Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liberals falsely impersonating Hack Wilson on comment threads.

I am oh so flattered! It looks like I have made an impression on the left wing wackos trolling the internet with my meager blog. In my statistics today I see many have visited Hack Wilson via this link, a liberal blog where some vile left winger decided it would be nice to write a nasty comment supporting our soldiers killing civilians, under my name and with a link to my blog.


Unless he's killing Americans, this guy did nothing wrong. It's war, Liberals! Get your heads out of your parents basements and realize the world ain't made of pot and candybars. As a vet, I know soldiers are under a lot of stress. Yeah because they're getting shot at by people who don't want them there! This guy needs a psychiatrist but not jail time. Obama would rather jail an American than hurt a damn Muslim.

(UPDATE: Moderator has deleted original link and changed name of commentor to "Hack" after I replied as "Hack". Haha, this keeps getting better.)

Once again, I am honored to be so feared by the leftists that they feel it necessary to impersonate me on the internet.

(By the way, I don't support the killing of civilians, Muslim or otherwise. Nice try though.)

In similar news, another liberal (this one civil) posted an open letter to Hack Wilson and White America in response to my postings about Derrick Bell. A full response will be published tomorrow.

I am going to celebrate tonight!

BRAVO liberals!


Kid said...

Why are the liberal so afraid of an honest debate?

Oh, right.

Hackwilson said...

Adult debates are all I'm looking for from these idiots. I'm adult enough to be civil to these dicks but libs won't listen.

Long live the white race.

Hack said...

Haha! ^

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I would not worry too much here Hack as these trolls cannot match your wording or intent as they do not understand either, apparently.

You should be pleased at least that they are linking to your blog so that those interested enough to visit might learn something.

Debate is always fun and educational but if a lefty just reads and possibly thinks on any given subject matter you write about, well the better for all of us I would say.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I only have the leftist internet champion Ducky's here who frequents my blog.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or, in the cases of liberals, psycho-homo-erotic love. These liberals all love your manliness (especially the "men" among them) but hate your common-sense Conservatism. They are truly confused by these emotions. What can one expect? They were raised believing that Oprah was a goddess and that they deserve entitlements.

A lost generation, indeed.

Hack, stop being so darn racist! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you call that open letter nasty? What do you call reasonable? That was well researched and very enlightening. I hope your response is as well researched. Let's see the Harvard in you Hack, instead of the Hack Job in you. Looking forward to your defense of your point of view. Really is racism not prevalent any more? There are a lot of examples of it all around us.

From: A white man in Alaska

Hack said...

Anonymous: Are you an absolute idiot, or do you just refuse to actually read anything on purpose? Great job supporting your side of things. I am sure all the libs must be so proud of you. You seem pretty infatuated with my meager blog, posting every day. I am happy you feel it important to take some time out of every day of yours to read my blog. Thank you!