britain is now a nation where freedom of speech is no longer honored. Unless you are a Muslim! Then you can say all kinds of things such as, "Bomb, bomb UK!" and "Bomb, bomb USA!".


Six arrested in Gateshead over 'Koran burning'

Officers detained two men on September 15 and four more yesterday and all six were bailed pending further inquiries, Northumbria Police said.

''The arrests followed the burning of what are believed to have been two Korans in Gateshead on September 11,'' the spokesman said.

''The incident was recorded and a video placed on the internet.''

In a video still accessible on YouTube, six young men in hooded tops or wearing scarves over their faces can be seen pouring petrol on a book and setting it alight, before burning another.
On the video, which appeared to have been filmed behind a pub, they cheer as the first book bursts into flames.

Northumbria Police said the men were not arrested for watching or distributing the video, but on suspicion of burning the Koran.

Here's the video...

So they are burning a book that inspires violence worldwide. They should be given medals not a prison sentence! If you boys ever read this, BRAVO for doing your duty! Oh, and shall I remind you what the Muslims were allowed to do that very same day with not a hint of police opposition?

The West needs to realize something. Western ideas, culture, and governance are absolutely 100% INCOMPATIBLE with Islam. The two cannot co-exist. It is like oil and water. Or maybe blood and water would be a better analogy. Why is it we see conflict arise wherever Muslims exist? Because to Muslims, Islam is the only way, period, and any other form of government or lifestyle is wrong if it doesn't strictly adhere to the principles of Islam. How does a country like Britain allow such a menacing danger to linger within their borders? Why does any Western nation?

I am going to make a statement here and now that not many will like or agree with. I firmly believe that the best course of action to combat Islam (note, not Islamic extremism...ISLAM) is to ban ALL Muslims from entering the country. This is to include every Western nation. In addition, I believe ALL Muslims should be immediately deported. Extremist? Absolutely! But extreme times call for extreme views. And you know that supposed "Blowback" theory the leftists love to use? (American imperialism caused the Muslims to hate us and attack us on 9/11) Well take this Islam hate coming from one angry American as blowback from what they did to us then! And what they continue to do today!

But what about the "moderate" Muslims?!?

There are no moderate Muslims. There are people that practice the religion like it is written, such as the terrorists above and the 9/11 hijackers. Then there are half ass Muslims like the ones in America that don't really know anything other than pray to Mecca 5 times a day in between playing Xbox and surfing the web. Too bad. You made the decision to follow a religion conjured up by a murderous pedophile which slaughters people worldwide and has been since its inception. That in itself is a breach of moral character and dignity. I don't care how "moderate" you are! Anyone who willingly chooses to follow the cult of Islam is not moderate. Just like any German who willingly chose to follow Adolf Hitler was not moderate. To many of them, murdering Jews was the furthest thing from their mind, but they followed the Nazis nonetheless! They are not innocent, nor moderate. The modern day American Muslim is not innocent or moderate.

People need to realize something. We are at war with Islam. Whether you want to accept this or not is irrelevant. The Muslims know it. They demonstrate it every day. The only way to fight back is to deport every last one of them. Hate speech? You bet. Islam is a cult of death. It is my duty as a human being to hate it. And any person who does not......well then, I'd say you are the one in a moral conundrum.

Do I hate Muslims? Of course not. I could never hate any person. I hate Islam and the Q'uran from cover to cover.

Ban Muslim immigration now. And deport all of them.

As wrong as it sounds, you know I'm right.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hooker Katy Perry makes her Sesame Street debut!

Well I gave in. Today was meant to be a day off but this topic is just too juicy.

I had seen this video of Katy Perry on Sesame Street a few days ago...

Until today I had thought this was a parody! Turns out this was supposed to be an actual segment of the show aired on PBS. Am I surprised the producers of Sesame Street would invite a scantily clad prostitute onto their show to "entertain" our children? Not in the least. This show loves to inject politics and other messages into their seemingly innocent storyline.

Take for instance this jab at Fox News...

Or how about this little piece of Globalist propaganda...

PBS owns Sesame Street. That should say enough right there.

Steve McQueen Bullitt Car Chase

I'm going to go off script for today and share this classic moment in cinematic history.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chicago man arrested after planning to set off bomb by Wrigley Field

Before I even delve into this article, I would like you to sit here and think what kind of man the guy is. Just use your brain. Think names, ethnicities, religions.

Have an idea?

