Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obama leads his futile attempt to recharge the Democratic Party

Yesterday President Obama went a'whoring into the University of Wisconsin Madison campus, met by a throng of Obama youths reminiscent of the 2008 campaign in a hugely futile attempt at reinvigorating and re-inspiring the base for the Democrat Party.

Good luck!

Said President Obama, "I am promising you Wisconsin, change is going to come. You got to stick with me. You can't lose hope."

Geez, how patient are these people supposed to be Mr. President? Change and hope in the same line, but still non existent two years later.

According to UW-Madison Police, more than 26,500 people showed up for the rally, making it Obama's largest since the campaign. Most packed into the mall on what turned into a crisp fall night, standing shoulder-to-shoulder from Memorial Library to Park Street, while others spilled up Bascom Hill. 
They held signs that read "Moving America Forward," while every so often someone would yell out, "Obama, we love you." 
Emily Lawless, a UW-Madison junior from Lakeville, Minn., waited in line five and a half hours for the chance to see the president live.

It is still evident obvious pockets of scattered Obamabotism exist in America. But what is the one universal thing we know about Obamabots, my friends?

They are stupid.

Obamabots like these college students voted for Obama because they wanted to make history and they hated Bush. Period. They had no idea what he stood for. And if they didn't know what he stood for, they obviously have absolutely no inkling about anything even related to the 2010 Congressional elections. Youth brigade enthusiasm will not translate into votes for Democratic candidates.

To put it into perspective, even I would be excited to go see President Obama if he came to my town or campus. Why? Because I respect the office, as should all Americans.

Needless to say, The Incredible Mr. Obama blathered and babbled for 40 minutes about how everything is going to plan. My absolute favorite line though was this...

"The hole we are climbing out of is a deep one. Now is not the time to give up."

I don't know whether to burst out into uncontrollable laughter or wince and cringe in disgust at the sheer hypocrisy and backwardsness of that entire statement.

Obama is such a sorry, sorry character.

I'm afraid to say it Mr. President, but you could hold a kumbya rally like this one every day in every state from now until election day and it still wouldn't put a dent in the awesome losses your party will endure.

In fact, I would prefer Obama go back into campaign mode like he did yesterday. Everything the man touches fails, including every Democratic candidate he has campaigned for since he became President.

Here are a few pictures from the day's events...

Used with collectors edition Obama youth kiddie chalk. Available at a DNC office near you!

There's the guy! 

God showing the boy king who is boss. Or is that a massive cloud of debt??

"Anyone who wants to be an idiot and vote for me a second time, line up right here...."

"Bwaaaga, blahggesa, Oba-aaa-ama, goobala, blawaga, Obaaaama, freeee health care, waar over, goooga, booga Bama..........."

It was a productive day for the President.


Anonymous said...

Also of note:

Obama Refers to Illegal Aliens as “Us” at Backyard Lib BBQ (Video)
Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 6:10 AM

Barack Obama referred to illegal aliens as “us” in his backyard meeting on Tuesday. He flew all the way to New Mexico to cook weinies and talk junk in some lib’s backyard.

CNS News and FOX Nation reported:

President Barack Obama referred to illegal aliens in the United States as “us” on Tuesday while renewing his call for giving them a “pathway to citizenship”—an amnesty–and castigating opponents of such an amnesty as demagogues.

Cec Moon said...

The political embarassment which was evident in Madison contributed to my decision to leave Wisconsin in the early nineties. I was delighted to note the cold winds blowing off Winona for the event. Here in the Ozarks, just about any low-rent auctioneer could draw a better crowd. At the least, he would attract a saner one.

Remember in November--the only numbers that count.


Nate said...

On a positive note, pehaps O's campaign (erm, yeah) stop here will deliver the same results for Russ Feingold and Tom Barrett (Dem running for Governor) as his visits have had for OTHER Democrats running for office.

Susannah said...

Productive day for the president = college kids schmoozing his ego.


They're the only ones left who're dumb enough to do it...

Left Coast Rebel said...

Love the captions, you should do more of these. I totally agree with Susannah above too - lefty, pre-formed libtard brains will always be ripe-for-the-picking when it comes to Dear Leader types...