Thursday, June 10, 2010

TIME magazine's Dirty Dozen. Who is to blame for BP oil spill? Hint: You're on the list.

I ran across this asinine list TIME compiled on who is to blame for the BP oil spill. What a bunch of crock. Guess whose on it? Well you and I for one. But, wait for it......BUSH! My God, will it ever end? Look at some of the "reasoning" behind each culprit...

1. John Browne
2. Tony Hayward

BP's current group CEO is in charge of the company most responsible for the spill, and his succession of gaffes hasn't built confidence. Despite a flurry of calls for his firing, Hayward has the public support of BP's board.

3. Chris Oynes
4. Doug Suttles
5. and 6. Dick Cheney and George W. Bush

Presided over an Administration that was swayed by oil and gas interests — both have personal connections to the petroleum industry — even as offshore drilling moved into ever deeper waters.

7. The American Driver

There are about 200 million of us driving about 250 million passenger vehicles, including some 110 million oil-hungry trucks. About a quarter of the oil produced in the U.S. comes from deepwater Gulf wells.

8. Barack Obama

His Administration has now begun strengthening federal oversight of offshore drilling, but the President also proposed opening vast new tracts for such production shortly before Deepwater Horizon exploded.

9. Ken Salazar
10. S. Elizabeth Birnbaum
11. Steve Newman
12. Tim Probert

This is journalism? Those are valid reasons why someone is at fault for the spill? Unreal. And is it any wonder that Bush is higher on the list than Barack Obama? Operation Blame-a-bush is still in full swing apparently. It's almost humorous. By TIME's logic, simply the fact the oil industry exists is a reasonable explanation for the spill, and therefore puts anyone even remotely tied to the industry in the guilt by association category. Well then, I guess we can add TIME magazine to the list as well seeing as thousands of their employees drive their gas guzzling SUV's to work every day. Not to mention fuel costs for flying their "reporters" overseas.

TIME is a despicable excuse for journalism. I get better news and commentary from fellow bloggers.

Personally, I'd like to say I don't think it is anyone's fault. Accidents happen!

But regardless, get down there George and clean up that oil spill!


Fredd said...

Conspicuously absent from Time's despicable list is the real culprit: Gaia. She can be a bitch at times. And all the others on the list can be crossed off.

I could explain, but I think you get it. So I won't.

Anonymous said...

Obama's administration permitted the drilling, disregarding other oil companies agreeing among each other that it was risky to drill there. in the world is Obama NOT considered more at blame than the former President/vice, who, although swayed by oil companies, had NO hands on this while Obama had the chance to call it off???...

Kid said...

No way in hell that Time picture is real.