Sunday, March 14, 2010

Micheal Savage destroys Tom Hanks after claiming US fighting in the Pacific theater was driven by racism

h/t to The Last Tradition for sharing this!

God Bless Michael Savage.


DeanO said...

I love "The Savage Nation" I have always appreciated Michael Savage putting the facts out there and putting the facts straight. Tom Hanks - indeed another Hollywood icon likened to Sean Penn who love to hate America. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Michael ("the savage wiener") is the most needy, neurotic individual on talk radio.

Anyone that constantly spews hatred vs virtually all is a long way from healthy.

And he is an intellectual phoney, in love with himself and desperately eager to impress an audience that has little education or smarts, thus are easy to snow.

This national idiot mispronounces a broad assortment of uncomplicated words. For instance (one of many), the Wiener says Cha-TELL for "chattel" -- meaning slaves or things posessed by a tyrant or slave keeper. The correct pronunciation is simply the same way one says "cattle." Impressive, huh?

America's hate meister has a bizarre love of long "O" sounds -- whether correct or not. He'll say (again, one of many examples) MO-no-theism. Correct pronunciation: MAH-no-THEE-ism.

Dr. amazing also doesn't know the difference between "I" and "me." Professional broadcasters should.

Tom Hanks is as good American as they come. He has contributed huge amounts of money and personal time to institutions that not only hold up American values but help save lives internationally.

The Wienie calls anyone who disagrees with him, a "communist, "Marxist" or something similar. And of course, they all "hate America," as idiotic an accusation as even his fevered mind could dream up.

According to Salvage, those who hate America number in the thousands -- and most are extremely wealthy. So, is it not curious that virtually all of them continue to live in the United States?

I'll stop here, knowing that any expectation of mind-changing from Wiener's brilliant following will never happen.

I am comforted however, in knowing that this "brilliant" phoney's following is only a few million. This isn't a threat to a growing population of 300 million, the majority of whom think for them- selves and do not need a raving lunatic to tell them whether or not they qualify as true Americans.