Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BREITBART'S OBAMA SECRETS, Part 2- Obama's Harvard Speech Praising Derrick Bell (VIDEO)


Video will be released tonight along with additional footage that the media and academia have covered up.

Fox News Hannity will air the video in its entirety tonight at 9pm ET, 8PM Central.

Edited Footage:

And here is footage of Charles Ogletree, who taught both Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard, openly admitting to hiding this footage during the 2008 campaign? Why hide it Mr. Ogletree?

Here are videos of Ogletree's rants against whites, in favor of 9/11 conspiracy theories, criticizing Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas. Here is yet another of Ogletree saying "American patriotism is superficial."

Looks like we got two for one today. Derrick Bell, a hater of anyone white, and Charles Ogletree, a hater of anything American. Two more to add to the list!

And who is Derrick Bell? The Conservative Lady has already done some excellent work digging up his race rants.

I will be making a post shortly on Professor Bell's Critical Race Theory. Stay tuned.

Here is the Hannity segment showing the full video.


Adrienne said...

Hack - Is there somewhere we can watch online? Does Fox stream his show? Every time I go looking for a live stream of something (like the debates) it turns into a minimum of 20 minutes of searching.

Hack said...

Just updated with some links. That first one should work but if not, give the others a try. I know, it's always an adventure trying to find an online live stream for anything!

Adrienne said...

Thanks. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has this problem. I learned to start at least 15 - 20 minutes before something like a debate. Even Fox sends you in circles within their own site.

Anonymous said...

...but his dad bought him a basketball...........

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for the link. Your latest post is now linked on mine.

Hack said...

Gracias y de nada! :)

Left Coast Rebel said...

Nice work dude.

Anonymous said...

So let us say that back in the 80's, when I wore a younger man's clothes, I spoke at a David Duke rally, telling the assembled crowd:
"Open your hearts and minds to what David Duke has to say!" Then I leave the podium to embrace David Duke in front of everyone.

Fast forward years later. I am running for President. This particular even from my past comes up and people ask me, "Dude! You're a racist sympathizer at the very least! How can you have done this? David Duke is KKK! There's NO WAY any of us with Conservative sense are going to support your campaign. No freaking way."

And rightly so.

Yet, heh, when President Obama, as a youthful silly man-child during his experimental college years, speaks openly at a rally for a known black racist, urging the crowd to open their hearts and minds to him, and then embraces said black racist, why isn't the left screaming outrage?

The right got rid of David Duke. No one on the right endorses or supports David Duke any longer.

Where is the left on vilifying and shunning Barack Obama for his racist endorsements?