Chicago Man Is Charged by U.S. in Bomb Plot, Alleged to Be Angry at Mayor

A 22-year-old man who allegedly spoke of wanting to assassinate Chicago’s mayor was charged by federal prosecutors with plotting to detonate a bomb near Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Sami Samir Hassoun blamed Richard M. Daley for “weakening” the city’s security and planned to use the attack to drive him from office, according to the complaint against him. He was arrested Sept. 19 by members of the Chicago-area Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“He wanted to transform the City of Chicago. He wanted to make a statement,” Robert Grant, special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Chicago office, told reporters after Hassoun appeared before a federal magistrate yesterday. He intended to “kill as many people as he could” by planting the explosive in a neighborhood full of bars, clubs and restaurants, Grant said.

Pretty close to your prediction? It was to mine!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An enlightened liberal academic reveals his true thoughts on America...

I found this over at Goomba News Network.

A college liberal defecates straight out of his mouth in a monumental eruption of cliche liberal tard speech. This is in response to a group of students at the University of Illinois chanting "USA! USA!" during a moment of silence for 9/11 at an Illinois football game.

Read and weep.

The vast majority of 9/11 observances in this country cannot be seen as politically neutral events. Implicit in their nature are the notions that lives lost at the World Trade Center are more valuable than lives lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere; that the motives of the 9/11 attackers had nothing to do with genuine grievances in the Islamic world regarding American imperialism; and that the U.S. has been justified in the subsequent killing of hundreds of thousands in so-called retaliation.

The observance at Saturday’s football game was no different. A moment of silence was followed by a military airplane flyover; in between, Block-I students chanted “USA, USA.” This was neither patriotism nor remembrance in any justifiable sense, but politicization, militarism, propaganda and bellicosity. The University is a public institution that encompasses the political views of all, not just the most (falsely) “patriotic.” Athletic planners should cease such exploitation for political purposes. They might at least consider how most Muslim students, American or otherwise, would respond to this nativist display; or better, Muslims and others that live their lives under the threat of our planes, drones and soldiers.

The overwhelmingly white, privileged, Block-I students should be ashamed of their obnoxious, fake-macho, chicken-hawk chant, while poverty-drafted members of their cohort fight and die in illegal and immoral wars for the control of oil. University administrators need to eliminate from all events such “patriotic” observances, which in this country cannot be separated from implicit justifications for state-sponsored killing.

David Green,

University Academic Professional

Go here to see the original article and the subsequent backlash in the comments section below!

Christine O'Donnell subjected to the ducking stool....

That's exactly what the mainstream media and the left are doing to her. For those of you who don't know what a ducking stool is click here.

Funny, I remember a certain Barack Hussein Obama admitting to heavily using alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his high school years. He also described his mentor at the time to be avowed anti-American Communist Frank Marshall Davis. But, who really cares about that.

His college years were the same, except now he was smoking dope AND blossoming into a well learned Marxist revolutionary. Some of his college friends can tell you about that.

Alas, non of this matters. It never has.

Now we have a little known Tea Party politician who said she was involved in witchcraft during high school and it's as if the Democrat party and Bill Maher's head are about to explode.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Why I will never side with Ron Paul and the modern day libertarian movement.

I will admit. I am a neo-con at heart. I do not like war, but I do believe it is necessary and I do believe we should take action as a nation to fight an enemy that wishes our complete destruction. That enemy is radical Islam. It is a blatant hostility to our nation that stretches worldwide. It can be found all over the world. Radical Islam represents a danger not just to America, but to humanity and it's a threat more dangerous than the Nazis could ever be.

I like Ron Paul. I think he is a great politician and could be a great president. His views on economics, the free market, and limited government are Founding Fathers-esque, and it's a shame more politicians don't present themselves as he does. But, as far as foreign policy and national defense goes, Ron Paul and his followers and I couldn't be divided any further.

More and more I come to the realization that libertarians in this country, especially the staunch supporters of Ron Paul, whose commitment to him almost borders on religious fervor, are complete pacifists who absolutely refuse to admit or accept that our nation is at war and that there are evil people in this world that wish to destroy us as a nation.

I interact with many people online through message boards, Facebook debates, etc. I like to get into political discussions. I like to know how different people view the world. And every time I argue with a Ron Paul supporter I come to the realization that I could never be one of them. The Ron Paul base has moved from a group of limited government libertarian conservatives to becoming a massive cesspool of conspiracy theorists, anarchists, potheads who only care about the legalization of cannabis, and anti Semites.

