Friday, March 12, 2010

Record deficit for February 2010: Mind-boggling numbers

Record monthly deficit for U.S.: $221 billion

221 BILLION dollars MORE in debt in February ALONE.

That's $7,892,857,142 a day.

$328,869,047 an hour.

$5,481,150 a minute.

$91,352 every freakin' second!

The shortfall was up from the previous record $193.9 billion shortfall in February last year.

It's the 17th straight month that the U.S. government has posted deficits. The last time the government posted a monthly surplus was in September 2008, when the government reduced the deficit by $45.7 billion.

The cumulative deficit for fiscal 2010, which started in October, reached $651.6 billion, up from $589.8 billion in the same period the year before. The Obama administration is forecasting that the deficit will hit $1.56 trillion this year.
1.56 trillion??? Do you have any idea just how enormous this number is?

That's $5,081 dollars for each and every person in this country, man, woman, child, and infant.

This is what you get America for electing a childish boy who knows nothing of governing into the highest office in the land. But then again, he was such a great speaker, wasn't he?

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