Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ISLAM GOOD DEED OF THE DAY: Bricklayer in Bangladesh beheaded, blood used to redden bricks

Labourer beheaded to redden bricks- 2 days ago

A Bangladeshi bricklayer was killed by brick-field workers who burnt his head in a kiln in the belief this would redden their bricks, police said.

Four suspects were arrested for beheading the 26-year-old labourer in a remote town in northern Bangladesh on the instructions of the brick-field's owners, local police chief Golam Sarwar Bhuiyan said on Sunday.

"They said the owners were unhappy as the brick-field was not producing reddish bricks despite enough heating. A fortune teller then suggested that the brick-field needed a human sacrifice," he said.

Now that's what I call a Religion of "Piece".


jeff jantz said...

I can't wait to make a sign that reads: BEHEAD THOSE WHO PRACTISE ISLAM... :)

khalid said...

hey jeff beheading people for nothing IS NOT ISLAM. its a religion of peace and fortune tellers are not allowed in islam anyway. SO SHUTUP

Unknown said...

" Labourer beheaded to redden bricks in Bangladesh "
It's totally a false story. This fabricated story post here to tarnish the image of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi are more concern and well behaved. They never do this stupid things.
I strongly protested the false story as a Bangladeshi journalist.