Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am supporting Mitt Romney.

The squabbling, head butting, and mud slinging within the Republican Party has to come to an end. Because the longer this thing drags out, the more Barack Obama can prepare his battle plan. The easier he can build up his army. It is time to bring the full network of support around a candidate to challenge him.

Now I know there are many out there who are fervent followers of Rick Santorum. And Ron Paul. And Newt Gingrich. I myself find great qualities in all of them. But right now, it is too late to find "the perfect candidate". It is time to get serious. Even if that means holding your nose. No amount of conservative fervor can trump reality. And reality is this:

Campaign money totals:
Barack Obama-$151,392,217
Mitt Romney-$63,650,764
Ron Paul-$31,083,281
Newt Gingrich-$18,320,430
Rick Santorum-$6,698,440

Total popular vote:
Mitt Romney-3,189,023
Rick Santorum-1,956,090
Newt Gingrich-1,826,700
Ron Paul-898,936

Delegate Totals:
Mitt Romney-404
Rick Santorum-165
Newt Gingrich-106
Ron Paul-66

Barack Obama- Every race baiter, American hater, and left wing radical in this country. Hollywood. Occupy Wall Street. Hamas.
Mitt Romney- George H.W. Bush, Jon Huntsman, Bob Dole, Dennis Hastert, Eric Cantor, Tim Pawlenty, 16 Senators, 61 Congressmen, and 10 Governors including Jan Brewer, Nikki Haley, and Chris Christie. 15 former Senators, 19 former Congressmen, and 9 former Governors.
Rick Santorum- 4 Congressmen, 1 former Senator, and 2 former Congressmen.
Newt Gingrich- 10 Congressmen, 2 Governors, 3 former Senators, 6 former Congressmen, and 2 former Governors.
Ron Paul- 1 Senator, 2 Congressmen

It is time to start thinking realistically. Because personally, I am more than willing to accept the lesser of two evils. I will gladly hold my nose and support Mitt Romney because I simply refuse to face the alternative of four more years of Barack Hussein Obama. Will I be sacrificing some of my conservative principles? Yes. When haven't we done that? There is never a perfect candidate. Have I compromised my beliefs and convictions? Yes. So is the nature of politics in America. In this case, to me, the end certainly justifies the means. Some fellow conservatives may find this deplorable and traitorous, but this is just how I personally see it.

I am through with this bickering within the Republican party. Right now, a calm, collected, confident, and content Barack Obama is sitting back in this chair smiling and watching the Republicans rip themselves to shreds while his orcs at Isengard collect resources, stockpile weaponry, and breed a vast and destructive army that no one can stand up to.

Mitt Romney has the money. He has the support network. He has the tools. And he has the willpower to destroy Obama in the general election. Sooner or later you must face these facts.

I am a pro-defense, social and fiscal conservative. Do I think Romney is the most conservative candidate? Haha, good one. Do I think Romney represents my values the most? Hmm, not quite. Do I think Romney has the best personality? Yes, actually. Do I think Romney has the best chance of beating Barack Obama? YES. Now, I am looking ahead positively with Mitt Romney. When he finally gets the nomination, and he will get it, he must have the support of everyone on the right, like him or not. And if he indeed does choose Marco Rubio as his running mate, I think that could be a very strong ticket.

Quite frankly, if Mitt Romney suddenly grew two horns on his head, turned red, and brandished a trident I would still vote for him over Obama.

That's just two cents from this compromising, conservative realist. 


Fredd said...

Mitt's never been my first choice (Michele Bachmann was, and a bunch of hayseed Iowa hicks canned her chances before I ever had any say in the matter).

But neither was George W. Bush (I was a Phil Gramm guy, then Steve Forbes), but still voted for him twice.

Go Mitt.

Anonymous said...

It would seem the 'lesser of the two evils' lie has captured you, Hack.

I'm very sorry for you, since you just never gave me the impression of being willing to abdicate your beliefs for the sake of comfort.

But it seems you are.

Please tell me that you might change your mind about Romney. Please tell me that you see beyond the GOP/Democrat pissing contest where folks like you and me are nothing more than the spoils of war.

Please tell me you will not give in, but will stand firm upon that True Conservative Constitutionalist heart beating within your spirit.

I'm imploring you, as a Veteran brother, to not quit! Voting for Romeny is not a vote against Obama. Voting for Romney is a vote to replace Obama with someone just as bad for America.

Money be damned! Misogynistic rappers have money. Bill Maher has money. Nancy Pelosi has money. So Romney has more money that the other impotent candidates. Is that really a reason to swallow the bitter pill of compromise?

Hack, please, I am saying this with as much respect as I can give to someone I have never met. Please stop and consider what it is you are willing to sacrifice for momentary comfort.

You can handle another four years of Obama. I know you can. I believe you can. Those four years will only serve to strengthen the Conservative Movemant's resolve and show the rest of America what an abortion this current President really is.

Please reconsider!

With deep respect and humility,
an online blogging friend and Veteran brother,

One Guy 2012

Hack said...

TwoGuys: Your passion and commitment is inspiring. But you have to ask yourself...can this country survive another 4 years of Barack Obama? That is the bottom line. I think all conservatives need to look at the bigger picture here. Mitt Romney is far from conservative but by God, that does not make him "just as bad as Obama" by any means.

If Rick Santorum (or Newt) sweep the south and gain some momentum, raise some money, and get some big name endorsements, enough to overtake Romney, then I will gladly put my full support behind them.

Sadly, this is probably won't happen. I am a realist, TwoGuys. As it stands, Mitt Romney is the only one with the capability to beat Obama. But no matter who it is who goes up against Obama in the general, he has my vote.

Silverfiddle said...

Amen Hack!

Do not let the perfect become the enemy of the marginally-better-than-Barack Obama.

There is no perfection in this world. You make the best decision you can based on what you have to work with.

Anonymous said...


"You make the best decision you can based on what you have to work with."

Or, "You make the best decision you can based on what the GOP masters give you."

You will be forced to vote for Romney. You accept this. You do not stand up and say, "No."

I will. I will and I do.

Again, my heart is breaking. There is a bigger picture here than getting Obama out of office so a GOP statist can take his place. Bigger Picture.

I respect you guys, I do. Let God strike me down if I am lying about that. But you're wrong. You are both making a big mistake. I cannot stop you from doing so, and that's simply how it is. But I can offer a place next to me on the Rock of True Conservatism and beseech you to come and join me.

Brothers. We deserve better than this.

Thanks for reading.

One Guy 2012

Anonymous said...

Hey I've decided to come clean and step down. I do not deserve to be Commander in Chief anymore. I'm tired of pretending. I just really want to go back to Kenya and relax.I'm sorry that I've hurt your country and racked up so much debt.

Barack Hussein Obama