I used to support Ron Paul. Not anymore. This conservative libertarian has had it up to here with the "9/11 was an inside job" drivel. And I sure as heck am not going to support a candidate who will not defend this country.

Ron Paul and his supporters make their case for isolationism and non interventionism based upon the Founding Fathers' writings and beliefs on the matter. I agree with them wholeheartedly. But, I can tell you one thing. If the Founding Fathers were here today, they would most certainly go to war with the Islamic extremists who show deliberate intention to bring us to ruin. They stood up for freedom against Britain. They would not sit back and pretend the threat of Islamism doesn't exist, like Ron Paul and his mob believe.

It is so utterly absurd, that they even refuse to accept the fact that Islamic terrorists attacked us on September 11th. Instead, they like to believe it was orchestrated by the government. Hell, to them, everything is a government conspiracy. I guess that means Islamic terror attacks in Britain, Spain, Bali, Beslan, Thailand, India, China, The Philippines, and elsewhere are all orchestrated as well. So are the chants of "Death to America" and "Bomb, bomb USA." Oh yeah, Israel is behind it all too. Those dirty Jews.

You know what gets me the most though? To Ron Paul and the Ron Paulites, America represents not a force for good, but a tyrannical, oppressive evil overtaking the world. To them, the Taliban are victims. The Iraqis are victims. US troops are nothing but mindless pawns and "New World Order" soldiers. Well I have just one thing to say to you, and I can tell you, it's not appropriate for here!

I am sick of debating with people who go into long drawn out tirades about how the Jews run the world, 9/11 was an inside job, Bush and Obama are worse than Hitler, and American soldiers are going to round up citizens into FEMA camps with the end note..."RON PAUL 2012" and a list of links to pointless Youtube videos and questionable articles as valid sources along with the usual "You don't know the truth" line.

I am a conservative libertarian. I support limited government and the free market. I'm well aware of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve and all the other Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty/Alex Jones talking points. I also am a believer in defending this country! And for that simple fact, I will never side with you. Regardless of if I believe in conspiracy theories or not, I would rather live my life in happiness and honor supporting this country, instead of seeing a conspiracy around every corner and flying my American flag upside down!

Oh yeah, and I don't hate Jews.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Church of Body Modification and Religious Relativism

 I seriously don't make this garbage up. This blog is so easy to maintain. The material just comes out of the woodwork in these ridiculous times.

Now here's a story of a 14 year old girl who got suspended from school for blatantly violating the school's dress code for having a nose ring. Typical non issue, right?

"I think it's kind of stupid for them to kick me out of school for a nose piercing," she said. "It's in the First Amendment for me to have freedom of religion."

Iacono and her mother, Nikki, belong to the Church of Body Modification, a small group unfamiliar to rural North Carolina, but one with a clergy, a statement of beliefs and a formal process for accepting new members.

It's enough to draw the interest of the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which has contacted school officials with concerns that the rights of the Iaconos are being violated by the suspension.


"They're basically saying, because they don't agree and because they choose not to respect our beliefs, that it can't be a sincerely held religious belief," he said.

Ivey describes the church as a non-theistic faith that draws people who see tattoos, piercings and other physical alterations as ways of experiencing the divine.

"We don't worship the god of body modification or anything like that," he said. "Our spirituality comes from what we choose to do ourselves. Through body modification, we can change how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about the world."

It was too good to be true! This opens the flood gates. Those of you who are regular readers know my previous rants about various forms of relativism. Well here we have a classic case of religious relativism. (If you believe sincerely that's your religion, then it's your religion!)

I looked up the Church of Body Modification. Here is their statement of "faith":

As followers of this faith, it is our purpose to educate and inspire, to share ideas, and to help each other achieve our dreams. We strive to unify and strengthen our mind, body, and soul so we can overcome any challenges we may encounter. We assert and protect our rights to modify our bodies and to practice our rituals.
We believe our bodies belong only to ourselves and are a whole and integrated entity: mind, body, and soul. We maintain we have the right to alter them for spiritual and other reasons.
Affirmation of our living, breathing, physical beings is paramount to our self-identities and helps us define who we are. The Church of Body Modification promotes affirmation and growth of a more expansive perspective of our physical and spiritual being.

This is not a religion. It is a cult. Plain and simple. The "Church" of Body Modification is a joke. The ACLU is treading on dangerous ground. To accept and recognize this cult as a religion so that all should accommodate their beliefs, whatever they may be, regardless of rule systems, then they must also also regard virtually any stray cult or aimless belief system as a true religion. Where do you draw the line?

