Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ali Farokhmanesh destroys the Kansas Jayhawks.

I am done blogging about the dreaded healthcare bill. All today all I hear is "we've got the votes." I am done worrying about this abomination. All we can do is pray tonight and tomorrow and hope for the best. If it passes, and I fear it will, then a new course of action must be taken.

Currently, I am sitting on my couch watching ninth seeded Northern Iowa dismantle number one seeded Kansas in a stunning upset. What a game! Not only did Northern Iowa out hustle the Jayhawks, but Panther point guard Ali Farokhmanesh, who is half Iranian, torched the Jayhawks with a barrage of threes, none of which even grazed the rim to my knowledge. Never before have I seen a player with enough confidence and ice in the veins to launch a three with a 30 second shot clock being up by 1 with 30 seconds left. This is what March Madness is all about!

As I watch the Kansas Jayhawks players kneeling on the floor crying like little babies, it only makes me happier that the undermanned, less skilled, and bigger hearted Panthers of Northern Iowa stuck it to them!

Nothing like a little March Madness to muffle the mayhem of the health care squabble.


Endo said...

That shot was insane, not sure his coach was all for that one.

That press at the end of the game by Kansas was impressive. Although to little to late.

As for Obamacare, I cannot take it anymore. Tired of blogging on it; the thought simply ruined a great weekend!

Hack said...

Stay strong my friend. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe Obamacare is just the spark we need to get this Revolution brewing!

Cec Moon said...

As a casual basketball follower, I wasn't even aware that UNI (ISTC) had made it to the finals. I was aware of Kansas and envisioned a Kansas-Missou show down. My connection was the three years I spent during '40 to '43 on campus.

What made it especially sweet was that his royal Obamaness picked Kansas to go all the way! One can only pray that his picking ability reflects on the outcome of the socialized medicine vote later today.

Hack said...

Cec Moon: Oh man, had I known Obama picked Kansas to go all the way this blog would have been a lot different! You're right. That does make it all the better!