Monday, June 21, 2010

ABC's The Gates and 21st century America trendwhoring

Oh what interesting times we live in. A country driven by mass conformity, pop culture, and the herd mentality where the average teen could tell you more about the latest Twilight book, Justin Beiber song, or Lady Gaga outfit than what current legislation is being passed through Congress.

Today's trend? Vampires. I quick glance at Google Trends a while ago had ABC's new show The Gates taking the number 6,7, and 10 spots.

Well isn't that a surprise. Yet another Vampire drama, with a saucy mix of gore/murder and erotica to entertain the minds of the youth.

Why are people so obsessed with vampires these days in America? Is it the gore? The sexuality? It sickens me. What's it gonna be next year? Cannibals?

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Fredd said...

Hack: Don't mention that cannibalism thing in front of Les Moonves. He'll take the ball and run with it.

I can already see the writer's working on the gags for the new comedy on CBS 'The Other White Meat.'