Let's get something straight. Religious freedom does NOT mean you are allowed to break the rules where you work/study/play. Nor does it mean you have free reign to do whatever, whenever, because you are simply "expressing" yourself. No one is telling this girl she can't practice her "religion". Just don't wear the nose ring while in school.

Hey stupid! I have an idea. Maybe, just maaaaybe, you could take the precious goblet of all knowing power out of your nose during the 7 hours you are at school and put in back in when you get home. Is that that difficult to do? Nope! Not in this day and age where everyone is entitled to something and everyone's "rights" are being trampled on!

Maybe I'll go rob a bank today and tell the police when they get there I'm a member of the Church of Thievery.

Heck, maybe I'll start my own church called the Church of Holy Rulebreakers. We will all worship ourselves by breaking rules wherever they may be. Who's with me!?

Vote Again 2010: Do It For Bieber! Justin Bieber is the Dems last hope!

I do believe we can now say the Democrats are officially screwed.

Man, November is going to be so sweet. I can almost taste the victory now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My thoughts on First Lady Michelle Obama

A classless, ugly, unprofessional, awkward, misplaced woman. That's what.

I still cannot come to grips that this thing is the First Lady of the United States. She is just as bad, if not worse than her husband. Now the First Hag is complaining that being First Lady is "hell". Way to put a filter on that big, fat mouth Michelle. She could have at least waited until her husband was booted out of office before letting loose. What really gets me is the woman's choice of attire...

And what is up with this cheesy tomfoolery?

If I could describe Michelle Obama in one word it would be 'classless'. Half the time she graces the public with her presence she appears as if she's headed to the street corner to earn her daily wages. 2 more years....2 more years....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Those bloodthirsty Jews...

The media loves to paint Israel as the bad guy. Take this headline...

Israeli jets bomb Gaza targets as leaders hold peace talks

Now go to the actual article and the first paragraphs you'll read are:

Militants launched mortar shells into Israel and Israeli jets bombed targets in Gaza on Wednesday, just as Israeli and Palestinian leaders held peace talks in Jerusalem with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Gaza militants opposed to peace with Israel have threatened to derail the fledgling negotiations, and the Israeli military said eight mortars and one rocket hit Israel by mid-afternoon on the day of the talks — the highest daily total since March 2009. There were no injuries.
Police said two of the mortar shells had phosphorous warheads, which can set fires or severely burn people.

Shouldn't the headline read 'Militants fire rockets into Israel as leaders hold peace talks'? I guess not. I mean, obviously Israel started it! (like always)

Obama was just what this country needed.

Sometimes I find myself wondering, would John McCain have been worse for this nation than Barack Obama? You have to take into consideration a lot of things.

Had McCain won in 2008, we would most certainly be experiencing a continued thrashing of conservatives/Republicans in the media and elsewhere that would make the 8 years of Bush hate look like child's play, and it would be safe to say that after 12 years of dismal Republican (RINO) rule we could very well be setting ourselves up for an extremely long haul with Democrats in charge. I'm talking 12, 16, or even 20 years. Ouch.

Couple that with the fact we all know McCain did not represent conservative values in any way shape or form and would not have acted as such while being in the White House and you realize you got 12 years of bad setting yourself up for 12+ more years of worse in the sure fire impending Democrat dynasty. It's a lose lose and we wouldn't have even got anything out of it.

Two years ago today the country was in the thick of the 2008 presidential campaign. Two years ago today, the economy came crashing down. And that was the turning point in the race. If you'll recall, McCain actually held a sizable lead over Obama. He was fresh off of the GOP convention, the base was fired up over a new, attractive face in Sarah Palin and the Obama campaign was reeling. Then, Lehman Brothers fell, and entire economy along with it. From that point on, McCain's poll numbers descended like Obama's are now. Obama cruised to victory. The economic fall was a knockout blow not only to the nation, but to the GOP. It had happened on Bush's watch. Republicans were at fault.

And here we are, two years later. Obama, not even halfway through his term, and still unable to fix the dying economy, is reeling once again just as he was 2 years before. His inspiring words of 'hope','change', and 'Yes We Can' are all but a memory.

Obama was the perfect man to inspire the American people....against liberal progressivism! And while there has been damage done, our nation is not beyond repair. Barack Obama, the extremist, the crook, the liar, the fraud who conned America has invigorated and stirred up the American people like they never have been before. He was the perfect tool to do it.

