Thursday, March 11, 2010

Former Cubs player Milton Bradley uses race card to explain his dismal season

Hopes were high among Cubs fans going into the 2009 season, just like every year. But coming off of a dominant performance in 2008, high hopes and expectations were instantly put on 2009 and one of the biggest reasons for this was the offseason acquisition of all star Texas Ranger Milton Bradley. He would join Alfonso Soriano and Kosuke Fukudome and beef up an outfield already bursting with talent. Or so we thought.

Bradley turned out to be one of the biggest flops in Cubs history. After batting .321 for the Rangers the year before, Bradley hit a dismal .257, with just 12 home runs and 40 RBIs for the Cubs. He just flat out sucked from start to finish, and the hatred directed towards him by Cubs fans was not because of his skin color, it was because he didn't do anything, at all, EVER to help us win!

Coming from personal experience I can tell you Cubs nation was buzzing with excitement about Bradley as the 2009 season opened. We were all behind him. Heck, I was at that game when he struck out with the bases loaded and got ejected. We were all behind him and we definitely didn't fault him for an obviously horrendous call. But then the strikeouts began to pile up. And the errors. And clubhouse tirades. Before long Milton Bradley was the most hated man in Chicago since Rex Grossman. And for good reason.

And what does he do? Blame racism among the Cubs fan base, Cubs organization, and the city of Chicago for his epic failure.

I honestly have never seen so much crap spewed forth by an athlete. This is hard to listen to. When in doubt, pull the race card! I'm sure they'll be much more tolerant for you out there in latte-sipping, liberal Seattle. Good luck Mariners fans.

I can say, as a Cubs fan, and from personal experience going to countless Cubs games I have never heard anything even close to being racist said about a Cubs player. Even in the outfield bleachers of Wrigley Field, perhaps one of the rowdiest and unsavory places in all of professional sports and a place I frequent over the course of the year, I haven't heard anything racially tinged.

The fact of the matter is Milton Bradley let down the Cubs fan base and the organization. And for that, we hate him. He needs to man up and take responsibility for his own failure, instead of blaming Cubs fans and racism for it. Above all, he needs to adjust his panties.

Oh, on a sidenote here is a picture of me attempting to get Milton Bradley's autograph outside Wrigley Field.
He just drove away. Thank god he did, or I'd have to burn that hat.

Milton Bradley is one of the most despicable players to play in Major League baseball. His career has been one filled with failure after failure, and a knack for ruining teams. Good riddance.


Daphne Angelus said...

That's a shame. I think Jackie Robinson is rolling over in his grave for players like this one. People like Bradley are supposed role models for kids, and then they act like this. It shows kids that it's okay to "blame" someone else for your failures.

Fredd said...

Most hated man in Chicago since Rex Grossman? I dunno about that one, Hack.

I loved Rex Grossman...the GOOD Rex, that is. The QB who got us to the Super Bowl. I just hated the BAD Rex, and I need not go into details about the BAD Rex, I think you know all about this guy.

I think you have to distinguish between the two.

Hack said...

Fredd, I agree. I speak not for myself but the city of Chicago. I actually liked Rex and thought we should have kept him. But we both know Bad Rex was all Bears fans thought about.

I should have clarified. Albert Pujols is the most hated man in Chicago. :)

Right Ideas said...

It's not like he has never had issues before! Too bad when he is put in the spotlight with high expectations he cracks. What a poor baby making millions. My heart bleeds for him.