Friday, June 18, 2010

Muslim employees sue company because they were prohibited from praying 5 times a day...

That's right. Religious discrimination they are calling it. It has nothing to do with maximizing production and making money. Those insensitive, intolerant, and of course bigoted execs at Celestica/Adecco obviously hate Muslims.

In the case, twenty Muslims formerly employed by Celestica and/or Adecco in a manufacturing plant in Arden Hills claim they were victims of religious discrimination.

As Muslims, the Plaintiffs' most important religious obligation is to perform short prayers five times each day. Prior to the spring of 2005, the Plaintiffs were permitted to take these short prayer breaks. However, the Plaintiffs allege that beginning in the spring of 2005, they were prohibited from praying at the necessary times. The Plaintiffs also contend that although they were not allowed to take short prayer breaks, others were routinely allowed to take bathroom or smoke breaks. The Plaintiffs assert that Defendants knew about and failed to accommodate their religious obligation. Also, Plaintiffs contend that Defendants either terminated them or forced them to resign in the fall and winter of 2005 due to the conflict between their religious obligation and Defendants' new break rules.

Maybe the company should provide free Q'urans and prayer rugs next to each machine in the plant. Maybe they should paint "All Praise to Allah" in Arabic on the sides of the fork trucks. Pretty soon we will have some uptight flimsy Democrats passing a law mandating companies allow such time to accommodate Muslim employees. And it will be money down the drain. Who wants to pay an employee who stops working 5 times a day to pray? In addition to bathroom and lunch breaks?

Muslims are really special. Don't you think?

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