Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Noteworthy News

According to a new study, the murder rate in Venezuela has quadrupled since Hugo Chavez took power 11 years ago. How bout that Sean Penn?

Bill Maher has polluted the atmosphere even more by spewing forth a new round of idiotic gabbly gook. I'll give you a hint. It involves Mitt Romney, Rapper SkyBlu, and racism.

A British couple visiting India have landed themselves in jail...for kissing in a restaurant.

The American Communist Lawyers Union, sometimes called ACLU for short, has morphed Obama into Bush in a full page New York "Once Upon A" Times ad advocating for the civilian trial of KSM.

A high school senior has wet himself because his school has offered a student vote on whether a student led prayer should be included in this year's graduation ceremonies.

Micheal Moore has claimed the Democrats are "in for an ass-whooping of Biblical proportions in November."   I think this is the first thing Micheal Moore has said that I've actually agreed with.

Obama's "spiritual mentor" Jeremiah Wright has reared his ugly face (literally) again, saying he still loves Obama, and that watching him get picked on is like watching one of his kids get picked on. Somebody get me a box of Kleenex...

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Timeshare Jake said...

Thanks Hack!

Hack said...

Not a problem my brother! Thanks for sharing.

Endo said...

I struggle with all the attention Sean Penn gets with his insane comments. When did this goof become the resident expert on government.

Glad to see him get his...