Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rosie O'Donnell: Bring Communism to America

When Rosie (not quite sure why this is her name?) O'Donnell opens her mouth to speak it reminds me of the girl in the exorcist spewing forth that unmistakably infamous green vomit all over the place. It's exactly the same thing. Come to think of it, they kind of look alike too.

Not too many people in 21st century America have such a knack for such over the top, and I must say entertaining, psychobabble. You got your Keith Olbermann. Bill Maher. Joy Behar. And of course, the swine Rosie O'Donnell. That's the Fantastic 4 right there lemme tell you. No surprise two of them were on "The View".

Yesterday the swine said this on her radio show:

"I say seize their assets. Right now. Seize their assets today. Take over the company. I don't care how. Issue an executive order...Call it socialism, call it communism, call it anything you want. Let's watch Rush Limbaugh explode on TV...Seize the assets. Take over BP."

Thank you Rosie for just coming out and saying it! Now if only your compatriots in the Fantastic 4 (and the government for that matter) would simply follow suit and openly declare their love for Communism we might just get somewhere in this country!

Rosie later said this in the broadcast...

"We're all culpable in America. We all fill up our gas-guzzler cars. We all don't have solar power on our windows. We have been sold the drugs by the dealer, which is our own government, of oil, and we've been shootin' up and we're addicted to it...It's making all of us sick, just as if we were shootin' heroin...This time, we've screwed with Mother Earth. We broke the freakin' womb of Mother Earth...We split it open, and she's hemorrhaging."

I'll tell you what's hemorrhaging is my brain after reading a statement like that. Doesn't surprise me coming from someone who said Christianity is just as much of a threat as radical Islam.

Thank you Rosie for providing me with more endless entertainment. You know, the left is good for something! I can't get enough of it.

I hope your 7 listeners got a kick out of your Communist babblings.


Anonymous said...

7 listeners is 8 too many

Anonymous said...

I also like "Joy" Bahar. What's with the ironic names in that bucket of crabs?

This is the result of having a mouth bigger than your brain.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

There's one thing you gotta give the commies Hack. They know how to shut people up.

Your comment moderation sucks. Like Andrew Breitbart, you must fear me also.

Endo said...

please tell me you were not actually listening!