Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Response: An open letter to ‘Hack Wilson’ and White America

This is my response to a recent article written over at the liberal blog, challenging my views on Derrick Bell and racism in America.

Here is a short excerpt:
Dear Hack Wilson and White America:

I respectfully write to you today to discuss Derrick Bell and a post on In this letter, I will not shove my liberal opinions down your throat, nor will I demand answers. I will not plug in my own self-interest to undermine your argument, nor will I block out what you have to say in response.

I want to start a discussion. I want to listen to your responses and I want to learn from a democratic talk. If you’re open to doing the same, please read on…

In your blog, you write:

Professor Derrick Bell, the man young Barack Hussein Obama told us to “open up our hearts and minds” to so many years ago is not the bombshell. Nor is the above clip, though certainly inflammatory. …
Read the rest here.

I always appreciate civil discourse so I will say mutual respect is shared, though our political views differ. Thank you.

Now I will get right to it. I will word this in the most eloquent, civil, and informative way my uneducated conservative brain possibly can so any liberal readers understand where I, and millions of other Americans stand.

To start off, your entire letter is a complete critique of my views towards Critical Race Theory. This we can establish. We can also establish that you yourself support the doctrines of Critical Race Theory, even those regarding white supremacy, as you yourself pointed out. This makes things much easier, and I am glad you admitted that Critical Race Theory does in fact revolve around the premise of established white supremacy in society over blacks, instead of beating around the bush like the talking heads at CNN and editors at Wikipedia.

Let's start with your mention of the Civil Rights Movement. Derrick Bell and yourself hold the belief that the Civil Rights Movement, in essence, failed to eliminate racism. I agree, to an extent. But I also believe that, contrary to the words of Professor Bell, the Civil Rights Movement did a whole lot of good for black people. Not only did they achieve equality through law, but the terrible injustices towards them were brought to the forefront, forcing many people in America who might not have known about such things in the past, to understand the dire need for racial equality.

You mention a few things that are supposedly indicative of racism:

The assassination of MLK- Absolutely.
Redistricting in Texas- Perhaps.
NYPD frisking blacks and latinos 85% of the time in NYC- Hardly. Did you know blacks and latinos constitute almost 60% of the entire population in New York anyway? We will get to crime statistics in a minute.
Newt Gingrich calling Barack Obama the food stamp president- Absolutely not. Simple fact. It has nothing to do with race, unless of course you are assuming all black people require food stamps?

You see, here's my view in simplest of terms. And I would like to think this is the view of many on the conservative side of things. I believe that no specific races should be given special treatment in this country. I believe that skin color is irrelevant. I believe that forcing a race into submission through government dependency is the ultimate manifestation of racism in this country today.

I wouldn't expect a liberal to understand. But what the Democratic party has done to minorities is appalling to me. Under the guise of a helping hand, the Democrats have destroyed the black community in America. It is rule number one in the Democrat playbook. Much in the same way the Democrat party favored slavery and opposed civil rights laws in the 60s. They are still oppressing minorities today through government dependency and never more so than now, under the Obama administration.

I am against specific races getting special treatment. Why can't we all be equal? I don't understand why we can't all look past skin color. This is the ultimate irony.

NAACP. BET. United Negro College Fund. Black Caucus. The Grio. The African American History Museum. African Americans for Obama. Black History Month.

Of course, not racist.

How about this one: La Raza. Not racist?

Ok how about this: White History Month. Racist, of course.

By their very nature, everything listed above is racist. They are all putting a specific race above others. They are advocating one race's superiority. I don't know how I can explain this any further.

You say, "Is it possible that white supremacy is the order of the day?" You support this claim first by giving statistics concerning higher rates of imprisonment by blacks compared to other minorities.

I would just like to say, have you ever visited a ghetto? Detroit? South Chicago? Philadelphia? This is where you, and Derrick Bell, are completely off your rocker. Any sane person understands this. The statistics you gave were right. But they aren't the product of an inherently racist society that is out to get black people. Look at the ghetto culture. Look at the rates of fatherless children in the black community. We are both adults here, so let's discuss it how it is. The black community in this country is failing. Not because evil, racist, white men everywhere are out to get them. No. By their own doing.

