Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pet Lovers for Obama? Are you kidding me?

The level of absurdity rises a little more each day. I saw an ad on Youtube for this infectious strand of the new and revitalized Obama cult.

Facebook- Pet Lovers for Obama
And here is the official website where you can "Bark for Barack".

Just look at some of the goo goo gaga drivel posted by some of these people. There is an entire section of photos where people send pictures of their pets dressed up in Barack Obama apparel. Are these people absolutely insane?

Here is just one example...
The highest form of animal abuse.

And the replies from the salivating Obama zombies? Let's read a few for some laughs:

"And he wears it proudly!!! yay, Hudson!"
".looks like he's getting sleepy from watching a Republican debate!"
"Omg!! I have a Vizsla too, actually 2 . They'll both be sporting their Obama gear soon !!! Love it !!"

Who drifts so low to this level of cult madness?

I could just see a little get together of these women and all of their pets "sporting Obama gear"...

"Oh Jenny, it's so good to see you! I love Hudson's new Obama stockings! Oh by the way, how's the wife?"
"Angela and I are wonderful Tamika! So which thing do you love most about Obama? That he isn't white or that he sings?"
"Oh I just love everything! Especially the free mortgages and gas payments! And now I hear he says he will pay for vet check ups for our pooches here! They really deserve it."
"Oh, hey Sandra!"
"Hey girls! I got the free pills!....."

Hold on while I go vomit.

I'm going to make a group called "Plastic Spork Collectors for Romney". Let's see how that goes.


Gorges Smythe said...

Is that disgust I see on that poor dog's face?

Chuck said...

That's a huge indicator of two things. First, the abject stupidity of the average Brakabama supporter, plus the weakness of the case against Romney.

Anonymous said...

I want a shirt like that for Griffen!!!hhahahahaha