Saturday, June 12, 2010

Illegal immigrant detention centers to be more humane. Want to find out what your tax dollars are going for?

How about potted plants? Bingo night? Fresh carrot sticks? Arts and crafts? Dance and cooking classes? Tutoring? Computer classes?

No, this is not a joke.

I heard someone on the radio briefly talking about this today and I just had to find out for myself.

ICE officials have faced pressure from immigrant advocates and some members of Congress to improve the detention conditions for the roughly 400,000 immigrants it houses annually. The agency has relied on a hodgepodge of more than 250 government-run detention centers, private prisons and local jails to accommodate its growing population — with roughly one in four detainees held in Texas. 
At the CCA facilities that have agreed to ICE's changes, detainees will see more variety in their dining hall menus and have self-serve beverage and fresh vegetable bars. 
CCA also plans to offer movie nights, bingo, arts and crafts, dance and cooking classes, tutoring and computer training, the e-mail states. 
Detainees also will be allowed four hours or more of recreation “in a natural setting, allowing for robust aerobic exercise.” 
CCA also committed to improving the look of the facilities, such as requiring plants, fresh paint and new bedding in lower-risk units.

Ok, so let me get this straight. We have millions of people illegally entering this country so we house them in a taxpayer funded 4 star resort that caters to their every need? Arts and crafts? Are you kidding me? What's next, a free taco bar?

This country is dying.


JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Right on Hack! Screw these immigrant jerks who want a better life. I say put them all in a big room and drop The Statue of Liberty on them. We don't need any more tired, poor and hungry people around here anyway.

Hack said...

Truth: You are an ignorant man, period. Do some research you jackass before spouting your diatribes on here. And change your name while you're at it because everything you have ever said on here has been nothing but non truth. Get a clue scumbag.

Kid said...

How about English classes?

Anyway, you want more of something, Reward it !

If I was Mexican, I'd consider coming up just for the club med.

Anonymous said...

A better alternative would be immediate deportation with a right to re-petition at your local US consulate.

Endo said...

I guess with their new digs, they won't be so tired, hungry and poor anymore. To bad that they had to get it illegally!

Amusing Bunni said...

THis is a disgrace, these illegals have it better than we do! People who have lived here all their lives and paid lots of taxes. What a horrible scam.
Thanks obamlabongo.