Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel under the knife yet again. Footage of the brutal attack on Israeli soldiers aboard "humanitarian aid" ships

I will begin this post with a very fitting prophecy from the Bible.

"And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it."

-Zechariah 12:3

Truer words were never spoken, especially in these times.

Here we have a supply ship coming into the Hamas run Gaza Strip from Turkey, supposedly carrying only humanitarian goods, and a whole bunch of pro Palestinian terrorist sympathizers.

Israeli commandos board the boat. Mobs of people were already waiting to attack them before they even set foot on the boat, as they repelled down from the air.

Here is an article detailing exactly what happened on that ship, and why the fighting broke out, something you'll have trouble finding in the American media.

"They had pistols with live ammunition as back-up, to defend themselves," he said. The IDF said it had confiscated two pistols from the boat.

One of the commandos told reporters he descended by rope from a helicopter onto one of the six ships in the convoy and was immediately attacked by a group of people waiting for them.

"They beat us with metal sticks and knives," he said. "There was live fire at some point against us."

A Reuters cameraman on the Israel Navy ship Kidon, sailing close to the convoy, said IDF commanders monitoring the operation were surprised by the strong resistance put up by the pro-Palestinian activists.

One of the commandos said some of the soldiers were stripped of their helmets and equipment and a several were tossed from the top deck to a lower deck, forcing them to jump into the sea to escape.

"They jumped me, hit me with clubs and bottles and stole my rifle," one of the commandos said. "I pulled out my pistol and had no choice but to shoot."
Better yet, why don't you watch the actual footage and judge for yourself.

Looks like a justifiable reason for armed self defense to me! But no. Somehow, according to the rest of the world, Israel was the bad guy here, as well as the instigator. Maybe they were the instigator by boarding the boats in the first place. But by golly, after watching that footage I'm glad they blew those bastards away. And it will only move Iran one step closer to attacking Israel, which will result in the utter destruction of Iran. I can't wait.

Now we have worldwide outrage over Israel's "massacre" of "innocent", sweet civilians on a humanitarian mission.

In Istanbul, a crowd tried to storm the Israeli Consulate. North of Jerusalem, Palestinians hurled bottles and stones at Israeli soldiers. In Jordan, hundreds urged their government to follow Turkey's lead and cut ties with Israel. Dozens of Egyptians protested outside the foreign ministry in Cairo criticizing the Egyptian government holding pictures of late President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the violence. The European Union's foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton, said the bloc was deeply concerned and she called on Israel to carry out an inquiry. British Foreign Secretary William Hague deplored the killings and called for an end to the Gaza blockade.

Greece, Egypt, Sweden, Spain and Denmark summoned Israel's ambassadors demanding explanations for the violence, with Spain and France condemning what they called the disproportionate use of force. Greece suspended a military exercise with Israel and postponed a visit by Israel's air force chief. Germany called for an immediate investigation but was careful not to directly place blame, and said it was seeking information on six German citizens believed to have been aboard the ships.

In Tehran, dozens of angry students pelted the U.N. offices with stones and eggs in protest, burning Israeli flags and chanting, "death to Israel" and "down with U.S." Police blocked them from reaching the building. The president of Iran, a key supporter of Hamas, called the raid "an inhuman act." In Baghdad, an estimated 3,000 Shiite followers of the anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr shouted "Death, death to Israel!" and "Death, death to America!"

Riot police used tear gas to drive back hundreds of protesters demonstrating outside the Israeli Embassy in Paris. There were also demonstrations in Rome, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus and more than 20 cities in Greece.

Funny, just two days prior, rockets were fired into a town in southern Israel from the "peaceful" Gaza Strip. But no one wants to think about that. Funny, that in 2008 alone 1,750 rockets and 1,528 mortars were launched into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Funny, that Palestinian terrorists have attacked Israel 35 times already in 2010, including launching rockets into Israel on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Yet every headline we see, no matter who attacks first, describes Israel as the attacker, and the Palestinians as the victim.

Who are the real bad guys here? I can tell you one thing, it's not Israel.


Here is another video I ran across via Left Coast Rebel of the brutal hostility against the commandos.

I ask again, who are the bad guys here?

