Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leftists are despicable.

No civility in this post. I am sick and tired of liberals and their disgusting, truth twisting nature. These people are helpless. They are born liars and deceitful, sly bastards who are willing to lie, con, and manipulate from here to Maoist China for political gain.

Their latest tactic is the "Republican War on Women." Of course, we all know this is only a political move used to target women for votes, in essence using women as political pawns. Just as they use minorities as political pawns. Such is the Democrat way. Promise "free stuff" in exchange for a vote, while turning around and accusing the other side of oppression for not promising free stuff. Well if that isn't, by definition, an insult to women, I don't know what is. Democrats don't see individual people. They see collective subgroups of potential voters. They see Latinos. They see African Americans. They see women. They see homosexuals. Conservatives see individual Americans.

Ask yourself this. Why, only now in 2012 are we having a debate over, of all things, birth control? I don't remember this being an issue in 2008. Or 2004. Or 2000. Or 1996. Or 1992, etc. Only now, during election year 2012 is birth control being talked about. Why? Well, to a person with a thought processing brain and any sense of memory, this issue arose out of the Obama administration's proposed mandate that the Catholic church be required to provide access to contraceptives in their health insurance plans, against their religious beliefs. Of course, in such a religious nation, the Obama administration, as is the case with virtually every single issue, is on the wrong side. So to shift the focus from their war on the Catholic church, they deceptively turned it into a "Republican War on Women", with the timely comments by Rush Limbaugh only adding more fuel to the fire which the Democrats lit.

This is called "setting the narrative" as Andrew Breitbart called it. The liberals are masters of this. Truth twisting. Deception. Now, there are some misinformed women in this country who have actually fallen for these lies. They actually believe that Republicans want to keep all women from having access to birth control. It is sad what the Democrat War on Women has actually done. They have deliberately lied to women in order to use them for votes in an election year. And the liberal pundits further this false narrative.

Here's a headline from the Daily Kos: Romney to Women: You Want Birth Control? Vote for the "Other Guy!"

This headline is a complete fallacy and deliberately misleading to continue this false agenda. The article talks about Mitt Romney's response to a female college student who stated during a question and answer session that she wants "free birth control". I just happened to personally witness this exchange. It took place at Bradley University in Peoria, IL on March 19th. Romney responded to her with, "If you're looking for free stuff, vote for the other guy." He wasn't specifically addressing women, and he wasn't specifically talking about birth control. He was talking about this asinine entitlement mindset that the ignorant female questioner espoused as she harped straight from the Democrat Book of Philosophy. Instead, the lying liberals at the Daily Kos deliberately twist it, making it out to be an insult to women, saying they shouldn't have birth control at all. See, this is what liberals do. Lies and deceit. Deceit and lies. Well, I can say, there were more women in the crowd who went absolutely crazy over Romney's jab back, than the 3 or 4 who squealed with "gimme" glee at the idiotic question that girl asked. She made a fool out of herself and the Democrat party. I feel sorry for her in a way. She couldn't have been more than 20 years old, completely manipulated and used by the Democrats for political gain. In 30 years she will look back and regret how naive she was. She will also probably be a Republican.

It is only going to get worse as the election cycle progresses this year. These liberals will twist, turn, and contort every single issue to fit their failing agenda. They have to in order to win in a predominately conservative nation.

On another personal note, over the past few weeks, liberals have had a personal vendetta against me, falsely impersonating me all across the internet, posting ridiculous comments on liberal blogs and websites under my email address and my blog URL, and falsely subscribing my email address to literally hundreds of pro-Obama, left wing organizations and petitions. Why do they do this? It is the liberal way. Despicable, deceptive behavior from complete losers of society. Losers. People that believe everything should be given to them, people who believe in suppression of free speech, people who regard minorities and women as mere political pawns, and people who devalue life itself. I have no room for civility with liars and cheats. None. If you want to discuss the issues as adults, I am all for civility. If you want to deliberately lie for political gain, I am more than willing to go out to the parking lot. 


One Guy 2012 said...

The chick says:
"So, you're all for like-yay freedom and like-yay pursuit of happiness. You know what would make me happy? Free birth control."

And Romney says in response:
"If you're looking to get free stuff that you don't want to pay for, you better vote for the other guy."

This is on tape. This has been recorded.

I know it is a rhetorical question, but why would the Daily Kos spin this into what it is not?

*facepalm* They really are trying too hard these days, since their Anointed Token Messiah is slipping in the polls.

One Guy 2012 said...


Have you ever noticed how leftists say "African-American", but will not say "Asian-American" or "Hispanic-American"?

The leftists fear the black race, but piss on the Hispanics and Asians. I reckon it's that whole 'white guilt' birth defect they have.

Dude, it must suck to be a leftist, always needing to look over your shoulder to see if you're being politically-correct enough or not. Well, okay, not true. I can't think of one true politically-correct leftist.

Obama mocks the Special Olympics, (the bowling comment)

Rahm mocks the mentally-retarded, (those f*cking retards...)

Maher mocks Conservative women, (Palin is a c*nt. Nice manners, Billy.)

Pelosi mocks the American people in general (You'll need to sign it to see what's in it...)

I don't need to go on, do I?

One Guy 2012 said...

The game is afoot. These poor leftists have no idea of what they have begun. Silly, silly girls.

*pelicans don't fly well, do they?