You say: "Is it possible that this is a direct result of white supremacy? An institution (prisons) in which freedom is absent, in which surveillance is constant, and in which whites largely rule minorities? This isn’t slavery, but this is America’s version of rehabilitation?"


You say: "Can Black Americans achieve liberty in the U.S.? Sure, some can. The President of the United States, a black man, has achieved it, right? Then why do we still hear racist slurs all the time? Why are negative stereotypes so prevalent?"

Yes, why do we hear racist slurs all the time? Like whitey, cracka, and honky? Why oh why? Racist slurs come from every single race in this country. It isn't confined to one race or directed at one race. Racism, is, has, and will always exist. That's a fact of life. I say again. Go to a ghetto. And listen to people talk. Also, all stereotypes are born out of at least some reality. I think stereotypes are funny, especially when directed at white people. Try watching The Boondocks sometime. I think you will enjoy it!

Moving on the The Space Traders. (this won't take long)

You say: "Did you read “The Space Traders?” I did. And I don’t see it being so far out of left field." Then you say: "A radical, extreme notion for a piece of fiction? Or, for, say, history itself?"

I find it shockingly, and humorously ironic how you and your side constantly criticizes myself and my side for living in the past and for "taking America back to the Dark Ages", etc., when you are doing it right now. Stop dwelling on the past. No one disputes that slavery existed, that it was terrible, that we brutally massacred the Indians, that many instances of white Europeans conquering and dominating brown-skinned cultures and civilizations can be found in the pages of history. (while we are talking about history...) We are past that. At least I think so. You and Derrick Bell, however, continue to churn this race war to a pulp, as if slavery still existed in America. Around every corner you see racism. (only when it comes from Caucasians anyway) You dismiss institutions such as the Black Caucus and NAACP as noble and just and in the same breath would condemn a hypothetical NAAWP or White Caucus. THAT is racism, my friend.

You say: "I will consider the possibility that there is controversy in harassing white people and, for a black president, that could be problematic. But, can you consider the possibility that white people may need to be harassed? Maybe we need to be reminded that our socially constructed legal system could be racist. Maybe we need to be pushed out of our white comfort zone. Maybe we need to recognize that the Civil Rights Movement did stall after legislation passed in 1964."

No, I will not consider that possibility. Why do I need to be harassed? Because good "tolerant" and guilty liberals like yourself and angry black men like Derrick Bell think I need to be? I don't think so. Because your man Derrick Bell and Critical Race Theory call for "reparations"? No, no I don't think so at all. In fact, I think your defense and justification of such a statement is appalling and a testament to the warped worldview of those on the left. And it all swings back to the ridiculous, elephant in the room irony. You think I should be harassed simply because I am white. Again THAT is racist.

Finally, you say this:  "Let me ask you this: How many black people have you associated with this week? What was the gist of those associations? What do your personal relationships with black people look like? Do you love any black people? Are you really good friends with any black people? Do you teach black students? Do you have black colleagues, or subordinates?

Let’s compare our relationships with black people to our relationships with white people. Are they different? How? If they are different, why?"

Much in the same way Soledad O'Brien and her goon on CNN assumed Joel Pollack was a bigot (with a, um, black wife...) here you do the same by crafting pre-conceived notions that because I am white, conservative, and against Derrick Bell and others making a career out of attacking my race, that somehow that makes me a racist. Like Pollack said, it doesn't even deserve a response, but I will anyway. I think you would be surprised to know that this evil, white racist knows, converses, and is friends with many black people. And Asian people. And some hispanic people (including one whom I love dearly). My time in the Army has brought me in contact with people of all races and I have made life long friendships with many of them. You and your good, tolerant, white liberal friends love to point the finger. I think you have no clue. You mentioned stereotypes. Why do you have stereotypes of the Bible thumping, gun toting, sheltered, conservative bigot? I hear the same descriptions, stereotypes, insults on the daily basis from your side. Well I believe the Bible, I shoot some guns, I am white, and I also love people of every color. That likely isn't what you expected to hear.

