Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Al Qaida video mocks Obama, threatens Americans, and outlines steps towards peace...

Al Qaeda's American-born spokesman appears in new video making demands for peace, attacking Obama

Al Qaeda's American-born spokesman appeared in a new video Sunday, the Associated Press reports, calling Barack Obama "devious, evasive and serpentine" and rattling off a laundry list of the terror group's conditions for peace with America.

Adam Gadahn, who is wanted by the U.S. government for treason, called on Obama to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, end support for Israel, cease involvement in the affairs of Muslims, and free Muslim prisoners, reports the AP -- the same demands Al Qaeda made in 2007 to President George W. Bush.

CNN reports that the terrorist mouthpiece had harsh words for Obama in the 24 minute message, calling him "nothing more than another treacherous, bloodthirsty and narrow-minded American war President."

Gadahn also warned Sunday of future attacks that would kill more Americans than before. "It becomes crystal-clear that we haven't even begun to even the score," he said, according to the AP. "Next time, we might not show the restraint and self-control we have shown up until now."
Holger Awakens already posted his take on this delightful video, saying we are already beginning to meet such demands!

My take? Well let's just say its moments like this when I really wish I was president. My dear, dear Adam. Here's what I would do. I would withdraw all combat troops from the Middle East. Then, I would issue an ultimatum saying if America is attacked by Al Qaida or any other Islamic terrorist group, a 1.2 megaton B83 nuclear warhead will be dropped right in the heart of Mecca. No, this is no joke. I would do it. And I would smile while I say it to the Muslim world. I guarantee you, Muslims would think twice about launching any sort of attack on the United States. All other Western nations should issue the same ultimatum. Then again, that's just too damn simple.


Anonymous said...

Simplicity is what we have lost. Back in the old days, people who started stuff knew they better finish successful, or retribution would be horrible. viz. Germany WW I.

Nations learned to mind their own business back then or pay the consequences, and the weak nations sued for peace.

John Smithson said...

So, "Adam" is smokin' something he stuffed into a sock ???!! ala "Up in smoke." :---)


Gorges Smythe said...

Yes, jds, that sure looks like a bit of doobie in his left hand. I figure he's like Clinton, though, and doesn't inhale. You think German Shepherd, huh?