Memorial Day Special: Honoring Those Who Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice

In celebration of Memorial Day, I'd like to share some historical trivia with you. Below are some true stories of sacrifice and courage from each of America's major military involvements. I encourage each and every one of you to read to the end.

Revolutionary War

Peter Brown's firsthand account of Bunker Hill...

"But the enemy landed and fronted before us and formed themselves in an oblong square, so as to surround us, which they did in part, and after they were well formed they advanced towards us in order to swallow us up, but they found a choaky mouthful of us, tho' we could do nothing with our small arms as yet for distance, and had but two cannon and nary gunner. And they from Boston and from the ships a-firing and throwing bombs keeping us down till they got almost round us. But C;od in mercy to us fought our battle for us and altho' we were but few and so were suffered to be defeated by them, we were preserved in a most wonderful manner far beyond expectation, to admiration, for out of our regiment there was about 37 killed, 4 or 5 taken captive, and abour 47 wounded....

If we should be called into action again I hope to have courage and strength to act my part valiantly in defence of our liberties and our country, trusting in him who hath yet kept me and hath covered my head in the day of battle, and tho' we have lost 4 of our company and our Lieutenant's thigh broke and he taken captive by the cruel enemies of America, I was not suffered to be toutched altho' I was in the fort till the Regulars came in and I jumped over the walls, and ran for about half a mile where balls flew like hailstones and cannons roared like thunder."

Civil War

David Thompson at Antietam...

"I remember looking behind and seeing an officer riding diagonally across the field - - a most inviting target - - instinctively bending his head down over his horse's neck, as though he were riding through driving rain. While my eye was on him I saw, between me and him a rolled overcoat with its traps on bound into the air and fall among the furrows. One of the enemy's grape-shot had plowed a groove in the skull of a young fellow and had cut his overcoat from his shoulders. He never stirred from his position, but lay there face downward, a dreadful spectacle. A moment after, I heard a man cursing a comrade for lying on him heavily. He was cursing a dying man.

As the range grew better, the firing became more rapid, the situation desperate and exasperating to the last degree. Human ature was on the race, and there burst forth form it the most vehement, terrible swearing I have ever heard. Certainly the joy of conflict was not ours that day. The suspense was only for a moment, however, for the order to charge came just after. Whether the regiment was thrown into disorder or not, I never knew. I only remember that as we rose, and started all the fire that had been held back so long was loosed. In a second the air was full of the hiss of bullets and the hurtle of grape-shot. The mental strain was so great that I saw at the moment he singular effect mentioned, I think, in the life of Goethe on a similar occasion - - the whole landscape for an instant turned slight red."

World War I

British poet John Masefield describes his experience with an American ambulance...

"Presently the sick arrive, haggard and white, but able to walk, and the gathering breaks up and the ambulances are free to go. The moon is blotted by this time; it is darker and beginning to rain, the men say. On leaving the operating-room, one hears again as a real thing the scream of the rush of the big shells, the thump of the bursts, and the crash of the great guns. The stretchers are passed into the ambulances, the sick are helped on to seats, they are covered with blankets, and the doors are closed. It is much darker now and the rain has already made the ground sticky; and with the rain the smell of corruption has become heavier, and the ruin is like what it is-a graveyard laid bare. Shells from the enemy rush overhead and burst in a village which lies on the road home. They are strafing the village; the cars have a fair chance of being blown to pieces; it is as dark as pitch and the road will be full of new shell-holes. The drivers start their engines and turn the cars for home; the rain drives in their faces as they go, and along the road in front of them the shells flash at intervals, lighting the tree-stumps.

These drivers (there are now, and have been, some hundreds of them) are men of education. They are the very pick and flower of American life, some of them professional men, but the greater number of them young men on the threshold of life, lads just down from college or in their last student years. All life lies before them in their own country, but they have put that aside for an idea, and have come to help France in her hour of need. Two of them have died and many of them have been maimed for France, and all live a life of danger and risk death nightly. To this company of splendid and gentle and chivalrous Americans be all thanks and greetings from the friends and allies of sacred France."

World War II

Reporter Ernie Pyle at San Pietro, Italy...

