Saturday, March 20, 2010

16 year old kid arrested on charges of "bias intimidation" for Wal-Mart prank

Teen charged in NJ Walmart racial comment case

A 16-year-old boy patronizing a Walmart store in southern New Jersey took over the public-address system and ordered black people to leave, angering customers and prompting company leaders to apologize, police said Saturday.

Police said the boy, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, went on the intercom at Walmart's Washington Township store Sunday evening and calmly announced: "Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now."

The teen was arrested Friday on charges of harassment and bias intimidation. Authorities said he was released to the custody of his parents; they did not know whether he had a lawyer.

"This was an extremely disturbing event on many levels," Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton said at a news conference. "Any statements like these that can cause harm or grave concern must be addressed as quickly we possibly can."

1) We all know if he had said "all white customers leave the store now" we wouldn't even be hearing about this.
2) Lighten up and cut the kid some slack! Teens play these pranks all the time. Just go to Youtube and type in Wal-Mart intercom pranks. You'll find a whole host of hilarious pranks in Wal Mart stores. To accuse this kid of some far out racism for a stupid prank is ridiculous. If I was in a Wal-Mart and some one came over the intercom saying "all white people please leave the store" I would probably chuckle, shake my head, continue shopping and FORGET ABOUT IT! Good Lord, what's the matter with people these days? Any sensible black folk out there agree with me?

Oh and by the way, if you ever want to get on the Wal-Mart intercom, I hear the code is #96.


Soloman said...

I posted on the incident when it was first reported, before the teen was arrested.

I've done a follow-up and linked you for your YouTube find - I got a few laughs from those kids. Funny stuff.

Hack said...

I appreciate it! Yeah, I stumbled upon all those Youtube pranks trough a tip from my younger brother about 6 months ago or so. I have seen all of them. Sometimes it's tempting if you're by a Walmart intercom phone and no ones around...