Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Houston radio host sets off CAIR with mosque comments

This is a few weeks old but worth reading nontheless.

CAIR National Exec. Director Nihad Awad said, "Calls for acts of violence against houses of worship must never be tolerated or excused. We ask the FCC to demonstrate that incitement to violence is never acceptable on our nation's airwaves."

Berry said, "I did not advocate bombing any mosque. First, the supposed mosque does not exist. It is just a proposal, and I oppose where they intend to put it. It is spitting in the face of those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks to put it there." He also said the caller was "belligerent, and pushed too far, suggesting that any family member of a victim who is offended [by the prospect of a mosque] is somehow a racist." 

Micheal Berry's comments...

To Mr. Berry: Thank you for saying what everyone else in America is thinking. Thank you for having a backbone and not taking any ridiculous crap from those who would place a mosque on such hallowed ground. Thank you for telling political correctness to take a hike. I support you 100%.

To CAIR: I'd like to take Mr. Berry's comments one step further and say if I had my way, I would not only wish for this proposed "house of worship" to be blown up but rather slowly set on fire, using the flames to cook pork chops which will be sold to passersby for $2.50 with a little Stuck Mojo blaring on some loudspeakers in the background. People of all races and religions are welcome.

Religious intolerance? When it desecrates the lost lives and sacred ground at Ground Zero, ABSOLUTELY!


Gorges Smythe said...

No doubt some "peaceful" muslims will start sending him death threats.

Paul R. said...

Mr. Berry,
I am just going to say one thing, May God show you the right path and make you the source of love and peace instead of hate and violence. Ameen.