"In this war I have known a lot of officers who were loved and respected by the soldiers under them. But never have I crossed the trail of any man as beloved as Captain Henry T. Waskow, of Belton, Texas. Captain Waskow was a company commander in the Thirty-sixth Division. He had led his company since long before it left the States. He was very young, only in his middle twenties, but he carried in him a sincerity and a gentleness that made people want to be guided by him. 'After my father, he came next,' a sergeant told me. 'He always looked after us,' a soldier said. 'He'd go to bat for us every time.' 'I've never known him to do anything unfair,' another said. I was at the foot of the mule trail the night they brought Captain Waskow down. The moon was nearly full, and you could see far up the trail, and even partway across the valley below. Dead men had been coming down the mountain all evening, lashed onto the backs of mules. They came lying belly-down across the wooden pack-saddles, their heads hanging down on one side, their stiffened legs sticking out awkwardly from the other, bobbing up and down as the mules walked. The Italian mule skinners were afraid to walk beside dead men, so Americans had to lead the mules down that night. Even the Americans were reluctant to unlash and lift off the bodies when they got to the bottom, so an officer had to do it himself and ask others to help. I don't know who that first one was. You feel small in the presence of dead men, and you don't ask silly questions. They slid him down from the mule, and stood him on his feet for a moment. In the half-light he might have been merely a sick man standing there leaning on the others. Then they laid him on the ground in the shadow of the stone wall alongside the road. We left him there beside the road, that first one, and we all went back into the cowshed and sat on water cans or lay on the straw, waiting for the next batch of mules. Somebody said the dead soldier had been dead for four days, and then nobody said anything more about it. We talked soldier talk for an hour or more; the dead man lay all alone, outside in the shadow of the wall. Then a soldier came into the cowshed and said there were some more bodies outside. We went out into the road. Four mules stood there in the moonlight, in the road where the trail came down off the mountain. The soldiers who led them stood there waiting. 'This one is Captain Waskow,' one of them said quietly. Two men unlashed his body from the mule and lifted it off and laid it in the shadow beside the stone wall. Other men took the other bodies off. Finally, there were five lying end to end in a long row. You don't cover up dead men in the combat zones. They just lie there in the shadows until somebody comes after them. The unburdened mules moved off to their olive grove. The men in the road seemed reluctant to leave. They stood around, and gradually I could sense them moving, one by one, close to Captain Waskow's body. Not so much to look, I think, as to say something in finality to him and to themselves. I stood close by and I could hear. One soldier came and looked down, and he said out loud, 'God damn it!' That's all he said, and then he walked away. Another one came, and he said, 'God damn it to hell anyway!' He looked down for a few last moments and then turned and left. Another man came. I think he was an officer. It was hard to tell officers from men in the dim light, for everybody was bearded and grimy. The man looked down into the dead captain's face and then spoke directly to him, as though he were alive,'I'm sorry, old man.' Then a soldier came and stood beside the officer and bent over, and he too spoke to his dead captain, not in a whisper but awfully tenderly, and he said, 'I sure am sorry, sir.' Then the first man squatted down, and he reached down and took the captain's hand, and he sat there for a full five minutes holding the dead hand in his own and looking intently into the dead face. And he never uttered a sound all the time he sat there. Finally he put the hand down. He reached over and gently straightened the points of the captain's shirt collar, and then he sort of rearranged the tattered edges of the uniform around the wound, and then he got up and walked away down the road in the moonlight, all alone."

Korean War

Ted Heckelman at the tank battle of Naktong...

"Our instructions to all were to let the first tank round the curve and then Cpl. Thomas was to hit the bogey wheel and knock the track off the tank causing it to become immobile. Then Cpl. Bowles was to concentrate on aiming for the gas tank and blow it up. I believed the second tank would then proceed to the curve and try to move the first tank out of the way. It was at that point, when the second tank made contact with the first tank, that Cpl. Bowles was to knock the bogey wheel out and Cpl. Carrow was to aim for the gas tank and destroy it. When the third tank came to the bend and made contact with the second tank, Cpl. Carrow was to aim for the gas tank and destroy it as well. All of us would then work out an instantaneous plan of attack should there be a slip up or slight deviation.

