Thursday, June 3, 2010

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Defends Israel from the international wolfpack

He's absolutely 100% right. What would you do? What would any human being do?

Substitute the Israeli soldiers fighting for their lives onboard that death ship with any one criticizer of Israel and Israeli actions and you'll find they would have done the exact same thing to protect themselves. We humans by nature are hardwired to instinctively put self preservation above all else.

But like he said, Israel is guilty until proven guilty.

Well one thing is for certain, whoever decides to strike Israel first is gonna open a can of whoop ass so potent that it won't matter whether Obama grows a pair and decides to back our long time ally or not.


Anonymous said...

This is a legal blockade enforced by Israel and Egypt.

We elected a narcissistic empty suit and our enemies smell blood in the water.

Pray for our country, Americans!

SoldierofYah said...

I don't see how anyone can seriously defend what the state of "Israel" has done here.

Think about what has happened.

The "brave" IDF raced with their US Military supplied warships and hellicopters to raid and board a ship full of peace activists? And they killed at least 9 people?

The state of "Israel" and the so-called "jews" are NOT what we have been lead to believe. For starters, so-called "Jews" are NOT..repeat NOT...the actual descendants of the Israelites. They are actually imposters, and descended from the Khazars and Edomites.

more on that here:
Who are the Jews?

and here:Racial origin of the "Jews"; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, and Canaanites

Secondly, jews and the state of "Israel" are NOT the ally of the United States. They spy on the U.S., and have actually attacked the U.S. on many occasions (covered up, of course, and rarely talked about by the U.S. media and government).

For instance, in 1967, the Israelis attacked a U.S. warship, the USS Liberty in broad daylight for several hours, killing 34 American Navy crew members and wouding 171. It was not an "accident" as Israel and the US Gov claimed. It was intentional, and meant as a "false flag" (ie, Israel was trying to sink the ship, and thus any eyewitnesses, and then blame the attack on Egypt in order to draw the U.S. on the side of Israel in the 6-day war).

wikipedia on USS Liberty Attack

'The USS Liberty': America's Most Shameful Secret
USS Liberty Cover-Up

And the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty is not some isolated incident. There are several other examples of these types of "false flag" attacks, including the 1946 King David Hotel bombing and the 1954 "Lavon Affair".

Research this information for yourselves. Finally, I would add that I am not some "liberal" or "commie" -- but rather the complete opposite, a hard-core conservative, anti-communist, and American patriot. Years ago I used to support "Israel" simply because the "mainstream" conservative movement did, but I have since discovered the truth about who the "jews" and "Israel" really are. And the truth is the truth.

Hack said...

Lone Wolf, I've seen your page. You are a radical anti semite and a Holocause denier. Therefore, anything you say to me has no merit. I don't care if you are a conservative or not. Your emphasis on the words "peace activists" gives me an idea of just how truly delusional you are.

SoldierofYah said...

[continued...too many characters in previous comment]

As for the claims of "homicidal gas chambers", please consider the example of the Dachau concentration camp. Initially, the US government and jews claimed that there was a "homicidal gas chamber" at Dachau and the camp was an "extermination camp." The US Army even produced a film alleging this. Later, however, they abandoned this claim. Even proponents of the "official" Holocaust story now admit that Dachau was NOT an "extermination" camp, but just a work camp, and that the people that died there did so overwhelmingly due to disease. The "gas chamber" at Dachau was just like the other gas chambers at all the German was an insecticidal delousing chamber used to disinfect inmates by killing lice and other bugs in order to prevent disease.

More on Dachau here:
Dachau - The fraudulent stories of "extermination" and "homicidal gas chambers"

SoldierofYah said...

Hack, let me preface this comment by saying that that I'm not trying to be hostile with my comments. Rather, I'm trying to post about matters that are of extreme importance, and speak the truth as I see it. I realize these are sensative matters.

Any search for truth requires that one consider the merits of an argument, and not immediately reject a particular position on emotional or preconceived notions.

Now, as to the charge of "antisemite", that is nothing more than a buzzword used by the (Jewish-controlled) "mainstream" media and establishment to demonize anyone who tries to legitimately criticize jews, talk about jewish power in the media and government, etc. It's blanket name-calling, and appeal to emotion. It's not a sound argument or refutation of a position. It's akin to liberals screaming "racism" any time whites bring up legitimate arguments about issues relating to race.

As for the so-called "Holocaust"...since you brought it up, please allow me to present a brief argument in my defense. Anyone who actually researches this "event" (as opposed to unquestionably believing the "official" story from Hollywood, etc) will easily discover that it is filled with lies and impossibilites. For instance, are we really to believe that the Germans made soap and lamp shades out of Jews? It's preposterous.

There were no homicidal gas chambers either. The only "gas chambers" were insecticidal delousing chambers, used to kill lice and other pests in order to prevent disease. That's the reason the inmates had their heads shaved and removed clothing before going to these delousing chambers. The German concentration camps were work camps, not "extermination" camps. Those who died in the camps did so overwhelmingly from typhus and other diseases, not a "master plan" of genocide. And this was because Germany and Poland were ravaged by the war, and conditions broke down there, allowing disease to fester.

And NOWHERE NEAR "6 million" jews died. This is a gross exaggeration and fabrication. The jews actually claimed that "6 million" jews were "holocausted" in 1906, 1919, and 1921. Don't believe me?


NY Times reports in 1906 that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination"

The American Hebrew magazine warned of a "holocaust" of "6 Million" Jews in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI (specifically using the term "holocaust" and "six million" in the article!)

NY Times Claimed "6 million" jews "faced extermination by massacre" in Russia in 1921

Remember, neither I nor other "antisemite holocaust deniers" just made this us up. It's straight from the horses mouths' at the NY Times and The American Hebrew journal.