In two months, the Democratic Party, an enemy of America, along with the establishment Republicans who put us in this conundrum in the first place by setting up the stage for the leftists to take power, will suffer a crushing blow. The 1994 conservative revolution will pale in comparison. I believe we all owe a debt of gratitude to our current President for helping us on a daily basis to accomplish our goal! In 50 years the children of America will look at a timeline of the US Presidency, and see a tiny sliver of blue representing the 4 disastrous Obama years smashed between 8 years of red to the left, and a whole lot more than that to the right!

I am willing to accept the fact that Barack Obama has done financial harm to our nation. But if enduring that means we can rebuild our nation from the ground up the conservative way, like we haven't seen since the days of the Founding Fathers, then I'd pay that price gladly!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Barack Obama to release new childrens book: "Of Thee I Sing"

New Children’s Book Coming from President Obama

Of Thee I Sing,” which President Obama finished writing in 2008, describes thirteen “groundbreaking Americans and the ideals that have shaped our nation—from the artistry of Georgia O’Keeffe, to the courage of Jackie Robinson, to the patriotism of George Washington,” the publisher said in a statement. It is illustrated by Loren Long.

“It is an honor to publish this extraordinary book," said Random House children's president and publisher Chip Gibson, "which is an inspiring marriage of words and images, history and story. Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters celebrates the characteristics that unite all Americans—the potential to pursue our dreams and forge our own paths.”

"Let's not jump to conclusions" now. This is one of our king's favorite phrases these days. Well I am going to jump to conclusions. This little crap stain in the form of a book is about the most twisted, backwards thing this man has done yet. 

Now likely, there are some liberals reading this now thinking what a hateful, intolerant, raaaacist, coldhearted conservative I am. Keep crying!

Obama releasing a cutsie colorful kiddie book with his very own daughters on the cover as a political tool is about as low as you can get. Talk about shameful. A mentally handicapped liberal will say this little tykes Obamanifesto is nothing more than an innocent and sincere loving memoir from a wonderful father to his daughters. I say, you don't know your man near as much as we do! 

We all know what kind of man Obama is by now. We know he's a tool. We know he's a boldfaced liar. We know he's a narcissist. We know he is a far left radical churned out of the Chicago political machine who will do anything to gain power. We know he is against the Constitution. We know he is against Capitalism. We know he prefers collectivism and statism to limited government and the free market. 

I am looking at this from an objective viewpoint. I am not letting my disdain for this turd in chief get in the way. Look at Obama's life history, his friends past and present, his political views, his goals and desires for our nation before and during his presidency. Of Thee I Sing? Surely not of America I sing. But if this innocent little book will earn him a view political points, he'll go for it. Even if it means throwing his own daughters in the mix.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Watch and learn! Inside the mind of an anti-American leftist

There is no better way, in my opinion, to become knowledgeable within the political world than to observe and study what those on the other side of the political spectrum say. Just sit back and listen to this man. Take in all you can, down to the very tone on his voice. You can learn so much about the other side and burrow into their thought process just from this one video! Watch this "moderate" American Muslim reveal his true thought.


- An over the top emphasis on America's bad deeds in history (Native American genocide, slavery, "We killed 3 million people in Vietnam!", etc)
- Attacks on Christianity (Who killed 6 million Jews? Christians did!)
- Insults against Southerners ("including people in places like Tennessee...", "Places where you come from!" Alabama)
- A desire for global acceptance ("Look at the way the world looks at us!")
- Slavery is still an issue ("You brought me as a slave in this country.")
- Diminishing of 9/11 legacy ("GET OVER IT.")

This is the quintessential "moderate" American Muslim/leftist right here. I lump them in the same group because they are almost along the exact same ideological lines.

My only wish was that I could have been there to debate him instead of the ill prepared woman.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Original Michael Savage broadcast on September 11th, 2001- must hear

Geert Wilders lets loose on Islam in downtown NYC. Listen up Obama, you might learn something!

I got home today and almost barfed as I read the headline...

Obama appeals for tolerance on 9/11
The president urges an unsettled nation to reject "suspicion and mistrust."

Maybe he could learn a few things from the European politician Geert Wilders, who gave a wonderful speech today...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hack Wilson September 11th Special. NEVER FORGET


General David Petraeus is an idiot.

I just got done watching an ABC News story on the whole Koran burning debacle. It was difficult to watch and keep the vomit down.

Apparently General Petraeus thinks because a pastor in Florida is going to burn a Koran, somehow that is going to make the Muslims hate America even more. Really sir? Are you that naive that you can't see that they hate us anyway?