The first tank went around the bend as planned and Cpl. Thomas did his job. Because that tank was now exposed to our main line of resistance and our troops, our own tanks fired armor piercing shells that went straight through the front of the tank and out the back, exploding in the rice paddy several yards away. It must have been a horrifying experience because we could hear the activity of the Koreans inside the tank trying to start the engine and make things happen. As the escape hatch on the turret opened, out came the tank commander. I think everybody in the section cut loose with their carbines, rifles and pistols.

It was at this point that Cpl. Thomas Fava stood up from his fox hole and fired a white phosphorous round into the turret. Now we were not in the position that we were supposed to be in, and had no way to communicate with our troops as to our actual position. When Cpl. Fava stood up, our troops behind us thought he was a North Korean and opened up with a machine gun that riddled Cpl. Fava from his head to his waist, or he was shot down by our air Force planes strafing the area. Either way, it was friendly fire that took his life.

We had no corpsman—we were out of position—no means of communication—and three more tanks coming at us. After checking Cpl. Fava, we could see that there was nothing we could do to save him. All we could do was to offer a prayer to the Almighty. I tried to comfort Cpl. Fava as best I could. It was the most agonizing death that I have ever witnessed in my life. When all was over I returned to my original position to watch the progress of the second tank that was now coming around the curve in the road. But I shall never forget his calling out for "Mama, mama." I have heard that for years."

Vietnam War

Den Cook recounts his experience of the Tet Offensive in 1968...

"The attack started as I watched from my bunker in Alpha Sector. First, rockets hit Bravo Sector. Then a Freedom Bird started lifting off the runway. As he climbed over the fence line in Echo Sector, I saw a curtain of red and green tracers rise from the ground to the Freedom Bird. Thousands of tracers told me just how many VC and NVA were kicking at our door. I heard on the radio that the fence line was penetrated, and positions in Echo and Alpha Sectors were overrun. 051 Bunker was hit hard and fighting to repel the attackers. Then my radio croaked and died and I was cutoff from the world. I didn't learn until later that 051 Bunker was overrun and Sergeants Cyr, Fisher, Hebron, and Mills were killed in valiant defense of their post. Scared? You bet! My knees were knocking louder than a jackhammer, and my teeth were chattering so hard it's a wonder they didn't shatter. I didn't lose my cookies, but my bladder and bowels were taking on a life of their own. It didn't matter that the 377th Combat SPS was at 100% alert, the 25th Division and the 199th Infantry Brigade were taking names, and many more units were engaging the enemy. When the first choppers arrived, my spirits soared, and I knew we then had a fighting chance. With each pass of a gunship I let out a cheer! Every time a gunship fired a rocket in to the enemy I shouted GET'EM! Every time a chopper took a hit and went down another took its place. Choppers and Security Police--we were in a still desperate fight for our lives, and we were in it together, to win, whatever it took."


A US soldier on losing a fellow brother...

"As we prepped for this mission the word came down to us that Thomas “Doc” Stone, one of our medics, had been killed along with a Canadian soldier and another of our men had been injured.
Sometime in the early morning hours the enemy attacked their FOB with a heavy barrage of RPGs, mortars, and small arms fire. The base had not been occupied very long and the team did not have very long to build up defensive positions. Sometime during the battle one of our men, while moving from one position to another, was shot in the face. Another soldier began treating him and called for a medic. As always “Stoney” heard the call and got up from his covered position to aid the wounded man. He was struck multiple times by small arms fire and died within a few feet of the man he tried to save."

Remember what this holiday is for when you're cooking out and drinking your beer. God Bless America, and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Facebook gives in to Muslim demands

Looks like the Muslim toddlers are at it yet again. After a long drawn out temper tantrum full of tears and poopy diapers, Facebook eventually decided to remove a group that, get ready.....encouraged people to draw PICTURES of Mohammad! Oh the humanity!
Muslims in Pakistan were so outraged that the government banned Facebook altogether. Only now have they lifted the ban

You know, I read a story like this and I ask myself, what in the WORLD is wrong with people? Is Facebook run by a bunch of crossdressing, high heel donning, feminine bitches? Is Mark Zuckerberg really a woman who just had a sex change? I ask yet again, where is the effin' backbone in this country?

If Facebook is going to completely remove a fan page simply because it offends some people, then where do you draw the line? You might as well remove EVERY fan page! I will take it a step further and say you might as well shut down Facebook altogether. Maybe we should ban the entire internet. You know, the more I think about it, we should just execute ANYONE that offends us! 