You obviously support Derrick Bell and his teaching that whites run the world and will always oppress blacks when they get the chance. Well, all I can say is I fundamentally disagree. Blacks have the freedom to work, earn money, and live a respectable life just like the rest of us. Just ask some of these people...

Thomas Sowell. Allen West. Herman Cain. Charles Lollar. Kevin Jackson. Tim Scott. Clarence Thomas. Condoleezza Rice. Alan Keyes. just to name a few.

All victims of a white run society? Heck, during the course of my Army career I've been under the command of a black guy more often than a white guy! Were these guys victims of a white run society? Or are they all just token Negros? Oh wait, I forgot. I should have used the liberal favorite..."Uncle Tom". And speaking of Herman Cain, I wonder why the racist, white Americans of the Republican party embraced him as a front runner for so long? Hardly the sign of a racist society.

Could you look any of these black leaders in the eye and tell them they are victims in a society run by white people and they will never truly achieve equality because whites will always oppress them? Could you look my black Army commanders in the eye and tell them that? No, you couldn't. Nor could Derrick Bell. Because you both would get a strong dose of reality.

I will sum this matter up as succinctly as I can. You, and Professor Bell, believe that white people in general are naturally inclined to racism. I am not offended easily, but when it comes to this, I am. And I find the words of Bell appalling, disgusting, and even degrading. Black people should be ashamed of him. And they are. To imply that blacks will never succeed, never get anywhere in life. What does that make you? You call ME the racist? Those words are nothing but ideological chains. No one is stopping any black people from graduating high school, getting a job, working hard, earning money, and making a life for themselves. There isn't some grand pale conspiracy to prevent this from happening.

Can't you see? I revert back to my original statement. It's not about skin color. It's about equal responsibility and equal opportunity. No one race is more "special" than the other. No one "needs help" from "gubmint" to move them along in life. You only need that willingness to succeed. Work ethic. Honor. Determination to make a better life for yourself. And above all, personal responsibility. That's all it comes down to.

In summary:

Me- Against Derrick Bell implying all whites are racist. Against government giving certain races special treatment. Believe all people have equal opportunity and responsibility.

You- Believe all whites are racist. For government giving certain races special treatment. Believe black people require help from government to succeed, and then never will anyway.

And you call ME the racist?

I hope this response has given you some insight into my views and why we on the right do indeed believe Derrick Bell is a racist radical. Once again, thank you for the time.


Adrienne said...

Holy carp, Hack - you hit it out of the park.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Hack did you read Space Traders? You couldn't have seeing your response ... here's a link to the PDF.

"Space Traders" - A short story by Derrick Bell.

It's pretty deep and not overly scholarly, there's some legal e's and history in it. I suggest you actually read a work of his before you comment in classic hack job style.

Even your conservative brain cells will get the gist and may even, garner a slight paradigm shift in your outlook on race relations.

12 & 1/2 pages. A sci-fi short story. It's not a novel by Jules Verne, or a Star Trek episode by Gene Rodenberry, Your head won't explode I promise.

A white man in Alaska.

Hack said...

I have read Space Traders. Now go crawl back down your dung hole, white man in Alaska. By the way, thanks again for continuing to visit my blog!

Adrienne said...

Ok - you're all linked up (which is similar to being hooked up except not as much fun) in my new post. Be sure and follow the link to the article I referenced (and don't let your vile little troll follow me home. I have enough of my own)

Anonymous said...

Hack Wilson:

Conservative Men respect him.
Liberal "men" want to be him.

Case in point: White man in Alaska. Borderline infatuation. Creepy. Liberal lust gone awry.

The Conservative Lady said...


Helping Hands said...

Great Post!

Molly said...

Thanks for the response, Hack.

You're a good writer and make some solid points. Of course, I still don't agree with them largely because I do not believe we are "past that," our history, but I do appreciate level-headed discourse.

I am hopeful that, while we may be on different ends of the spectrum, our respectful conversation will encourage people to think, to consider opinions besides their own, and not just lash out at those who hold differing opinions.

Keep it classy, conservatives. ;) I'll do my best to do the same.

Thanks again.