Tuesday, June 15, 2010

High school teachers hold anti war signs...during ceremony honoring graduates going into the military!

While perusing the news and blogs this morning, I stumbled upon this little liberal brown stain.

Teachers' anti-war message draws fire

Some students are calling for the firing of two Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School teachers who held an anti-war sign during a school assembly Friday.

History teacher Marybeth Verani and English teacher Adeline Koscher made their silent protest during the part of the assembly in which school officials recognized graduating seniors who are entering the military.

"They not only imposed their political will, they imposed it at the wrong time," said D-Y junior Andrew Bowles Jr., who organized an after-school protest yesterday that drew about 30 students.

Parents and other community members have flooded the high school principal's office with about 40 e-mails and phone calls criticizing the teachers' actions.

"I honestly feel (the protest) was misplaced," said D-Y parent Joanne Schuman of Yarmouth. "I think they should have been removed from that event."


The protest unfolded during the senior last assembly, when the high school gathers to recognize graduates for a variety of achievements. For the last five years the recognition ceremony has included the awarding of plaques to students entering military service, said Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School principal Kenneth Jenks.

"Most schools don't recognize students who go into the military," he said.

When D-Y resource Officer Nicholas R. Pasquarosa Jr. addressed the crowd, comparing the volunteer enlistees to a sheepdog standing between the flock and a wolf, Verani and Koscher stood on the bleachers and held an "end war" sign while everyone else sat.

What to many was a sign of respect for the students was to the protesting teachers a recruiting moment, said Verani, who noted that assistant principal George Morrison, a National Guardsman, attended in military fatigues.

"This was a captive audience," she said, adding that the plaques should have been given out at an after-school awards ceremony that was not compulsory attendance for all students.

Verani and Koscher tucked their sign away and sat while the names of the six students entering the U.S. Marine Corps, Army and National Guard were announced.

They remained seated while the rest of those at the assembly gave the students a standing ovation.
This right here is proof that, while the anti-war left may argue the contrary, their opposition to the war is coupled with hatred for the military and those who serve in it. These teachers should be fired. Not only for displaying their political views on school grounds during school hours, but at a ceremony honoring the decision some students made to serve their country? How grotesquely unnecessary and insulting! They should have been fired the moment they held those signs up, and barred from teaching for life. What's sad about this whole thing? They are simply doing what hundreds of college professors do daily, just in a more vocal and open way. Which is more dangerous?

These teachers are scumbags. I have no problem with voicing dissent, or being vocal in political opinion. But this was in extremely bad taste, and not only that, but incredibly demeaning to those students choosing to go into the military. That said, some strange part of me actually sees their point of view. As a soldier recruited straight out of high school, I am against military recruiting in high schools 100%. I also believe the minimum age to serve should be raised from 17 to 19 for combat related MOS's. I know from personal experience. Nonetheless, I support these students for choosing to serve. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Of course there can and should be and we are free to dissent (well at least libs are) but there are times and places for such speech and this was DEFINATETLY NOT ONE OF THEM!

Shameful, just shameful!

Gorges Smythe said...

Outside the recruiting office - maybe. At the graduating ceremony - definitely not. Perhaps those two scumbags should take their show on the road and go to Afghanistan and protest the Taliban.

Kid said...

Conservative groan and allow liberals their child-like opinions and decision making.

Liberals demand everyone to adopt their opinion at any cost.

This sort of thing proves it day after day, all day long.