You see where I'm going with this? The geniuses at Facecrook have crossed a boundary into uncharted territory. They are walking a line so fine, it might as well not even be there anymore. 

You know what gets me? If the Muslims are so offended by a Facebook group they don't like, then DON'T LOOK AT IT!

Facebook is a massive website. This one group probably accounts for .00000000000000000035% of the entire network. The chances of you stumbling across the page if you don't intend to see it is, well, you get the picture.

You know, should we expect anything less from the people that riot and murder when someone draws a cartoon of the barbarian pedophile they revere?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A prime example of 21st century American uber political correctness

Could someone kindly tell me where the common sense in America has gone? Or the guts? Or decency?

How in the world is something like this allowed to happen?


Angry relatives of 9/11 victims last night clashed with supporters of a planned mosque near Ground Zero at a raucous community-board hearing in Manhattan.
After four hours of public debate, members of Community Board 1 finally voted 29-1 in support of the project. Nine members abstained, arguing that they wanted to table the issue and vote at a later date.
The board has no official say over whether the estimated $100 million mosque and community center gets built. But the panel's support, or lack of it, is considered important in influencing public opinion.
Holding up photos of loved ones killed in the Twin Towers and carrying signs such as, "Honor 3,000, 9/11 -- No mosque!" opponents of the proposed Cordoba House on Park Place called the plan an insult to the terror-attack victims.
"That is a burial ground," said retired FDNY Deputy Chief Al Santora, referring to the fact that victims' remains were scattered for blocks.
Santora's 23-year-old son, Christopher, was the youngest firefighter to die that day.
"I do have a problem with having a mosque on top of the site where [terrorists] can gloat about what they did," said Santora, with his wife, Maureen, by his side.
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the head of the Cordoba Institute, which is in charge of the project, insisted that the site would help "bridge the great divide" between Muslims and the rest of America.
"We are Americans, we are Muslim Americans," Rauf said. "Many of us were born in the United States. We have no higher aspirations than to bring up our children in peace and harmony in this country."
But the crowd got ugly when he added, "Freedom of assembly is the right of all Americans."
Amid boos, one woman shouted, "Not at the World Trade Center!"
Rauf's wife, Daisy Khan, followed him to the microphone to pitched the planned community facility as "much needed party space and much needed venue space" for the area.
She was roundly booed.

And rightfully so.  Iman Rauf can kiss my American behind. What in the world are people thinking? It's like putting up a Nazi souvenir shop at freakin' Auschwitz! Or a Hirohito legacy museum at Pearl Harbor! I am SICK and TIRED of people bending over backwards to appease every little special interest group in this country (minus heterosexual, Christian, white males) while throwing common sense right out the window. I'm gonna blow a gasket.

I have no problem with peaceful Muslims living here in America, but seriously? Is building a mosque on the ground where their bloodcult murdered thousands of innocent people really necessary? I will say this. If this mosque is built at Ground Zero, someone will end up firebombing that puppy, mark my words.

Obama, you aren't fooling anyone.

1200 National Guard troops to the Mexican border? Well geez, why wasn't this done 6 months ago? 12 months ago? Only now that AZ immigration law SB1070 has catapulted the contentious issue of illegal immigration front and center into the national spotlight does the boy king act, and ironically, after he allows the president of Mehico to come to our country, get up in front of a microphone at our very White House, and blast America for all of our faults when it comes to the problem of illegal immigration.

To me, this little ploy is nothing but a political move during an election year. It screams politics. Obama has his fingers in so many dark political pies that I don't trust a word he says anymore. Well come to think of it, I didn't after 3 months of listening to him during the 2008 campaign. Should we expect anything less from a well groomed product of the Chicago political machine? If this turd thinks this little move is going to give his party some extra independent/republican/tea party votes come November, he's more delusional than I thought.

