Sunday, June 13, 2010

A much needed message to all defeatists.

Here is some food for thought for your weak mind.

Taliban hang 7 year old boy

The Taliban are some of the most barbaric, ruthless people on the face of the earth. They are the embodiment of pure evil.

Now most likely, many of you reading this believe we have lost the war in Afghanistan. That our presence there is unnecessary. That the sacrifice in American lives and spent money is too much of a burden for our country to bear. After nearly ten years, it's understandable and only natural.

Maybe we can't win this war. Maybe the the extremist Islamic ideology that fuels the Taliban and other such groups is an enemy that will never be defeated by American military might.

But the way I see it, it is our duty as human beings, not just Americans, to at least meet these evil creatures on the field of battle.

A great quote from King Theoden in the Two Towers after being told his army cannot win:

"No we cannot. But we will meet them in battle nontheless!"

If we leave Afghanistan, the people who hung this boy will have won and will inspire even more people to follow their evil cause. If we leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will create yet another breeding ground for terrorist activity that will one day reveal itself on American soil yet again, just as it did on September 11th.

These people, if they had the chance would not hesitate to kill you and your family. How on earth can you say we shouldn't fight them? We should fight them as long as it takes. 10 more years. 20 more years. 50 more years.

You may say I am simplifying the issue by using this one isolated incident. I say you're wrong. Evil must be fought, no matter what.

And to those of you who say it is not our problem, such as Ron Paul the Coward and the rest of the isolationist Paulites, it is our problem whether you like it or not. It's not about building a country for the Afghans who don't give a damn about democracy (well, actually they do). It's about protecting our country from an imminent attack that will take place if we ever leave.

If you truly believe in protecting America, or standing up for basic human decency, you will get a backbone and support this war as long as it takes, no matter what the collateral damage, sacrifice, or outcome!


Gorges Smythe said...

Why Hack! Don't you know that Islam is the religion of peace? It's only a coincidence that there isn't any peace anywhere they happen to be!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I needed that.