It might just give them something to cry about, because they love to gather in mobs in the streets over any little offense against their cult of death. But it surely isn't going to make them hate us any more. Anti-Americanism is rooted deep within the Muslim world, and no Koran burning pastor is going to make it any worse!

If anything General, this whole ordeal should give you a little insight to Muslim behavior while we watch Muslims riot around the world yet again over a planned book burning that has yet to even take place. Just like they rioted, shot people, and torched buildings over cartoons. Just like they rioted and mobbed because there was a Facebook group they didn't like. They are inherently violent people following an evil ideology. Maybe you should spend some energy criticizing the ones gathering in mobs in the streets chanting "Death to America" instead of a little known American citizen!

We can go back and forth on this issue all day long. I relish in arguing this topic. The fact of the matter is this. Islam is the aggressor and has been since its creation. Islam was born in violence. Islam IS violence. Islam attacked the United States. Islam attacked Britain. Islam attacked Spain and Russia. Islam has reared its ugly head in so many places around this globe I cannot even count the attacks anymore. It is a daily occurrence. So I see nothing wrong at all with someone burning a Koran. America on the other hand. Yes, we've had our faults. But the United States is a relatively good nation which has brought more good to this world than any other nation on earth in recent years. Ask the people in France who pay tribute to fallen US soldiers they never knew. This is my view.

But you see, a person on the other side, liberals mostly, will argue the opposite. They will say America is a bad nation. They will always emphasize our faults to the point where you almost wonder if they actually hate this country. Many of them do. They believe America has done something to the Muslim world to trigger such aggression. They ask, "What did we do?" To them, the Muslims are oppressed people and have a right to behave the way they do. They never quite realize that the Muslims would gladly kill them, just as much as they would kill a conservative.

Do I hate Muslims? I've said it a million times and I'll say it once more to be absolutely clear. NO. I do not hate Muslims. I hate their evil cult. I believe they are misled, deceived, and in need of help. I do think Islam is an enemy not just of America but of humanity and should be dealt with accordingly. It is a global virus. It has caused senseless bloodshed in nearly every nation around the world where Muslims reside. To even begin to compare the violence Islam has brought to the world to the violence Christianity has brought to the world (a favorite argument by you leftists) is idiotic, ill conceived, and pointless. Do some research.

Perhaps I am intolerant, insensitive, politically incorrect, bigoted, raaaaacist, or whatever nasty term you'd like to call me. Keep em coming! I am proud to be intolerant towards a cult of death that does nothing but murder people worldwide! It means I WON'T TOLERATE such actions. How awful!

Which brings me back to the General. Instead of highlighting the awful horrors of the Taliban, and the Muslim crazies we are fighting against in the theater of war, he criticizes this pastor. His mindset is..."If we offend them too much they will hate us even more and fight even harder!" What kind of mindless cowardice is this?

General Patton? Where are you???

Thursday, September 9, 2010

American Muslims Will Be Burning The American Flag on 9/11

Many people like to the make the argument that Muslims in America belong to a different strand of Islam, far from the radicalism we see overseas in Pakistan, Iran and elsewhere. I beg to differ.

Seeing the global protest of the Koran burning in Gainesville, Florida I decided to head over the the Islamic Thinkers Society website to see what they plan to do. Yep sure enough, I was right. Just announced yesterday by The Islamic Thinkers Society, a Muslim activist group from New York...

The Islamic Thinkers Society will be burning the American Flag on September 11th in response to the international Quran burning day organized by Rev. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center at 5805 NW 37th St. Gainesville, FL 32653.

...along with this wonderful photograph------->

Wanna see some more from the Islamic Thinkers Society? Test your tolerance, love, and patience by watching this lovely video:

Yes, there are radical Muslims in America. Now, where are all the moderate American Muslims to call out this behavior? I'm waiting.

In response to the Florida church's decision to withdraw from burning Korans, the Islamic Thinkers Society has respectfully and wonderfully decided to not burn the American flag on 9/11 after all. How nice of them!

While we are on this subject, I'd like to make something very clear. I have taken a lot of flak for my supposed "double standard" and intolerance when it comes to my stance on burning Korans vs. burning the American flag. Let me make this very clear. A double standard requires two things to be equal in the first place. Islam, in my view, is inherently evil and a danger to humanity. America is inherently good and a blessing to humanity from its birth. Therefore, burning Korans is acceptable in my opinion, and burning the American flag is wrong. Hope that clears up any confusion you dud liberals have. Thanks!