Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 dead in India, courtesy of the Religion of Peace

Protests by Muslims leave 2 dead in southern India

Instead of quoting the article for you, I'll just sum up what happened myself.

  • A writer questioned the rights of women in Islam because of the tradition of wearing veils
  • The thoughts were published in a local newspaper
  • Muslims took to the streets in violent protest
  •  2 people are now dead
These "people" are seriously the most sensitive, childish, cowards I have ever seen. Of every demographic, religion, and ethnicity Muslims are quite possibly the most violent, insecure, and cowardly people out there. 

Say one seemingly negative thing about Islam and you have a horde of ticked off Muslims taking to the streets in violent protest. This happens everywhere. Europe, the Middle East, Indonesia. Asia. Minnesota. It doesn't matter where these fanatical creatures are. They are piles of crap who follow a cult created by a murderous pedophile. (piss be upon him)


Mermaid of Moorgate said...

yeow! You'd better make sure your blog is anonymous enough! Although as you pointed out, Suicide Bomb Vest Making isn't an olympic event, yet.

Fredd said...

Wasn't the recently awarded 'religion of peace' moniker originated by George W. Bush?

When the liberals chant 'Bush lied, people died', it's this sentiment that is more accurate in the liberal's claims than the Iraq war.

Dubya missed the call on this one, let me tell you.

Hack said...

Mermaid: Yes, I try to remain as anonymous as possible, lest I have a mob of sword bearing Muslims (or liberals) marching on my doorstep! Don't worry, I have my loaded AK-47 ready.

Fredd: I am aware of this! It was one of the things I hated most about him! He never could come out and say it, although I do believe he mentioned "Islamic fascism" once.