Sunday, March 18, 2012

Foreigners just love Obama...right?

Decide for yourself.

H/T Proof Positive

Besides Obama being a cocky, condescending bastard, this brings up another point. Does anyone actually believe Barack Obama is a "brilliant" speaker? I know, this "compliment" was written by one of Obama's airhead speechwriters. That isn't the point. Just look at Obama. I am going to cast aside my political bias. This guy is as bad, if not worse, than Bush was at articulating a point. It's as if he thinks we should all sit at the edge of our seats slobbering all over ourselves while he stares at the floor and says, "ehhuuuuhh...", waiting for some heavenly, God like wisdom to follow. Except, that 10 second wait while he ponders his next thought ends in a completely anti climactic statement, and the listener is left thinking, "THAT is what he took so long to say?" But you get the feeling, with that usual smirk and "cool" demeanor, despite the number of "uhs" it took to finally convey the message, that Obama always thinks he just said something great or historic, and that the audience loves him. It's painful to listen to. We see this every day. "Uhh, eh-eh-eh, uhhh, uhh, eh.." Give me a break! I've seen high school kids getting interviewed on the local news get their point across more articulately and efficiently!

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One Guy 2012 said...


Mel Tillis, on the back of a truck with no shocks going down a bumpy dirt road and having a mouthful of hot marbles, could give a better speech than President Obama.

Think about it.