Thursday, March 25, 2010

Audio: Angry calls to Bart Stupak and Democrats whining about angry Americans being mean to them

You know what? They had it coming to them. I don't condone any sort of violence, personal threats, or vandalism but c'mon. What did these crooks really expect? That even though 6 in 10 Americans consistently opposed the bill they would just jump for joy and welcome it with open arms? That even though the Capital building switchboard was crippled with millions of angry phone calls prior to voting on the bill that the American people would give Obamacare a big ole smooch? That despite Republican Scott Brown winning in the most liberal state in America that the American people would just bend over and take it? Hell no!

Louis Slaughter's office windows were broken. Waaaaa!
So were Gabrielle Giffords's. Waaaaa!
Angry voters are planning to rally at Steve Driehaus's home. Waaaaa!
Earl Pomeroy had to change his cell phone number after it was released to the public. Waaaaa!
Dennis Cardoza has received death threats since voting yes. Waaaaa!
A coffin was placed on Russ Carnahan's lawn. Waaaaa!
And Bart Stupak, that lowlife, traitorous, Marxist scum has received some mean phone calls. Waaaaa!

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“My wife still can’t answer the phone,” Stupak told POLITICO on Tuesday. The messages are “full of obscenities if she leaves it plugged in. In my office, we can’t get a phone out. It’s just bombarded.”

Oh cry me a river Bart.

From USA Today...

The House Democratic leaders continued today to blame Republicans for inciting threats and vandalism against Democrats, and criticized Republican leaders for not speaking out forcefully enough to denounce the threats.

At a press conference on Capitol Hill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this morning denounced Republican House members who cheered hecklers who were removed from the gallery during Sunday's health care debate.

"This Congress and this House of Representatives is a classroom and it's inappropriate for members of Congress to cheer when these sentiments are expressed in the gallery," she said.
You know what's inappropriate Nancy? Nationalizing half of the US economy against the peoples' will! You spineless cretin. You pea brained Communist pig.

Of the reported acts of vandalism and threats against House Democrats, Pelosi said: "We have to clearly state (that) this is inappropriate, that words would be used that are so beneath the dignity of this debate and the people they were used against. The actions that were taken are so unsavory ... so menacing."
Wait, Nancy are you talking about the protesters or the means by which you passed the health care bill?

We will continue to see the leftist media run these stories into the ground. If someone so much as leaves a nasty note on a DNC office window, it will make front page news. They will regurgitate these stories over and over and over to destroy the Tea Parties all the while ignoring that fact that Republicans are being shot at. Well I can tell you one thing, we aint going anywhere.

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Teresa said...

These people could cry me a whole freaking ocean and I really couldn't care less. Your right. What the heck did they expect? Especially when the arrogant politicians refused to listen to the people and adhere to the will of the people.