Saturday, March 13, 2010

ISLAM GOOD DEED OF THE DAY: 23 wounded in Egypt after Muslim mob firebombs church community center

On this beautiful Saturday March 13th, 2010 I'd like to introduce my first regular installment: ISLAM GOOD DEED OF THE DAY. This will be a daily posting. Enjoy.

AP: 23 Christians wounded in Egypt - 1 hour ago

CAIRO — An Egyptian bishop says 23 Coptic Christians have been wounded when extremist Muslims attacked a church community center in a western province.

The Rev. Bejemy told The Associated Press Saturday that a group of young men pelted cars and threw firebombs at the Coptic center and nearby homes in Marsa-Matruh.

Bejemy says Friday's rampage followed a sermon by a radical sheik and lasted about 10 hours before security forces brought the situation under control.

 Praise Allah!

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Stop Marxism said...

I wonder if our President and Eric Holder think these firebombs are just a civil matter. Is it really that hard to notice these Radicals want to destroy America?
By the way you have a great Blog.