Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Just In! Your tax dollars will be used for innocent Hamas terrorists in Gaza!

That's right folks! Step right up! Donate to a worthy cause! And if you don't want to donate, we'll be glad to do it for you!

Obama announces $400 million dollars in Gaza aid

What a travesty. What a an absolute travesty. As I go in to work today, I'll be comforted to know that as each second ticks by, a portion of my hard earned money will go straight to Hamas. And even if not straight to Hamas, then to the people who voted for Hamas!

What times we live in. When American leadership uses American tax dollars to "help out" a terrorist entity (the entire Palestinian people) overseas that just so happens to openly declare their hatred for one of our closest allies. Is $400 million dollars really worth it? Do you actually believe the Palestinians are suddenly going to jump for joy and run out into the streets proclaiming their love for America?

You know it doesn't surprise me one bit. This from a president who was endorsed by Hamas, whose church in Chicago publishes material by Hamas, and later declared his intention to have a dialogue with Hamas.

What sad, sad days these are in America.

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Right Wing Extreme said...

Screw Palestine, let 'em starve.