Friday, March 9, 2012

Occupy Wall Street will hurt Obama in the general election.

This is one part of the big political mess of 2012 that I believe many on both sides have overlooked. Occupy Wall Street; that rag tag band of disheveled, Robin Hood wannabes, who hate Capitalism. They will be out in full force this spring and summer and are also planning on making a loud appearance at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, like a screaming, whining child tugging on his mommy's shirt in the grocery store yelling "I want candy!".

Public opinion polling late last year (before the Occupiers went into hibernation) indicates an overall distaste for the movement. This is most likely due to the thousands of arrests, violence, nude dancing, hate crimes, defecation in public, rapes, and overtaking of public businesses. I think it has to do with the overall anti-Capitalist, "dirty hippie" aura in general.

Other than the left wing, anti-authority college crowd, the majority of Americans are turned off to the Occupiers. How does this factor in to the election?

As already pointed out, The Occupy Wall Street movement is already planning for a major spring and summer offensive. As the weather heats up, so too will the protests. And these raucous, violent, Proletariats will be plastered all over the left wing media. In a bout of hilarious irony, the liberal media will actually do the opposite of their intentions, as we saw late last year. The more media coverage, the better. So all of America can see the despicable behavior of the left. It will be on their TVs. It will be in their newspapers. It will be on the Drudge Report and CNN and ABC. In an effort by the reporters liberal activists within the mainstream media to strengthen the Occupy Wall Street movement by bringing their cause into every American home, they will only expedite its demise. I find this hilarious.

These flag bearers of the far left will only serve to hurt the perception of liberals and Democrats over the course of this year through their continual violence, immaturity, and anarchist behavior. What's better, Barack Obama has already openly declared his support for Occupy, saying, "We are on their side."  Want a smoking gun? There you have it. I can think of no other more powerful piece of ammunition to use in the campaign against Barack Obama. (that the general American public will recognize anyway)

So as the toils of the 2012 political season press on, just wait. Wait for the hippies to crawl back out from under their pink rocks, so they can start screaming, and whining, and complaining about rich people again. And you can bet they will focus their anger towards the Republican candidate, whoever that will be. Even better.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - you know that if you do not make $3 Million a year you are a part of the 99%? Let that sink in for a minute. The 99% is not Liberal/Republican it is economic reality. People will vote against their own economic benefit and trade their economic well being for a wedge issue like abortion. The Right is expert at attaching items like this to draw out voters that vote against their best interests.

So when you say oh It will hurt Obama, I think most will vote for Obama. I mean who wants to roll back the regulations of banks ... do we really want to go back to the days of bank abuses of our money and do 2007 till now all over again. Oh Republicans do that's right. They want the banks de-regulated. Do we want to go back to allowing insurance companies denying children care because they have a pre-existing condition? Do we want insurance cos CEO's making billion dollar bonuses b/c they deny all claims at first, then on second and third attempts hoping you'll give up and pay yourself? Insurance cos are created to pay claims. That's their business and collect premiums to pay those claims knowing that not everyone gets sick all at once and to make a little money along the way. You really want a kid of yours to go to a hospital for a broken arm, then have your ins co deny the payment b/c you forgot about a ear infection they had when they were 3 and you didn't list it. Denied pre-existing condition. You want to go back to that? Or when a ins co gets a claim from an employee that they have cancer and they oh had been paying in for oh say 10 years as an employee but they're dropped by the carrier to avoid paying cancer treatments ... all this happened. You want to go back to that? That's your solution. You want to get a $7K voucher when your on medicare? What the hell will $7K get you when your 70 years old? You have a choice go forward or go backwards. Vote Republican and your guaranteed to go backwards.

From: A man in Alaska !