What a joke.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My newfound love for NHL hockey

I've been a lover of sports since I can remember. Basketball was always my thing as a youngster. I was addicted to the NBA and the world champion Chicago Bulls dynasty which captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people not only in America but around the globe during the 90's. Back then, professional basketball was a competitive, heart stopping, and classy game graced by the likes of superstars like Micheal Jordan, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, and Hakeem Olajuwon. Oh what drastic changes we've seen in the past 10 to 12 years. Times certainly change. And so do people. Today's NBA is much different, full of whiners, thugs, and prissy schoolgirls. I've seen 14 year old kids with more guts than some of these NBA players. You know what really makes me sick? When one of these "men", usually covered from head to toe in tattoos, gets lightly bumped, flails his arms like he's trying to fly while nosediving to the floor, then writhing like a fish out of water on the court like his entrails are hanging out, all the while waiting for someone to come pick him up off the floor. Seriously, grow a pair of nuts. Another aspect of today's game that causes me to cringe every time are the Los Angeles Lakers. What a disgusting sports franchise. Don't get me wrong. The Lakers of old were a great team, and many greats of the game wore a Lakers uniform, whom I have all the respect in the world for: Jerry West, Magic, Kareem. But now we have this turd named Kobe Bryant who thinks he is just the greatest thing since sliced bread. What a disgusting piece of humanity. The guy makes a shot and runs down the court with his mandible jutted out, teeth clenched, forming a "tough guy" scowl that just does not work. It's like the bully on the playground who always tries to act tough, but really isn't. He does everything he can to look like a badass, but it just doesn't work. That's what I think of when I see Kobe Bryant. *sigh* Enough of the National Babies Association. I could write an entire blog on my hatred for the NBA, but alas I must get to the topic of my post.

NHL Hockey. I really didn't pay it much interest in years past. I have always been a Chicago Blackhawks fan. I'm a fan of every Chicago team, except the White Sox. Two things have reignited my love for the sport. One, the legendary USA vs. Canada gold medal game in Vancouver earlier this year. Talk about a thriller. Those guys played their hearts out, and for no money at all. Simply for the love of the game, and love of country. Imagine the Olympic basketball team, complete with thuggery of all shapes and sizes, doing that. I sure can't. And two, the resurgent Blackhawks, who on Sunday cemented their spot in the Stanley Cup finals. I watched game 4 between the Hawks and Sharks and it made me think. I saw guys getting laid out and getting right back up. I saw a player take a puck straight to the mouth. He continued to play, bloody and toothless. I saw vicious competitive fire from both sides. Hockey players love their game, and they play harder and hustle more than pro baseball, basketball, or football players in my opinion. And simply because of that, I love to watch it. The games are intense. The crowds are wild. And who can not like the sound of a deafening train horn after a hard fought and well deserved goal? You know what else I saw? After seeing these guys fight for 60 minutes straight, when all was said and done, they went to center ice and shook hands with each other one by one, sincerity in each man's eyes. When do you see that in any other sport? That, my friends is the definition of class. I guess it all boils down to this. The hockey player represents the every day man. The bearded blue collar worker. The real man.  And that's something you don't see in other sports.

I look forward to seeing a great series between the Hawks and Flyers. Hopefully the Hawks can do what the Cubs cannot! Oh and to the NBA. You won't get a dime of my money, or time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Black firefighters take the race card to a whole new level

Court says black firefighter lawsuit can proceed

In Monday's opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the court that the applicants' lawsuit over a city of Chicago test used to weed out potential firefighter trainee applicants was not too late.
Anyone who scored 64 or below was deemed not qualified. But the city set a second cutoff score of 89 points.
Officials told applicants who scored below 89 but above 64 that although they passed the test, they likely would not be hired because of the large number of people who scored 89 or above. The majority of those in the top-scoring group were white; only 11 percent were black.

Oh cry me a freakin river! So here we have a case of blacks not being smart enough to pass the test as frequently as whites so what do they do? Accuse racial bias. Unbelievable. I have an idea to combat this problem. Instead of blaming someone else for their academic shortfalls, maybe the inner city youths should turn away from drug dealing, sexual promiscuity, violence, and other miscellaneous gang activity and instead focus on graduating high school and bettering themselves. Then, perhaps they will be able to pass such a test. Just look at these graduation rates:

 I'm sick and tired of everybody expecting to get handed everything to them on a silver platter. It's not about race! It's about smarts. You obviously don't have it. Now go change your diaper and study up if you think you deserve the promotion. And quit blaming everyone for racism. Good lord.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The swirl of BS surrounding Arizona immigration law SB1070

These past few days have been a chore trying to both re acclimate myself to civilian life while also attempting to dive back into the treacherous world of politics and blogging! I thought the political atmosphere was hostile a month ago when I god, this nation seems to be on the brink of civil war now! At least that's my "unbiased" perception.

