Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photos from the March 20th Leftist Rally in San Fransicko/psycho

I headed over to Left Coast Rebel today and saw a post which had pictures from the Searchlight Tea Party compared to photos of a March 20th leftist anti-war rally in San Francisco. My, my what a difference! I meandered over to Zombietime.com and found a few more enlightening photos from the left wing rally. Don't have a brain aneurysm.

Capitalism bad. Communism good.

Defeat racism and poverty by ending Capitalism. Not quite sure how that works.

Bring the troops home now, so they can thrive in a socialist society!

Notice at the bottom: "People of color. Same struggle, same fight."

Palestinian terrorist worship.

"Guerilla Republik."

"Thug life."

Does that include love for Osama bin Laden?

Communist worship. A common theme at leftist rallies.

I am at a loss for words.

The usual truthers. Usually unemployed.

Right up King Barry's alley!

Workers of San Fransicko unite!

Wait I thought it was only the violent, radical right wing Tea Partiers who hated the government?

Who wants to bet she doesn't even know what the Military Industrial COMPLEX is?

The usual class displayed by the left.

"Jew Fuel."

Tea Partier or radical leftist? CNN would have you believe the former.

The left never ceases to amaze. Not only their unbelievable lack of class, but the fact they could get away with murder and it would go unreported by the mainstream media. Yet, one person at a Tea Party can get accused of saying the "N" word and the media devours it, throws it back up in its mouth, chews it up some more and devours it all over again. To see the stark contrast between the two sides, all one need do is look at pictures from the rallies. 


Nate said...

Here's a thought: raise a 20' chain-link fence topped with razor wire around San Francesspool, build guard towers every quarter mile and re-name it San FranPsychWard.

Anonymous said...

I have seen revolution, and these whiny little pricks wouldn't survive.

If they did, they'd cry and want to go home the first time they wiped their candy asses on the industrial strength sandpaper aka communist toilet paper.

We have the socialist paradise known as Cuba, the future of socialism known as Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Why are these latte leftists lounging in the lap of capitalist decadence when they could be "Down with the struggle" where the action is?

Hack said...
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