Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sheik Tells Children the Story of Palestinian Female Suicide Bomber Wafa Idris

Following are excerpts from a TV children’s show, in which children learn about Palestinian suicide bomber Wafa Idris. The show aired on Al-Quds TV on December 1, 2009.

Video can be seen here.

TV Host: There used to be a girl, who was a student at medical school. She lived in a refugee camp called Al-Am’ari. the Al-Am’ari camp, my dear children, is located near the city of Ramallah in occupied Palestine.


[Wafa Idris] went to the commander of the resistance, and asked to carry out a martyrdom operation. What, a girl carrying out a martyrdom operation?! She said: I want to carry out a martyrdom operation, just like any young man in the resistance. Obviously, the commander hesitated at first, because this was the first time such a thing happened. Since the beginning of the Intifada, no Palestinian girl had carried out a martyrdom operation. But Wafa insisted, until she managed to convince the commander that the Zionists would not pay attention to a girl. Usually, they only inspect the young men. So the commander agreed. In light of her determination, courage, and persistence – he agreed.


So he set out. The moment she set foot on the road, she remembered something. What was it? Not a family member or a relative. She remembered that she had not fed the doves on the roof. Quickly, she climbed to the roof. As soon as the doves saw her, they began flapping their wings. From among the doves, Wafa took a white dove in her hands. Its wing was broken two days earlier. Wafa stroked it gently and said to it: Don’t worry, white dove, peace dove. Tomorrow, you will be able to fly again. You will return to your nest in the Old city of Jerusalem. Tomorrow, the skies will open up before your wings, and you will fly over the Galilee, Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, and Hebron.

Wafa went to her work as usual, but obviously, she took a day off, and left. Why? Because the time for the heroic operation had come.

Boy: Where was the operation?

TV Host: In Jerusalem. On her way to West Jerusalem, everything she saw encouraged her to commit martyrdom.


Second boy: Wasn’t Wafa afraid among the occupiers? Didn’t she hesitate?

TV Host: Of course not. She wasn’t afraid, and she did not hesitate, because she placed Allah between her eyes and in her heart. She would always remember Allah and would crush her fear. If fear wanted to come near her calm and peaceful heart, she would get ready to enter Paradise, knowing that she would be among the living, who are sustained [by God]. Who are they? The martyrs.


Today, Wafa will not treat the wounded in Ramallah. Why? She will go to Jerusalem, and there will be many dead and wounded there, but not from among the Palestinians. They will be from among the Zionist soldiers.


Wafa fulfilled her wish by successfully carrying out her martyrdom operation. The result was that she killed an Israeli soldier and wounded about a hundred. Why was Wafa martyred? So that the flower of the homeland would not wither.


Third boy: When was she martyred?

TV Host: Wafa Idris was martyred on Sunday, January 27, 2002. She has become a role model for any Palestinian girl who harbors the spirit of self-sacrifice, national sentiment, and love of death for the sake of Allah and in defense of the homeland.

Young girl: I want to become a doctor like Wafa, so that I can help the wounded.

TV Host: Allah willing, we will all become like Wafa Idris. We will treat the wounded, and Allah will grant us martyrdom.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Go to medical school, then blow yourself up. No wonder "the Palestinian Territories" is the pinnacle of third world toilets.

I'm sure Democrats can find a way to blame George Bush and Dick Cheney...

Ron Russell said...

One only needs to look at the Koran the source of all the sucide bombers. Yes I blame the attacks on Islam, not radical Islamist.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Ron on his comment. I came to Islam when I was 18 years old, but studied it since I was 16. There are a number of verses that refer to battles and jihad, just as the Bible does (I was a Christian before my conversion to Islam), but any mention of suicide in the Quran and Ahadith are where you find only prohibitions of such acts. I'm currently taking a psychology course on terrorism, and these groups are more like cults and political movements (think the Weather Underground, Red Brigades, etc.) than religious sects. Just as Catholics violate on a habitual basis the commandments of the Bible, suicide terrorists and those that endorse them are violating Quran and Ahadith.