Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally back

These last few days apart from the internet has been torturous! I apologize for my lengthy 4 day absence. Uncle Sam can be blamed for my being gone from Friday through Sunday. And until this morning my internet has been out. Just my luck!

This morning I reconfigured my internet connection and picked up my newly repaired laptop (it's only been 3 months, I mean cmon) so we're good to go. Blogging while comfy, just like the old days! Yes I'm sprawled out on the couch right now, as opposed to those long nights sitting up straight in the computer chair pounding away on the noisy keyboard of the ancient family PC.

From here on out posts should be much more frequent.

Over the course of the last 4 days there were some things I'd wanted to write about so I'll just recap all of them here in one long post.

1) The Hurt Locker sticking it to Avatar at the Oscars

When I got home Sunday night I attempted to watch the Oscars, just because I was curious to see who would win best picture. Upon tuning in to ABC at 7pm and seeing all the Hollywood crowd showing up to the event, strolling down the red carpet, I couldn't help but turn my head in disgust and change the channel. Just seeing these people in their vain arrogance and "glamour" was enough to make me want to vomit.

Around 10pm, maybe later, I decided to give it another shot and just as I turned on the TV, Kathryn Bigelow, the director of The Hurt Locker, was announced as the winner for Best Director. Take it James Cameron. I was pleasantly surprised when, during her acceptance speech, she recognized the courage and sacrifice of all American troops serving overseas. Say what?! This is Hollywood right?

Immediately following that, Tom Hanks strolled out onto the stage and announced the winner for Best Picture of 2009. It was The Hurt Locker. A visibly shaken Bigelow, holding her Oscars, once again during her acceptance speech for Best Picture, thanked all US troops and firefighters as well for the sacrifice they make. To hear these words come from a Hollywood personality was just shocking to me, and it made me believe there may yet be a few people with their heads screwed on right in Hollywood.

I couldn't have thought of a better outcome for the Oscars. Bigelow, who just happens to be James Cameron's ex wife, put the America hating, tree hugging Cameron in his place with a double wammy of epic proportions. Bravo to Kathryn Bigelow and everyone in the cast and crew of The Hurt Locker.

2) The Celebrity Apprentice

This ties into my disgust for Hollywood. Last Thursday I saw this commercial promoting the new show The Celebrity Apprentice and about vomited...

Oh please. Rod Blagojevich, you are without a doubt one of the slimiest, vilest, scumbags on the face of the earth.

Seriously, does anyone really care about these losers?

Darryl Strawberry? Whore loving coke head.
Cyndi Lauper? All I think of is my grade school gym teacher, a bearded old man who played "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" during guys PE every day. To my knowledge he still does it.
Sinbad? Bankrupt tax cheat.
Bret Michaels? After watching Rock of Love, I have no respect for the man.
Maria Kanellis? Playboy/WWE skank.
Michael Johnson? Performance enhancing drugs.
Rod Blagojevich? Don't even get me started.

This show is a joke. It's nothing but a bunch of deadbeat losers trying to restart their already ruined careers. I think I'd rather watch Lawrence Welk.

3) SNL Obama/Pelosi/Reid skit

On Saturday night I was astonished to see this skit from SNL...

Now this is just unheard of. Has the disapproval for this bill and this president gone mainstream? If SNL of all venues is picking at Obama, the discontent for this current administration must be more vast and far reaching than I thought!

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