I've been trying to get up to speed on all the latest stories. The Goldman Sachs debauchery. Blah. The Gulf coast oil spill. I could care less. The passage of a controversial bill in Arizona that is causing thousands of illegals to take to the streets...hmm, now this could be juicy.

I'm sure this is all old news but I must rant regardless.

I am getting SICK and TIRED of listening to illegal immigrants bitch and moan about their "rights". As far as I'm concerned, they have no rights. They cheated the system. They came here illegally. I don't care if they are hard workers or not. As the numbers stand right now there are 22.7 million illegal immigrants living in America today costing LEGAL United States citizens 397 billion dollars annually in taxpayer money for social services such as health care and social security. Not to mention gobbling up jobs that unskilled citizens and young people just entering the workforce would do anything to have.

I'm sick and tired of "tolerant" liberals bending over backwards to accommodate the illegals every need (in exchange for their vote of course) while repeatedly chastising the right wing as insensitive bigots for not supporting the illegals' rights.

"It's racist," says Donna Sanchez, a 22-year-old U.S. citizen living in Chicago whose parents illegally crossed the Mexican border.

Let me tell you something Donna, and I'm sure the rest of us angry "prejudiced" conservatives will agree. If they were Canadians we would be just as irate. It's not about ethnicity you spineless dweebs. It's about millions of people breaking the law and the American taxpayer shouldering the burden of expense for their "stay". And of course our wonderful president, who is no greater in value than a heaping pile of moose dung in my opinion, sweet talks the illegals as if they are just as equal as legal American citizens, grooming them for their vote once he magically legalizes every last one. (How the Dems manage to pull that one off I have no idea.)

So in essence, this bill allows law enforcement officials in Arizona to inquire the citizenship status of anyone they deem suspicious or suspect to being an illegal immigrant. So, what's the big deal? I have to show my ID when I get pulled over anyway. I have to provide ID whenever I enter a military installation. Why is this so outrageous? Why are the bleeding heart teary eyed liberals bawling about racial discrimination and an infringement of civil rights?

Now we have tens of thousands of illegals, and even some legal hispanics and others, taking to the streets because they are mad the police can ask you to prove your citizenship status. Seriously, I think I'm about to have a brain hemorrhage.

From Los Angeles to Washington D.C., activists, families, students and even politicians marched, practiced civil disobedience and "came out" about their citizenship status in the name of rights for immigrants, including the estimated 12 million living illegally in the U.S.
Police said 50,000 rallied in Los Angeles where singer Gloria Estefan kicked off a massive downtown march. Estefan spoke in Spanish and English, proclaiming the United States is a nation of immigrants.

"We're good people," the Cuban-born singer said atop a flatbed truck. "We've given a lot to this country. This country has given a lot to us."
So now this is just an "immigrant" thing? You tell that to the old generation Italians, Germans, and Irish who came to this country LEGALLY for an opportunity, working their fingers to the bone, raising a family, and making something of themselves, never asking for a handout.

Don't fall for the leftist trap my friends. They will do all they can to paint you as an "immigrant" basher, when in reality we conservatives, most of us descended from immigrants, cherish the ideals the old immigrants embraced. Individualism. Hard work. Opportunity and American exceptionalism. Things far distant to the modern day American liberal who somehow believes they support immigrant rights.
The event resembled something between a family festival - food vendors strolled through with pushcarts - and a political demonstration with protesters chanting "Si se puede," Spanish for "Yes we can." A group of undocumented students stood on a stage at the Chicago park and "came out" regarding their immigration status.
Ok, time for the barf bag. "Si se puede?" Really? What's worse than hearing "Yes We Can"? Hearing it from a bunch of handout illegals in Spanish! Don't even get me started on the whole English/Spanish thing.

All I can say is this illegal immigrant "rights" crap has to stop. You came here illegally and now your violence is spilling over our border into states like Arizona where the crime rate has skyrocketed. This bill makes more than enough sense. So STFU.

Comprende amigo?